Video Streaming Curriculum Program by wbc12688


									            You have found it!!! Here is the code and directions.
              Enjoy the Video Streaming Curriculum Program
                             Rhode Island PBS

School name: Park View Middle School
Student passcode: FB24-5F94

A student passcode is:

          a. To be given to students by their teachers
          b. To be used by students once when creating a student username and a

Please have the students create their own individual usernames and passwords by
following these steps:

          a. Login:

          b. Enter the “Student Passcode”: FB24-5F94

          c. Complete all account fields marked with an * (asterisk)

          d. Choose a “Username” and “Password”

          e. Write down the “Username” and the “Password”. You will need it every
             time you use your video-on-demand account

          f. Read and mark: “Have Read and Agree to the Terms of Use”, command
             and click on “Continue”

          g. Now you have access to over 5,000 full-length videos and 45,000 clips
             of indexed-curriculum over the Internet; full length and clips of core
             curriculum in areas such as life science and biology, earth and space
             science, physical science, chemistry, social studies, math, language arts
             and reading, health and prevention, general science, and early childhood;
             and curriculum-based videos and clips in Spanish.

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