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									    National Institute of Accountants

  Mentored Experience Program

Information and Application Form

The Mentored Experience Program
  develops business skills through
            practical experience.
                                                          HOW DOES THE MEP WORK?

                                                          The mentor and mentee will discuss the nature of the
                                                          mentee’s workplace and the type of experience likely
                                                          to be available to the mentee and the competency
                                                          standards developed by the NIA.
                                                          If possible, the mentee will seek the cooperation
                                                          of their employer to ensure the best possible
                                                          professional experience outcomes.

                                                          The mentor and mentee negotiate and agree on a
                                                          development program based on the likely experience
                                                          available during the forthcoming year. The mentor
                                                          and mentee meet on a regular basis to discuss and
                                                          resolve issues and to update
                                                          experience records. Contact
MEP                                                       can be a combination of face
                                                          to face, telephone or email. It is
                                                          required there are a minimum
                                                          of six contacts per year with the first and last
                                                          to be face to face where possible.

                                                          The NIA recognises it may be necessary to change
                                                          mentors over the three-year period of the program.
                                                          Personal circumstances of the mentor and/or
                                                          mentee may change. However, it is expected
                                                          that the outgoing mentor will certify the relevant
                                                          documentation and provide adequate notes for the
                                                          program to continue as seamlessly as possible.

      The Professional Education Program

      The Professional Education Program (PEP)            Upon completion of the four (4) subject Graduate
      represents the National Institute of Accountant’s   Certificate, students may then undertake the
      ongoing commitment to assisting you to develop      remaining four (4) subjects to complete the
      your full career potential.                         Masters Degree. To enrol in the NIA PEP you need
                                                          to be at least an Associate of the NIA.
      The NIA’s Professional Education Program run
      by the University of New England (UNE) consists     The postgraduate program is offered on campus
      of two components: the Graduate Certificate         or via distance education. The program can be
      in Professional Accounting and the Master of        completed as a one year full-time course or as a
      Commerce in Professional Accounting. The NIA’s      part-time course over a period of up to five years.
      PEP consists of eight (8) subjects.

As commercial and corporate environments become                    The NIA’s Mentored Experience Program provides
increasingly complex, accountants today must                       a framework for Associates and Members to
possess a myriad of skills to drive business success               further their practical experience and knowledge
– strategic insight, flawless service and a focused,               through the guidance of an NIA-approved mentor.
up-to-date approach. With more industry sectors
relying on sound financial and accounting skills,                  During a three year relationship between
accountants have progressively secured strategic                   a member (mentee) and mentor, the
roles within organisations.                                        mentee will progress through a work-based
                                                                   program specially developed between both parties.
These roles place greater demands on accountants                   Throughout the program, the mentor assists the
to enhance their skills. Part of this is an expectation            mentee with advice and guidance based on their
of accountants to have a portfolio of skills gained                knowledge and experience.
                             through business
                             experience as well as                 The MEP is very rewarding for both the mentor and
                             formal education.                     mentee. Mentees benefit through being educated
                                                                   by an experienced member of the accounting
                             To encourage members                  profession, thereby gaining invaluable knowledge
to excel in their chosen career and meet these new                 and experience. Mentors have the opportunity to
challenges, the NIA has developed an education                     share their knowledge and experience with less
pathway which includes the Professional Education                  experienced members of the profession;
Program (PEP) run by the NIA in conjunction with                   a process that can be personally rewarding.
the University of New England and the Mentored
Experience Program (MEP). Both the MEP and the                       The aim of the program is for the mentee
PEP are the prerequisites for Associates (ANIA)                      to develop experience and business
and Members (MNIA) to advance to Professional                        skills that cannot be gained in a formal
National Accountant (PNA) – the NIA’s highest level                  classroom environment.
of membership.
                                                                   Through the duration of the MEP, mentees, under
                                                                   the guidance of their mentor are required to
                                                                   record the acquisition of experience against a series
                                                                   of competencies.

       With strategic insight and a focused, progressive spirit,
       the National Institute of Accountants (NIA) epitomises
        the shared, comprehensive vision for the future of the
                       accounting profession.
APPOINTING A MENTOR                                WHY BECOME A MENTOR?

Throughout the program, the mentor guides the      Mentors can experience many benefits from
mentee based on their knowledge and experience.    participating in the MEP. As current leaders in their
To ensure the mentee gains the most from the       field, mentors have the opportunity to personally
program, the mentor also evaluates and verifies    influence the quality of experience, education and
the documentation of accumulated experience.       training of the future leaders of the NIA.

An NIA member wanting to participate in the        Participating in the MEP can develop
MEP is advised to seek a mentor who is a senior    the communications, teamwork, leadership and
accountant in their workplace. A mentor can        consultation skills of the mentor
also be sought from outside the workplace          whilst also strengthening the
provided they have the appropriate experience,     mentor’s position within the NIA.
independence and time to devote to the
mentoring process.                                 Mentors will experience exciting
                                                   and interesting tasks as part of the MEP which are
                                                   not only challenging, but personally rewarding.

An NIA-approved mentor must:
> Be of PNA status (or equivalent status of
  another recognised professional accounting
  body approved by the NIA)                          Members who participate in the program
> Have held a senior accounting position             will also benefit from having mentoring
> Have a minimum of 3 years practical experience     hours counted as Continuing Professional
  in general accounting or specialised fields of     Education time.
  practice (eg. Taxation, Auditing, Insolvency,
  External Reporting, Management Accounting
  and Treasury)
> Have the ability to counsel, advise, assist,
  evaluate and where appropriate provide           Confidentiality
  technical support to the member                  It is very important that both the mentor and
> Have a sound understanding of the NIA            mentee maintain confidentiality and in particular
  membership requirements and ethical,             respect the rights and privacy of the employer.
  professional statements                          Both parties are required to commit themselves to
                                                   the Statement of Privacy which is included with
                                                   the MEP information pack. The mentee is expected
                                                   to take all reasonable steps to communicate the
                                                   nature of the program to the employer and to
                                                   confirm the confidentiality aspects of the process
                                                   to allay any concerns expressed by the employer.
                                                    The NIA actively promotes recognition of
                                                    its members, their specialised skills and the
                                                    accounting profession in general.

                                         The NIA’s Mentored Experience Program provides a framework for
                                         Associates and Members to further their practical experience and
                                         knowledge through the guidance of an NIA-approved mentor.


Both the mentee and mentor will be provided with a comprehensive kit of materials to support
the MEP. The program materials have been based on the Accounting Competency Standards
developed by the Australian National Training Authority.

A set of detailed assessment tools and guidelines            To register for the MEP, complete the attached
have been developed by the NIA to assist the mentor          Application Form. For further information on the
and mentee to identify elements of competency,               MEP please refer to the NIA website:
performance criteria and range of evidence.        

The program materials provide a comprehensive
structured approach to the identification of
competencies achieved within the three-year period.
                                                                                               Mentored Experience Program

                                                                                                                            Application Form

                                                                                                Please complete the Application Form and return to:
                                                                                                Mentored Experience Program Co-ordinator
                                                                                                National Institute of Accountants
                                                                                                GPO Box 1637
                                                                                                Melbourne VIC 3001

                                                                                                Fax +61 (0) 3 8665 3130

PRIVACY The National Institute of Accountants (NIA) acknowledges the importance of privacy and of safeguarding personal information. Any personal details provided to the NIA will be
protected in line with the Privacy Act (such as applying the National Privacy Principles) and the laws and regulations applying to privacy in Australia. The NIA is required as part of the MEP to
collect personal information from you. You may refuse to provide such information, however this is likely to result in your non compliance with the program. The information may be used by
the NIA for internal purposes, such as for statistical research. As a professional association the NIA is obligated to provide information from time to time to various statutory and Government
bodies. The provision of such information is on a strictly confidential basis. The Privacy Act requires that where a company holds personal information about an individual, that individual has
the right to access that information, require it to be changed updated or corrected, and request certain information be removed or destroyed. Requests to access personal information must be
addressed in writing to the NIA Privacy Officer. For more information please refer to the NIA’s Privacy Policy found at the NIA’s website at
TERMS AND CONDITIONS The National Institute of Accountants (NIA) provides the Mentor Experience Program (MEP) to those Associates and Members (or other persons accepted by the NIA
into the MEP) who desire to advance to the PNA level of membership.
A condition of advancement to the PNA level is the completion of the NIA Professional Education Program (PEP) and at least three years of supervised (i.e. mentored) practical experience in
accounting and related fields. The MEP program is designed to fulfil the mentored experience requirement.
The NIA Mentors must be of the status of PNA, FPNA, MNIA and FNIA to volunteer as Mentors for the MEP (“Mentors”). It is the responsibility of the NIA Associates and Member to source their
own Mentor. Mentors are normally members of the NIA but can also be members of other accounting bodies approved by the NIA.
Mentors are required to be professional accountants with senior professional accounts with the ability to advise, provide guidance and evaluate the experience gained by the Mentee.
NIA’s MEP is provided by the NIA in the interest of helping associate members to advance to the PNA level. The NIA though accepts no responsibility or liability:
•     In relation to the Mentors: As to the character/suitability of the Mentor, and their qualifications, experience or capacity to be a Mentor. The NIA will rely entirely on the Mentor providing
      a Statement setting out their suitability for the role as Mentor. Mentee’s must determine the suitability of the Mentor themselves. The NIA does not and can not guarantee the existence,
      currency or adequacy of professional indemnity insurance or any other insurance held by a Mentor;
•     In relation the Associate Member/Mentee’s: As to the character/suitability of the Associate Member/Mentee, and their qualifications, experience or capacity to be a Mentee.
      The NIA will rely entirely on the Mentee providing a Statement setting out their suitability for the role. Mentor’s must determine the suitability of the Mentee themselves;
•     In relation to the training/mentoring provided: The NIA accepts no responsibility or liability in relation to the quality and/or accuracy of the advice provided, the level of training or the
      type of experience to be gained. The NIA does not accept responsibility for any form of negligence, recklessness, breach of duty of care or other misconduct or wrong on the part of any
      of the participants in the MEP;
•     Reliance on information provided by or to the NIA: The NIA accepts no responsibility for the accuracy of information or advice provided by, to or on behalf of the Mentors or Mentees or
      any other party, or any reliance placed in such information or advice. Participants in the MEP (including Mentors and Mentees) do so at their own risk, without anydirect involvement,
      supervision or support of the NIA; and/or
•     In relation to any loss or damages: The NIA does not accept responsibility or liability for any form of loss, damages or other liability whatsoever incurred by any associate member/
      Mentee or any Mentor during or as a result (directly or indirectly) of or in any way connected with the matching of a Mentee and a Mentor as part of the MEP, irrespective of whether
      that loss, damages or other liability arose as a result of any negligence or default on the part of the NIA.

Section 1: Personal Details (Mentee)
Complete and submit this form to register for the Mentored Experience Program.

Title: Mr / Mrs / Ms / Miss (please indicate)                          NIA member ID

Last name                                                              First name(s)

Name of employer

Job Titile

Telephone number (          )                                          Email address
Registration Statement
I hereby declare that I wish to register for the Mentored Experience Program and that I understand and accept the privacy
statement and general terms and conditions overleaf.

Signature                                                              Date

Section 2: Mentor Details
This section should be completed by your Mentor
Title: Mr / Mrs / Ms / Miss (please indicate)

Last name                                                              First name(s)

Name of employer                                                       Job title

Telephone number (          )                                          Email address

Employer’s business address

Private address

Preferred address for MEP correspondence            Business           Private
Are you a member of the NIA?
             Yes NIA Member Number
             No (Please indicate which relevant professional body you are a full member)
Relevant professional body of which you are a full voting member (please tick)
             American Institute of Certified Public Accountants
             Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (UK)
             Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants
             Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (UK)
             Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accountancy (UK)
             Conseil Supier de L’Orde des Experts Compatables
             CPA Australia
             Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants
             Institute of Commercial & Financial Accountants of Southern Africa
             Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Ireland
             Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Singapore
             Malaysian Institute of Accountants
             Malaysian Institute of Certified Public Accountants
             The Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia
             Other (subject to NIA approval – please provide detail)

Member number of the equivalent member body you belong to
Mentor Statement
I hereby declare that I agree to act as a Mentor for the applicant under the conditions of the NIA’s Mentored Experience
Program. I have also read the Privacy Statement and General Terms and Conditions overleaf.

Signature                                                              Date
Office Information

NIA offices are located in the
following Australian capital cities:
Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane,
Adelaide, Hobart, Perth & Canberra.

The NIA also has secretariats in Beijing,
Kuala Lumpur & Hong Kong.


Australian Enquiries
1800 625 625
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Melbourne Victoria 3001, Australia
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