How to Study for Tests by club56


									How to Study for Tests

  Making Better Grades
Recognition tests require students to
 examine a group of items or choices
 and select the quick answer.
 Because the correct answer is
 presented within a list of distracters,
 recall can be prodded.
Structured recall requires the student to
 recall the answer to a question
 without a visual prompt. Recall is
 heavy on memory load.
I. Test Types
  A. Recognition Test
    1. Types of Recognition Items
       a. Multiple Choice
       b. Matching
       c. Fill-in-the-blank with a word bank
    2. Definition of Recognition Items
       Select What is from What is Not
    3. Demonstration of Definition
    4. Recognition Items Are Easy on Memory
B. Recall Test
  1. Types of Recall Items
     a.   True / False
     b.   Fill-in-the-blank without a Word Bank
     c.   Short Answer
     d.   Essay
  2. Definition of Recall Items
  3. Demonstration of Definition
  4. Recall Items are Hard on Memory
II. Types of Study
  A. Level One Study
    1. Used for Recognition Test Items
    2. Study with the Information Present
  B. Level Two Study
    1. Used for Recall Test Items
    2. Study with the Information Present (Level One
    3. Study with the Information Absent
    According to Thurlow, et al., “scheduling
      accommodation are changes in when
                  testing occurs.”

   Reasons for a scheduling change include the
    effects of medication or for reducing frustration.
   Too many tests scheduled on one day.
   Skipping a day between tests for preparation.
   Reduction of test anxiety.
   Changing the test schedule so the student can be
    in smaller testing sessions.

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