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									Whole School Thematic Program Overview
An example of an integrated program approach, focusing on outcomes in HSIE, Mathematics, PDHPE and
SciTech. Within these programs teachers would incorporate Creative Arts, English and Mathematics when
and where it is appropriate.
Note: Thematic Focuses are only examples, as are the possible focus Outcome Strands. Schools are
encouraged to develop Thematic Focuses that are relevant and of interest to their school communities and
within those themes focus on outcomes that meet the needs of their students.

                                                                    4 TERMS

          THEMATIC         Natural and Built
                                                   Healthy Lifestyles          Communication           Then and Now
            FOCUS           Environments
                       HSIE:                     HSIE:                     HSIE:                   HSIE:
                       Environments              Social Systems and        Cultures                Change and Continuity
                       PDHPE:                    Structures                Change and Continuity   Mathematics:
                       Safe Living               Mathematics:              Mathematics:            Measurement
                       Mathematics:              Measurement               Measurement             Space and Geometry
ODD                    Measurement               Data                      Data                    PDHPE:
YEAR                   Space and Geometry        PDHPE:                    PDHPE:                  Growth and
          STRANDS      SciTech:                  Active Lifestyle          Interpersonal           Development
                       Designing and Making      Personal Health Choices   Relationships
                       Using Technology          SciTech:                  SciTech:
                       (in Built Environments)   Investigating             Designing and Making
                                                 Using Technology          Using Technology
                                                 (in Living Things)        (in Information and
          THEMATIC       Goods, Services and
                                                         Energy               Diversity of Life       Our Planet Earth
            FOCUS              Systems
                       HSIE:                     HSIE:                     HSIE:                   HSIE:
                       Social Systems and        Change and Continuity     Cultures                Environments
                       Structures                Mathematics:              Mathematics:            Mathematics:
                       Mathematics:              Measurement               Measurement             Measurement
                       Measurement               Data                      Data                    Space and Geometry
EVEN                   Space and Geometry        PDHPE:                    PDHPE:                  PDHPE:
YEAR                   SciTech:                  Active Lifestyle          Growth and              Personal Health Choices
          STRANDS      Designing and Making      Safe Living               Development             SciTech:
                       Using Technology          SciTech:                  Interpersonal           Investigating
                       (in Products and          Investigating             Relationships           Using Technology
                       Services)                 Using Technology          SciTech:                (in Earth and its
                                                 (in Physical              Investigating           Surroundings)
                                                 Phenomena)                Using Technology
                                                                           (in Living Things)

Whole School Thematic Program - Stage Overview
If using the above whole school overview, a stage overview detailing focus outcomes might look like this:
Natural and Built Environments – Early Stage 1
KLA        Focus Strand(s)       Focus Outcome(s)
HSIE       Environments          ENES1 Gathers information about natural and built environments and communicates
                                 some of the ways in which they interact with, and can care for, these environments.
PDHPE      Safe Living           SLES1.13 Demonstrates an emerging awareness of the concepts of safe and unsafe living.
Maths      Measurement           MES1.1 Describes length and distance using everyday language and compares lengths
           - length              using direct comparison.
           Measurement           MES1.2 Describes area and distance using everyday language and compares lengths using
           - area                direct comparison.
           Space & Geometry      SPES1.3 Uses everyday language to describe position and give and follow simple
           – position            directions.
SciTech    Designing and         DM ES1.8 Generates own ideas and designs through trial and error, play, modelling and
           Making                making.
           Using Technology      UT ES1.9 Identifies and uses a limited range of equipment, computer-based technology,
                                 materials and other resources when undertaking exploration and production.
           Built Environments    BE ES1.1 Explores and identifies ways in which built environments suit their users.
Possible Resources
 “Look Around You” Science and Technology K-6 Syllabus and Support Document
“House of Bricks” Science and Technology K-6 Student Work-samples CD Rom
“Places We Know” HSIE K-6 Units of Work

                    An approach for developing an authentically integrated school plan
           Developed by Michele Mawer and Mari Mowbray, DET SciTech K-6 Consultants, 2004.

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