How to start with the implementation of IPPC Directive

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					 How to start with the
implementation of IPPC

        Czech Republic
Czech Environmetal Inspectorate
state ad m in istration of th e C zech R ep u b lic

      end of District Authorities
      Regional Authorities

      Integrated Permits
      Regional Authorities

      transboundary impact of IPPC installations
      Ministry of Environment.
Czech Environmental Inspectorate

   control compliance with obligations laid down by the
    IPPC Act or the integrated permit
   limit or stop the operation of an installation or its part

   impose fines

   submit to the Region the results of a completed control

   evaluate applications of the BAT

     not participate on the procedure on granting an
      Integrated Permit
Implementation state of the Council Directive
             96/61/EC on IPPC

              Plan of implementation

        .to strengthen the institutions (relevant administrative
        .to determine the requirements on the content of the
         application for granting the integrated permit
        .to introduce the procedure of integrated permit granting
         according to the CD
        .to ensure the control of fulfillment of conditions, which are
         laid down in the Integrated permit
        .to introduce the Systems for Exchange of information on the
        .to ensure the transboundary cooperation with other member
         states in cases of negative impacts
    Current state of implementation of the
         Council Directive on IPPC

   changes in 10 czech laws

   35 days

   amendment to the Act on IPPC

   first implementing regulation
What has been achieved so far ? :

 applications and simulation decisions
  are ready

    BREF translations

    Agency of Integrated prevention
        What is missing ? :

   implementing law regulations

   the list of authorized persons

people and financial sources in the
   Statistics of IPPC installations

– 1300 installations

– 620 companies

– 55 categories
W h ich sectors in IP PC in stallation statistics are m ostly rep resen ted ?

    6.6.b + 6.6.c Intensive rearing of pigs

    6.6.a Intensive rearing of poultry

    1.1. Combustion installations with a rated thermal input
     exceeding 50 MW

    4. Chemical industry
                      Statistics of IPPC installations

                             Statistics of IPPC Installations   1.2.
                    200                                         2.1.
categories of the

                    150                                         2.3.a

                    100                                         2.3.c
                     50                                         2.5.a
                      0                                         2.6.
                                               1                3.1.
                                   number of the instllations   3.2.
              Division of competencies

   Ministry of Environment

   Ministry of Industry and Trade
   Ministry of Agriculture
   Ministry of Health

   Regions

   Czech Environmental Inspectorate

   Regional Hygiene Officer
W h ich are th e grea test th reats w h en in trod u cin g IPPC in th e C R ?

              - low number of personnel in administrative authority
              - low support from the operators of the installation
              - inefficient cooperation between these operators and
                 administrative authorities
              - unwillingness of the operators to implement BAT
              - lack of EU materials
Projects for implementation IPPC in the CR
                Twinning PHARE projects

          to prepare the regions for the Integrated permit granting
           according to the IPPC directive requirements
   -   to prepare workshops for the clerks from the regions who are
       responsible for issuing the permits
   -   to create a flexible system of BREF documents and other BAT
   -   to support MoE in establishing and to educate personnel on the
       related issues
   -   to support the czech working group in monitoring
   -   to prepare documents
       PHARE Twinning project (German)

Implementation structures for IPPC and for the
                register IPR

   functional administrative structure for IPPC

   application of BAT/BREF

   establishment of the Integrated Pollution
1.) Strengthening the Implementation of IPPC

                   December 2002

   full implementation of Directive on IPPC

   articles 9, 10 and 11 (application of BAT)
   17 (transboudary effects)

   application of three selected BREFs
  2.) Reinforcement of IPPC Implementation
and integration of IPPC with new EU legislation

         to harmonise the IPPC Act with related legislation, and
          prepare it for goverment approval by the end of 2004

         to apply BAT, improve the requirements of the
          integrated permit, and ensure adequate enforcement by

         to meet the reguirements of new EU legilation related to

         to answer the EC questionnaire on IPPC implementation

         to complete all the preparatory and transitory activities
       British project of training Czech
          environmental inspectors

            the Czech Environmental Inspectorate.

   Czech inspectors trained by the British
   Czech trainers

          basic environmental legislation of the EU
          cooperation with NGOs and on laws of public disclosure

          Council Directive on IPPC, its implementation into the Czech

           legal system and checking the fulfillment of the IPPC
    Management and the Procedure of the
          Inspection Authority

   Recommendation of the European Parliament and of the
    Council of 4 April 2001 - providing for minimum criteria for
    environmental inspections in the Member States (2001/331/EC)
   is not obligatory

   same procedure of IPPC installation

   member states

   inspection reports
                Inspection Plans

   - specify the content and target of the inspection.

   Preparation Inspection procedure

   Organisation

   Tasks of the Inspection
                  Inspection Procedure

   How the carry out inspection - 2 types

   1.) comission inspection

   2.) independent inspection

   visit to the installation

   Inspection result:
    - the company fulfills all their responsibilities
    - remendial measures should be taken
    The Czech Environmental Inspectorate

   Central Office located in Prague
          management and central agenda of the CEI,

          trans-border cooperation

   regional offices inspectorates
          5 specialised departments - protection of air, water, nature,

            forests and waste

   300 inspectors

   20 inspectors - supervision over IPPC Act implememtation
      The Role of public

    – public participation into the IPPC process
           - granting an integrated permit
            –  comments in writing

     – installation - transboundary impact
–  public abroad is informed about the application
              and can make comments
            Society for Sustainable Living

   working group for IPPC

         research worker (chemist)
         MoE worker

         CEI worker

         District authority worker

         representative of the business sector

         university assistant lecturer
                            IPPC

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