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									Skillset Film Skills Fund: Project & Evaluation Plan

Completing the form: "How To" guide
Just before you start to fill in this Project & Evaluation Plan Form, take a few minutes to read this guide carefully – it’s here to help you.


As you’ll see from the tabs (bottom left of your screen) this Excel Workbook document has four parts: this 'How To' guide; an Example plan; the blank
Project & Evaluation Plan form; and a Participant Information sheet.

This 'How To' guide

We hope that this will tell you everything you need to know about completing your Project & Evaluation Plan Form. But if not, you’re welcome to call us on
the number below.

Example Project & Evaluation Plan

Before you start to fill anything in, have a look at the dummy example we’ve already prepared. It will give you a clear idea of what your own Project &
Evaluation Plan should look like when it's completed.

The Project & Evaluation Plan Form

This is the form to complete once you’ve been offered a grant by Skillset. By answering each section fully, you’ll be telling us how you will deliver, monitor
and evaluate your project. After you’ve sent us the initial form, we’ll also ask you to update it at the end of each quarter to give us a continual progress
report. We work to a financial year, so the quarters run from: April to June; July to September; October to December; and January to March.

The Participant Information Sheet

This section of the form is for you to provide us with information that we need about the participants that go on your course or project. This would be
completed once you have recruited all your participants but can usually be filled in when you submit your updated project and evaluation plan at the end of
one of the quarters mentioned above.


The Project Details section

In this section please tell us the name of your organisation, and the title of your project with its start and end-dates. We also need the dates of any courses
you may be delivering, as well as their deadlines for applications. Please also tell us the number of participants on your project.

Column 1: Activity

Please use this column to highlight the key tasks you need to perform in order to make your project work. These will vary from project to project but, as
you’ll see in our Example form, they may include headings such as project management, marketing, recruitment and training. One task you will certainly

you’ll see in our Example form, they may include headings such as project management, marketing, recruitment and training. One task you will certainly
need to include is evaluation, and how you will gauge the success of your project. It is a condition of Skillset grants that every project we support is
thoroughly evaluated.

Column 2: Date for completion

This column will tell us the timetable for the key tasks of your project, and what will be completed by when.

Column 3: What will success look like?

This column will explain the criteria for deciding when a task can be considered successfully completed. Naturally, these will vary according to the task
itself: one column entry could simply be a target figure for the number of recruits you aim to sign up. Another might be more subjective – for example, that
you aim to receive positive feedback from the participants in a workshop.

Column 4: How will this be measured?

This column is closely linked to Column 3 because it asks you to explain how you will measure 'What will success look like?'. So in the ‘positive feedback’
example above, you might choose to issue all your participants with a questionnaire on their views and experiences of the workshop.

Column 5: Progress, including any unexpected results, updated quarterly.

This is your progress report to Skillset, so when you first send in the form this column should be left blank. From then on, it should be updated at the end
of every calendar quarter, detailing any progress – or problems – against the ‘What will success look like?’ column. If anything unexpected happens, detail
that too.

Participant Information

Once you have recruited all the participants to your project please use this section of the form to tell us a few details about each of them. You can
complete this section at the same time as you update the project and evaluation plan sheet at the end of one of the quarters during your project. The first
11 columns (from Course to Date of Birth) allow you to enter any text but the columns for diversity information (Gender to In which of the following regions
does the participant live?) contain drop-down lists for you to choose and answer from. If you click any cell in these colums a small arrow will appear next
to the cell. If you click on this arrow you will be able to choose the option which applies For example, the options for Gender are obviously either Male or
Female. Please note that as some of the lists are quite long, you may need to scroll down the list to find the right option.

Need any help?
If anything isn’t clear, we’re here to help. Please direct your questions to the appropriate Skillset contact below.

For film projects:

John Lee
Film Team Monitoring & Evaluation Co-ordinator

John Lee
Film Team Monitoring & Evaluation Co-ordinator
T: 020 7713 9860

For television projects:

Alice Dudley
TV Investment Manager
T: 020 7713

Project Details

The name of your organisation:                   Training in Media
Project title:                                   Media Training
Project start date:                              1st February 2006       Project end date:            1st February 2007
Course start date:                               8th May 2006            Course end date:             8th December 2006
Closing date for applications:                   24th March 2006         Number of participants:      25

Activity                                         Date for completion     What will succcess look      How will this be              Progress, including any
                                                                         like?                        measured?                     unexpected results, updated

Project Management
Recruit and appoint Project Manager              28th February 2006      Project Manager              Programme completed
                                                                         appointed who ensures        on time
                                                                         the programme is
                                                                         completed within the
                                                                         agreed timetable
Publicise programme in trade press and on        24th March 2006         Sufficient number and        Monitor numbers of
relevant websites in particular targetting                               diversity of applications    applications and collect
applicants from a diverse range of backgrounds                           received                     diversity figures by
                                                                                                      asking applicants to fill
                                                                                                      in and return Diversity
                                                                                                      Monitoring Forms
Short list of applicants                         7th April 2006          Diverse range of             Collect diversity figures
                                                                         applicants, people short     by asking applicants to
                                                                         listed and successful        fill in and return
                                                                         candidates                   Diversity Monitoring
Interview those on short list                    14th April 2006
Notify successful candidates                     21st April 2006
Secure venues for workshops & modules            31st March 2006         All workshops and            Asking participants to fill
                                                                         modules delivered as         in feedback
                                                                         planned and viewed           questionnaires at the
                                                                         positively by participants   end of each workshop
                                                                                                      and module
Deliver introductory workshop                    8th to 10th May 2006
Deliver Module 1                                 15th to 19th May 2006
Deliver Module 2                                 22nd to 26th May 2006

Arrange 6 month placements with companies in    31st May 2006             All participants placed with Monitor numbers and
their chosen field                                                        companies in their chosen nature of placements
                                                                          field                        arranged
6 month placements take place                   1st June to 30th          Placements viewed            Interviews with
                                                November 2006             positively by companies      representatives from
                                                                          and participants             placement companies
                                                                                                       and feedback from
                                                                                                       participants during wrap
                                                                                                       up session on Module 3
Deliver Module 3                                4th to 8th December 2006 Module 3 delivered as         Asking participants to fill
                                                                         planned and viewed            in feedback
                                                                         positively by participants    questionnaires at the
                                                                                                       end of Module 3
Interview representatives from placement        1st December 2006 to      All representatives from
companies                                       12th January 2007         placement companies
Wrap up session with all trainees on Module 3 to 8th December 2006        Wrap up session
gather their feedback on the whole programme                              completed with all the
                                                                          participants on the
                                                                          programme taking part
Collate results from participants completed     12th January 2007         All key results from
feedback questionnaires from workshops and                                completed questionnaires
modules                                                                   collated to be included in
                                                                          final evaluation report
Complete final evaluation report based on the   1st Feburay 2007          Final evaluation report
above interviews, feedback forms and wrap up                              completed as planned

Project Details

The name of your organisation:
Project title:
Project start date:                        Project end date:
Course start date:                         Course end date:
Closing date for applications:             Number of participants:

Activity               Date for completion What will succcess look like?   How will this be measured?   Progress, including any unexpected
                                                                                                        results, updated quarterly

Participant Data
Course             First Name Last Name Address 1   Address 2   Town/City   County   Postcode   Phone Number   E-Mail Address   Date of birth   Gender   Ethnicity   If Ethnicity is 'Other'
                                                                                                                                                                     please specify:
Does the participant speak Welsh? (As part       Does the participant have a Disabilty? (Disability, as defined   If Disabilty is 'Yes' please choose from the following list:
of Skillset's Welsh Language Scheme, we are      by the Disability Discrimination Act, covers many people who
committed to actively researching and reacting   may not usually have considered themselves disabled. It covers
to bilingual need. The information provided in   physical or mental impairments with long term, substantial
this question will help us in our work.)         effects on ability to perform day-to-day activities)
If Disabilty is 'Other'   In which of the        In which of the
please specify:           following nations does following regions does
                          the participant live?  the participant live?

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