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					FAQ: How to configure the outlook 2003 client to work over
the web.

Configuring the Outlook 2003 Client to work over HTTPS:
After you have carried out the instruction to setup Outlook 2003 or Outlook 2007
to work with ekmd mail, Please do the following:
1. Go to control panel.
2. Double click the mail icon. You should see following:
3. Go to show profiles, it will likely look similar to this:
4. Go to properties >> E-mail accounts >> view or change existing E-mail account
5. Go to Change >> more settings >> click the Connection tab.
6. On the Connection tab, put a checkmark in the Connect to my Exchange mailbox using
HTTP checkbox. Then click the Exchange Proxy Settings button.
7. In the Exchange Proxy Settings dialog box, enter mail1.ekmd.huji.ac.il in the Use this URL
to connect to my proxy server for Exchange text box.
         7.1. Put a checkmark in the mutually authenticate the session when connecting with
         SSL checkbox.
         7.2. In the Principle name for proxy server text box, enter
         7.3. Place checkmarks in both checkboxes for connecting to fast networks and slow
         7.4. Select the Basic Authentication option from the Use this authentication when
         connecting to my proxy server for Exchange list.
         7.5. Click OK.
8. Go to the security tab and make sure there is a check mark in the “encrypt data between
Microsoft office outlook and the exchange server”
9. Go to next >> finish >> close >> OK.

We are now done with reconfiguring your EKMD mail profile.
1. Open Outlook 2003.
2. If challenged for a mail profile choose same one you altered above.
3. Enter your logon credentials when challenged.
4. Your mail box should appear after a short delay.
5. Right click on the small Outlook icon on lower right side of screen while holding down the
CTRL key, and clicking the Connection Status command.
6. You should see a window similar to the following:
7. The HTTPS entries in the Conn column indicate that indeed you are connected using