Spring 2002 Halifax Prime Time TV Schedules by lip42828


									Spring 2002 Halifax Prime Time TV Schedules                                              7 p.m. - 11 p.m.                                  February 25 - March 17, 2002
                 Monday             Tuesday                 Wednesday               Thursday               Friday                Saturday                Sunday

        7      22 Minutes                               Royal Cdn Air Farce      Country Canada           Mr. Bean           Saturday Report
                                  Life & Times                                                                                                        That Darn Cat
               It's a Living                               Market Place        On the Road Again          Mr. Bean         Hockey Night Pregame
        8                                                                                                22 Minutes
               Tom Stone        Nature of Things             Witness
                                                                                                         Red Green
                                                                                 Opening Night                                                         Last Chapter
        9                                                                                            Royal Cdn Air Farce
             Just for Laughs       Disclosure               Fifth Estate                                                       NHL Hockey
                                                                                                      Made in Canada
        10                                                                                                                                            Sunday Report
 CBHT                                                                                                                                                    Venture

        7                                                Wheel of Fortune                                                         E-Talk            Degrassi: The Next
                                                            Jeopardy!                                                        Exhibit A: Secrets            21C
               Third Watch           Philly                Law & Order                 ER               Weakest Link         Mysterious Ways             W-Five

        9                            Scrubs               My Wife & Kids         Whose Line Is It
             Mysterious Ways                                                                             Associates             Cold Squad                Alias
                                 Watching Ellie          According to Jim          Anyway?
        10                         Drew Carey                                   CSI: Crime Scene
               Ally McBeal                                  West Wing                                   Law & Order             Open Mike              Law & Order
 CJCH                                Scrubs                                       Investigation

        7                                              Entertainment Tonight
                                                                                                                                  Ukatak                 Practice
                                              Bob and Margaret                                            Blackfly
        8                                                                            Friends
             Dawson's Creek           Jag                    Smallville                                 Gilmore Girls            Mutant X             No Boundaries
                                                                                  Leap of Faith
        9                        That 70s Show                                                                                                          Simpsons
              Boston Public                                Gilmore Girls       Survivor: Marquesas           24            Touched by an Angel
                               Popstars: Boy meets                                                                                                       Malcolm
        10      Raymond              Frasier                                      Will & Grace
                                                          No Boundaries                                    20/20               Outer Limits              X-Files
 CIHF            Becker             The Job                                      Just Shoot Me

                Canadian             Local              Foreign Simulcast           Foreign

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