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									Societies Guidelines: How to….Fundraise


This guide aims to assist you with your ideas and plans for fundraising and will look at;

      Why you want to fundraise?
      Ideas for making the cash roll in……
      Keeping it LEGAL!

So, you think you need more cash – but have you considered why, how much and how to
make it further?


Draw up a quick plan on paper to assist you with your target, however big or small
amount ask;

      Why do we need more funds? What are we funding, supporting?
      Will these funds, purchases, benefits all ours members? They should!
      How much will cover what we need? Set a realistic target.
      When do we need to raise it by?
      Who can help us? Who will support this cause?
      List the fundraising options open to “your” society

If you‟ve truthfully answered all these questions and your committee is in agreement,
then you are now focused, have a clear direction and target and more importantly are
likely to get support from others.


There are many ways to fundraise, but you‟ll probably find that linking the method to
your activity, your member‟s interests & enjoyment, or the funding purpose most
successful. Choose a method that „supports the cause‟ and gets the most people
interested, (both organisers and participants need to feel some benefit).

Societies Guidelines: How to….Fundraise

Here are some fund raising options that you can easily tailor to suit your activity….

Method                                Funds
- Sponsored Events                    Sponsorship Fees
- Social Nights                       Ticket Prices
- Collections, Match Fees, Subs       Collected Funds
- Sponsorship                         Payment of goods, expenses
- Raffles, lotteries                  Collection/Payments
- Events & Competition                Entry Fees
- Quiz‟s/Race Nights/Casino Nights           Betting stakes
- Grants/Funds                               Designated Cash Support


However you choose to raise money – ensure you manage and track your progress.
Most simply this can mean delegating someone as a “funds” or “events” officer who will;

      Drive or manage the project
      Enlist members & keep them motivated
      Support others in their roles and keep the momentum up
      Track the income you raise

   By keeping people up to date with the “fundraising progress” you‟ll encourage
   interest and motivation and better your chances of reaching the target. Share the


   As the sayings go “more hands make light work” & “two heads are better than
   one”… so why not join forces with an equally needy activity and reap the benefits of
   greater ideas and a shared work load. It also means you‟ve captured a bigger instant
   market. So you may have to share the “stock” but it will give you the confidence to
   then pursue an event of your own.

   If you would like to talk through any of your ideas with a member of staff – then
   please ask. We may have some experience to share……GOOD LUCK!


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