LMYA SOCCER—Moraga Division, Kindergarten—2009 Schedule by uew27684


									    LMYA SOCCER—Moraga Division, Kindergarten—2009 Schedule, revised 9-6-09
#         Team                 Coach              C-Phone                    Email          Asst. Coach         C-Phone                       Email
A     ARGENTINA              Will Mitchell       925 360-1602     will.mitchell@yahoo.com     Harry Crouch      925 284-0444        hcrouch@comcast.net
B        BRAZIL               Jeffrey Fara       650 302-8172     jeffrey.fara@gmail.com      John Botsford     510 333-2426       jkwmbotsford@cs.com
C       ENGLAND              Saul Tallarico      925 899-5307      saul33@sbcglobal.net       Tom Richards      415 637-7756     tom.richards5@gmail.com
D    SOUTH AFRICA            Robert Chan         925 890-1365           lo.rob@att.net         Baldwin Lee      (h) 299-1369       bandjlee@comcast.net
E         ITALY             Michael Bonardi      415 215-3131     mbonardi@comcast.net       Matthew Eglin      510 325-5673      mbonardi@comcast.net
F       IRELAND              Robert Storrs       925 876-1896      rob.storrs@gmail.com     John Cimperman      415 244-6504         smilby@pacbell.net
G        MEXICO                Eric Flett        925 878-9377       sepreto@yahoo.com        John Silberman     415 438-0452          jsilbs@yahoo.com
H      PORTUGAL               Chris Rago         510 867-1505       calit4@sbcglobal.net      Michael Wolff     925 878-1322     wolffpack328@yahoo.com
I         SPAIN              Jim Obsitnik        415 845-9283       jobsitnik@gmail.com         Scott Renz      510 367-7489         srenzer@yahoo.com
J          USA                Tadd Koziel        925 818-3734          jen@koziel.net          Susan Rossi      925 997-2997       reggierossi@gmail.com

                               Upper Los Perales Field                                                    KINDERGARTEN RULES, 2009
    Datee        9:00 AM          10:00 AM         11:00 AM       12:00 AM       1:00 PM
                                                                                                    1.  Only official LMYA uniforms may be worn.
September 12      A vs. B          E vs. G          D vs. H        C vs. I        F vs. J
                                                                                                    2.  Home team (listed second) shall select its side of the
September 19      G vs. F          B vs. J          C vs. A        I vs. D        H vs. E               field and visitors must take the other side.
September 26      E vs. I          H vs. F          B vs. C        J vs. G        A vs. D           3. Referees will not be supplied for games. This is an
October 3         E vs. A          D vs. B           F vs. I       J vs. C       G vs. H                introductory level where coaches will instruct the
October 10        J vs. H          A vs. F          B vs. E        C vs. D        I vs. G               players during the game and one coach per team is
October 17        G vs. A          E vs. C          I vs. H        D vs. J        F vs. B               allowed on the field during play to help with game
October 24        D vs. E           I vs. J         B vs. G        C vs. F        H vs. A               fundamentals.
October 31        H vs. B          G vs. C          J vs. E        I vs. A        F vs. D           4. Quarters are 8 minutes. Free substitution is allowed.
November 7        C vs. H          A vs. J          E vs. F        G vs. D        B vs. I           5. 5 (or 6) players on field. No goalkeeper
November 14       A vs. B          E vs. G          D vs. H        C vs. I        F vs. J           6. Home team will supply the game ball.
                                                                                                    7. No Standings are kept for Kindergarten and game cards
                                                                                                        do not need to be filled out.
                                                                                                    8. For information on rain-out days, please call 943-0115.
Important Dates:                                                                                        Since standings are not kept for this age group, rained
                                                                                                        out games will not be rescheduled.
                                                                                                    9. Equal play for all players is required.
                     August 29                Coaches Meeting, Players must be called               10. Remove all litter (including orange peels) upon leaving
                     August 30                Opening Day Festival at Campolindo                        the field.
                     August 31                First Week of Practice                                11. Problems: Harry Crouch, hcrouch@comcast.net Hillary
                     September 12             First Games                                               Johnston, hillarylmya@comcast.net or
                     October 3                Picture Day                                               Judy McNeil, jhmcneil@comcast.net.
                     November 14              Equipment Return and Trophy Pick-up

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