RECEIPT OF GOODS by cbo12167


									Monthly Update

                                                                                                                      PURCHASING & CENTRAL STORES
                                        Volume 3, Issue 4
                                        October 2007

                                        Written & Arranged by Wendi Foster

                                     We would like to extend a warm welcome to our newest team
                                     member, Tonya Harmon. Tonya is handling the invoice/audit
                                     function of Accounts Payable. All invoices and all receivers
                                     must be sent to the Purchasing Department.

                                                               RECEIPT OF GOODS

                                           When you receive an order, ALWAYS check it promptly to make sure
                                           it is acceptable and works. We have 14 days upon receipt of the goods
                                           to make a claim to the vendor if we need to return damaged or
                  Keeping You              unacceptable goods.
                                           ALWAYS make sure you have received everything you have ordered
        The only orders placed             on a particular Purchase Order BEFORE filling out the receiver as
         on-line are with the              complete. NEVER send Accounts Payable a receiver marked as
          following vendors:               complete IF you have not received all of the order. Please wait until
                                           all of the items on your order have arrived to fill out the receiver.
           *     Office Depot
           *     Grainger                  When do I mark the receiver as Partial?
           *     GovConnection             When a particular item on your order has been verified as cancelled
           *     Dell                      with the Vendor and will not be shipped to you. You then will mark
           *     Amazon                    the receiver as partial, and also please notate which line item will not
                                           be received. Accounts Payable then knows that the University should
                                           not be billed for that item.

                      No One Can Whistle A Symphony. It Takes An
                           Orchestra to Play It. H.E. Luccock

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