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                     Fine Ar t Programs
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                                                                                                          Winter Session Begins Jan. 25th

                     Find your Passion this Winter in the Arts! It’s COLD
                                                                                                 Yoko Sekin
                     outside but at Wash Arts, we have a class for you that
                                                                                                 Winter Session.
                     will ignite your crea         ity and warm your soul! We are                Sekino-Bove is a studio
                     pleased to welcome back Children’s Teaching                     sts, Jill       st whose work is
                                                                                                 known for its          ve
                     Ford and Adrienne Day as well as host Master Ar                         ,
                                                                                                 style. She earned her
                     Yoko Sekino Bove, and Award-Winning and Na                             y    MFA in ceramics from the
                     known Songwriter and Novelist, Bill Deasy!                                  University of Oklahoma
                                                                                                       working as a graphic
                                                              NEW THIS WINTER!                   designer. She has exten-
                                                             THEME-BASED CLASSES                 sive experience teaching
                                                             BRING CULTURAL MEAN-                ceramic classes to students of all ages. Yoko is a re-
                                                             ING TO ART PROGRAMS                 cipient of 2008 McKnight        st Residency at Northern
                                                             IN FLEXIBLE SHORTER SES-            Clay Center in Minnesota and other awards from
                                                             SIONS! See Adrienne Day’s                        ceramic           ons including “Strictly
                                                             Children’s Classes Below.           Fun        l,” “Feat of Clay,” and “San Angelo Museum
                                                                                                 Ceramic Exhibi         Her work is featured in 500 Cups,
                     (Above) Wash Arts Celebrated its Annual Cultural Gala in                    500 Pl         and Chargers, Surface Design for Ceram-
                     November. Pictured here with Wash Arts’ Founder, Sandee                     ics and in major ceramic/         magazines.
                     Gertz Umbach, is Featured Youth         of the Evening, Byron               5 week sessions-- February 23-March 24:
                                                                                                 Advanced Wheel Throwing Class - Tuesday 6:00-8:30
                     Miller, along with fellow Wash Arts’ Student, Kwesi Williams.
                     Byron and Kwesi have been              students of Judy Hopson              Japanese Brush Pain      g Class - Wed. 6-7:30pm
                     and Byron received mentoring in his jewelry line from commu-
                     nity      t, Marlene Yandel; whose jewelry was also featured                JR. PICASSOS: (Co nued) Both Sessions Held
                     at the African-Inspired event. Both young men are also in our               on Saturdays, 12:30-2:00pm.
                          ng Program with Jen Luta and are the Featured Students                 SESSION 1: MODERN ART: January 30- February 27
                     of the Quarter! Congratula        Byron and Kwesi.                          -- Explore Modern Art using examples from Jackson Pol-
                     LITTLE DA VINCIS: A great class for young              to develop           lock, Pop Art, and Henri Ma sse. Projects will be heavily
                     fine motor skills and learn character traits such as sharing and             focused on sculpture and pain ng. Sat. 12:30-2:00pm
                               on. Students will use         g, drawing, scul ng, cut-           SESSION 2: ART AROUND THE WORLD: March 6-
                         and       ng techniques to create wonderful works of art.               April 3 —Students will explore art from around the
                     Register for one or both sessions! With Teaching Ar st, Adri-               world, focusing each week on a different country’s art
                     enne Day · Ages: 3-5 Sat. 10:30am-12pm · $60 per 5-week                     and culture. Includes a culturally inspired snack!
                     session or $100 for both.
                     SESSION 1: ANIMAL FUN January 30- February 27 -- Special                    A Note About Range Resources...
                     5 Week Session! Projects will be inspired by animals! Explore               Ray Walker and Angel Donor Range Resources
                     habitats, pets and make-believe creatures.                                  were honored at our Cultural Gala in November.
                     SESSION 2: BRINGING LITERATURE TO LIFE                                      Known for pioneering the Marcellus Shale, Range
                     March 6-April 3 – Special 5 Week Session! A literature-                     has created thousands of family-sustaining jobs
                     based class with projects stemming from children’s books. A spe-            and strengthened our local economy. In December,
                     cial project dedicated to Dr. Seuss’s Birthday!                             Range announced a $100,000 Matching Fund Grant
                     JUNIOR PICASSOS A fun mixed media class using impasto                       to the Dollar Energy Fund so that struggling families
                            ng, water-color resists, collage, and sculpture. Students will       in our county can have help with their         bills
                     be inspired by il       ons, Art History examples, and demonstra-           this winter. Their commitment to helping those in
                             Build an     ng founda        in the arts! Instructor: Adri-        need is commendable and very appreciated by Wash
                     enne Day Ages: 6-8 Time: Sat.12:30-2pm · $60 per 5-week or                  Arts. “Range Resources is proud to support Wash
                     $100 for both. (See Next Column for Details on Each Session)                Arts, one of the region’s true gems!”
For More Informa on and to Register for Classes, Call (724) 222-1475.
•    All Classes Free to Students on a Free or Reduced Lunch Program *
A         Photos       The Place for Visual Arts for Youth and Adults!
from our African
Gala “Rhythms of
                        EVERYONE IS AN ARTIST-                   ”MEETING OF THE MINDS”-                COLOR, LINE, AND FORM
                        THINKING LIKE DAVINCI                    NEW EXCLUSIVE ONE-DAY                  Intermediate to Adv. students
                        This mul -               class offers                                            learn from this Award-Winning
                                                                 WORKSHOPS WITH CARNE-
                                     into the world of c                                                        Mixed media including
                                                                 GIE ARTIST, JILL LENA FORD             drawing, pain ng, and pastel.
                        ity, guided by the teachings of DaV-
                        inci. Learn techniques to create your    Collabora on Art Workshop              Class is highly individualized.
                        own            Art Journal and choose    See what amazing things are            Instructor: Jeff Katrencik · Ages:
                        projects to explore. Develop your        made when          ve minds come       13+ · Thursday 6-8pm $ 125
                        own personal and unique crea ve          together! Explore different ways
                        style! Instructor: Judy Hopson · Ages:   of working with others to create       ADULT DRAWING AND
                        9-Adult · Tuesday 6-8pm · $125           art. Work with partners and in         PAINTING OPEN STUDIO
                                                                 groups to create both individual       Always meant to “get back into
Sylvester                                                        and group art projects including
Kaunda with
                        NEW! CLASSIC CANVASES-                                                          art“ as an adult? Here’s your
                                                                 drawings, pain        and mixed        chance — learn in a nurturing
Guest of Honor,         PAINT WITH SAND Explore the              media designs. Open to all levels               Go at your own pace —
Dr. Emmanuel            ancient art of coloring and
                                                                 and ages, youth and adults! Come       work on individualized projects!
Osagie, Chan-           with sand! Create your own modern
                                                                 alone or bring a friend! Saturday      Learn basics of drawing and
cellor of Penn          designs and pa erns! Students will
                                                                 Feb. 13, 10am- 2pm · $50                     ng. Advanced students can
State Faye e            focus on basic comp          and draw-
                                                                                                        receive personalized coaching for
and a Nigerian          ing techniques while
                                                                 CREATING ART WITH ART-                 independent projects. Get out of
                        ful sand       ngs. Instructor: Judy
                                                                                                        the house in the winter and GET
                        Hopson · Ages: 7+ · Thursday 6-          Interdisciplinary Art
                                                                                                        INSPIRED! Instructor: Judy
                        7:30pm · $125                            Explore the           es when
                                                                                                        Hopson · Ages: 17-Adult · Time:
                                                                 two different forms of art come         Monday 6:00-8:00pm · $125
                        NEW! PORTFOLIO BUILDING                  together! Students will make a
                                                                 pai ng using music as our inspi-
                        Students will build a por olio for en-                                          NEW! MAT BOARD ART
                        trance into college visual arts pro-             create a mixed media col-
                                                                                                        Create colorful one of a kind art
                        grams! Projects will be customized       lage using words from a poem,
                                                                                                        projects using     t Board in this
Bill Faust and          around college entrance require-         and develop a short story with         unique class. Students will ex-
        Judy            ments. Open studio class. Instructor:    drawings. Open to all levels and       plore this new technique devel-
Hopson Showing          Adrienne Day · Ages: Teens ·             ages. Come alone or bring a            oped by local         Bo Bano-
African Spirit          Time: Saturday 2:30-4:30pm · $125        friend. Saturday, February 20,         vich· Ages: 14+ · Tuesday 6-
                                                                 10:00am- 2:00pm · Cost: $50            7:30pm · Cost: $125

                        Metals and Po ery Studio
                        METALSMITHING/JEWELRY                     POTTERY CLASSES WITH                  FAMILY POTTERY: Adults can
Elise Birch who
contributed photos
                        DESIGN with NEA AWARD-                    ARTIST, JUDY HOPSON!                  join the children in this family-
of her work with        WINNING MASTER METALS-                    BEGINNING POTTERY                     based class. Learn hand-building
children in Ghana                                                                                       and wheel throwing techniques. A
                        MITH, DICKENS BISHOP:                     New and e         theme based
                                                                                                        great          for the whole family!
                        One of our most popular and enduring      projects await the young clay art-
                                                                                                        Choose one class: Sat. 10:11:30am
                        classes. From beginning to “Masters       ist. Explore hand-building and
                                                                                                        OR 11:30am - 1:00pm · Cost: $150
                        Level” instr      ! Beginners class       sculpture techniques. Advance to
                                                                  wheel throwing. Ages: 7-10 · Time:    ADULT POTTERY: Beginner and
                        involves “lost wax        and fabrica-
                                                                  Sat.10-11:30am · $135                 adv. students receive individualized
                              of semi-precious metals. Ad-
                                                                                                                      Discover your own
                        vanced class includes advanced tech-      INTERMEDIATE POTTERY
                                                                                                        style! Choose from hundreds of
                        niques, stone         box making,         New and returning students build
  Comm ee                                                                                               projects for every skill level. 16-
                        hinges, and forms beyond “wearable        on skills and techniques learned in
  Members,                                                                                              Adult · Wed.6:30-8:30pm $180
  Jasmine Blussick      art”. Students proceed from design to     previous sessions. Create      ery
                                                                                                        per10 weeks or $20/class
  and Robyn Miller      independent projects. Ages: 16-Adult.     projects and learn wheel throwing
                                                                                                        **ALSO SEE FRONT COVER FOR
                        Beginners Thursday 5:30-8:30pm ·          techniques. Sat.11:30-1pm · Ages
See More Photos at                                                                                      POTTERY MASTER CLASS W/ YOKO    Advanced Tuesday 5:30-8:30pm. $195        11-15 · Cost: $135
                                                                                                        SEKINO BOVE
                       * A L L CL A S S E S F REE TO S TUDENTS ON A FR EE OR REDUCED LUNCH
                                                                                Theater and Music
                                                                                            At Wash can
                                                                                              go anywhere! Learn in-
                                                                                                  depth       techniques and
                                                                                              experience    s c collabora
                                                                                         within a dynamic theater community.
                                                                                                              The Theater Department
Broadway Bound II; A Special Community of Young Actors                                                        boasts a dynamic group of
                                                                                                              students that is growing
BROADWAY BOUND 2 The Ad-                                                                                      and focused on theater
vanced Actors. An advanced re-                                                                                arts — if you want to
hearsal and pr         n based                                                                                experience what it takes
class ending with a public per-                                                                               to be an actor, and are
formance. Emphasis is on in-                                                                                  serious about learning and
                                                                                                              perfecting your acting
depth character development                                                        Students pictured above
                                                                                   performed King Arthur      technique, then this is the
and advanced          tech-                                                        this fall complete with    place for you...
niques. Learn the prod                                                             dialects and sword-
process and theatre         e                                                      figh ng!
in a non-compe ve atmos-                                                                                      Half-Hour Small Group lessons.
phere. Past pr              have       LITTLE THESPIANS                     BROADWAY BOUND 1                  Emphasis on proper vocal tech-
explored everything from com-          A great introduc       to thea-      Learn       ng techniques and     nique, breathing, and Broadway
                                       tre for the youngest perform-        character development             Music. Students will be placed
edy and drama to classical lit-
                                       ers. Returning students can          while working on scenes,          based on age and ability. Ask
erature-based plays, improvisa-        build upon previous sessions.        monologues, and Musical           about eligibility for our private
  on, and dialects. Must be            Learn         techniques             Theatre produc        num-        voice lessons! Instructor: Jen
commi ed to extra rehearsals           through fun theatre games            bers. Emphasis on Improvi-        Luta · Ages: 8+ · Time: Wednes-
as the performance me nears.           and cre ve exercises. Some                    Theatre Games, and       day By Appointment · Cost: $125
Prerequisite: Must have at least       Musical Theatre for inter-           Audi on Techniques. A             MASTER CLASS: ADVANCED
                                       ested students. Work on              great way to prepare young        PIANO with EMMY-AWARD
two Broadway Bound classes or
                                       scenes and monologues for a          actors for school and com-
the equivalent in school plays,                                                                               WINNING COMPOSER/
                                       recital at the end of the ses-       munity produc ons. A re-
etc. Instructor: Jen Luta · Ages:      sion. Instructor: Jen Luta ·         cital is held at the end of the   PIANIST, JACE VEK!
13-18 · Time: Thursday 4:00-           Ages: 7-9 · Time: Tuesday            session. Instructor: Jen Luta     Advanced private piano lessons.
6:00pm · Cost: $150                    4:00-6:00pm · Cost: $125             · Ages: 10-13 · Time: Mon-        Advanced students By
                                                                            day 4:00-6:00pm · $125            Only. Time: By Appointment

Innov                    on in Music...You’ll find it at Wash Arts!
Wash Arts’ Music Program               JAZZ BAND ENSEMBLE                        BILL DEASY….BACK BY
takes music seriously with an Out-      Students will learn to play jazz
                                                                                 POPULAR DEMAND! The 2nd of
standing Faculty as well as            standards as an ensemble and
                                                                                 an “Inspir  n Series” WITH THIS
Musicians’ Workshops. Plenty of        will present a final concert at the        ACCLAIMED SONGWRITER AND NOV-
Performing Oppor         es! Private   end of the semester. Instructor:          ELIST. Formerly with the Atlan
lessons and NEW AND EXCLUSIVE:         Alex Riedel · Ages: 12+ · Monday          records group, The Gathering Field,
ROCK BAND ENSEMBLE                     7:30-9:00pm · Cost: $125                  Bill Deasy is a pre-eminent and po-
 Students will learn to play popular   MUSIC THEORY: Students will                    songwriter who has numerous
rock and blues songs as an ensemble    learn the basics of music theory          successful band and solo acous
and will present a final concert at     in a fun and relevant way while           CDs. He has        en for music super-   for songwriters, cre ve
the end of the semester. Learn the     learning basic skills such as inter-      stars such as          McBride and       writers/poets, or musicians
art of collabora      · Ages: 12+      val singing and more. Ages: 12+·          his music has been heard on Good         looking to increase
·Monday 6:00-7:30pm · Cost: $125       Wed. 6:30-7:30pm · $125                   Morning America, KDKA, and in rock       possibi        WED. MARCH
GUITAR LESSONS w/Alex Riedel·          SONGWRITING Workshop                      haunts all over the country. All Mu-     24TH; 7-9PM $25 See more
Wed By Appt. $150                      Led by Jordan Umbach · Ages: 9-18.        sic Guide calls him a “rarity/the real   about Bill’s CDs and books at
                                       Mondays Cost: $60                         deal”. This workshop is perfect
                                             9 West Beau St.
                                             Washington, PA 15301
                                             (724) 222-1475

  RANGE RESOURCES                                                                         Current Resident or

              Wash Arts’ 8th Annual Celeb-
rity Performing Arts Night is Saturday,
March 13th, 2010!

And all your favorite local and community leaders to
entertain you all night long with music, comedy, dance
and more! Key Sponsorships and Tickets Available! Call
Now as this event SELLS OUT!

      Inside... Winter Highlights Include New Culturally-Themed Short-Sessions
          for Young Children, Rock Band Ensembles for Youth, and Visiting Artists in
                                  Pottery and Songwriting!
                                                         POETRY WORKSHOP                                                 YOUTH CREATIVE
                                                         Work with an Award-Winning Poet, San-                           DANCE CLASS Learn
                                                         dee Gertz Umbach to learn the            of                      Modern and Jazz in
                                                                expression.            prompts and
                                                         study of modern poetry. Fun, in-class
                                                                                                                          a pre-professional
                                                              ng exercises. Students in this Class                              g. Explore
                                                         Win Awards in the                     ng                         various styles of
                                                         Awards Compe         n! Class Also is     -   choreography and rehearse dynamic
      Wash Arts Thanks Ed and Nancy                      tled to the Bill Deasy Workshop Free of                   numbers. Oppo            s
                                                         Charge. Ages: 13+ Adults Welcome.             for student choreography throughout
      Bedwell, (pictured above) who recently             Monday 4-6pm · $75
                                                                                                       the session. Beginning to Advanced
      donated $2000 to Wash Arts through The
                                                                                                       dancers welcome. Instructor: Jessica
      Hauber Founda on — established by Nancy’s          ADULT/TEEN WEB DESIGN with
      late parents, Jean D. and William M. Hauber,
                                                                                                       Florian · Ages: 12+ · Time: Saturday
                                                         Mike Verner of Verner Web Studio.
      who valued philanthropy and wanted to pass                                                       11:15am-12:45pm · $100
                                                         In the Washington Financial
      along the joy of giving to their five children in
                                                         Macintosh Computer Suite!
                                                         Learn how to design and implement your
                                                                                                       BEGINNING DANCE: Learn the basics
      Wash Arts’ fund-raising events, the Bedwells                                                     of Jazz and Ballet in this beginning
                                                         own website for personal, business use,
      have always shown tremendous generosity in         or for keeping in touch with family. It’s     class designed for young dancers. Re-
      all they do in the community. “I believe Wash      never been easier or more exci      with      turning dancers will be able to build on
      Arts is a vital part of our community and a        today’s technology. Instructor: Michael       what they have already learned, as
                                                         Verner · Ages: Teens-Adult · Time: Mon-       well as improve on their technique.
      ence in children's lives. I am only too glad to    day 6:00-8:00pm · Cost: $125
                                                                                                       Jessica Florian · Ages: 5+ · Time: Sat.
      help in this small way,” says Nancy.
                                                                                                       10-11am · $75

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