Buckley Air Force Base Environmental Restoration Program Annual by gmq15607


									                  Buckley Air Force Base
            Environmental Restoration Program
              Annual Report to Stakeholders
                                                                    January 2010
                              460th Space Wing Office of Public Affairs
                              510 S. Aspen St (Stop 88)
                              Buckley AFB, CO 80011
                              Phone: (720) 847-9431

Purpose of this Report
This Annual Report to         ently includes nine open
Stakeholders has been pre-    Installation Restoration
pared to notify the public    Program (IRP) sites and 15
of activities which oc-       open Military Munitions
curred in 2009 at Buckley     Response Program
AFB Restoration sites and     (MMRP) sites. A Basewide
upcoming activities ex-       Preliminary Assessment         istrative Record/
pected at these sites in      identified additional areas    Information Repository
2010. This document is        which are being investi-       files located at the Central
issued by the Air Force, as   gated under a Basewide         Branch of the Aurora Pub-
the lead agency, in con-      Site Inspection. A sum-        lic Library. The commu-
junction with the Environ-    mary of all these activities   nity can also learn more
mental Protection Agency,     is included in the following   about the Buckley AFB
Colorado Department of        pages of this report. Addi-    Restoration program by
Public Health and Envi-       tional information on these    attending Community Ad-
ronment, City of Aurora,      open sites (and also all       visory Group (CAG) meet-
and Tri-County Health De-     closed sites such as IRP       ings which are held quar-
partment. The cleanup ef-     Sites 6 and 8) can be found    terly (see page 8 for more
fort at Buckley AFB pres-     in the Buckley AFB Admin-      information).

  Inside this report:
   Inside this Report:
   Open IRP Site Map & IRP Site 1 Update                                         2
   IRP Site 2, 3, 4, & 5 Update                                                  3
   IRP Site 7 & 9 Update                                                         4
   IRP Site 10 & 11 Update                                                       5
   Open MMRP Site Map & MMRP Site Update                                         6—7
   Basewide Site Inspection Update & 2010 CAG Meeting Information                8
            Page 2                               Buckley AFB IRP Site Update

       Site 1 Update
                                Site 1, also known as     ethylene (TCE) in        currently being re-
                                Fire Training Area #      groundwater. A Pro-      viewed by Air Force
        Record of
                                2, covers approxi-        posed Plan was re-       attorneys. In 2010, it
                                mately 8,000 square       leased for public com-   is expected that the
        prepared                feet and was used         ment in 2008 which       Record of Decision
        2010—Sign               from the early 1950s      identified the pro-      will be signed, two
                                to 1972 for fire train-   posed remedy as long     new monitoring wells
        Record of
                                ing exercises. The        -term monitoring         will be installed, and
                                primary contaminant       with land use con-       annual long-term
        install wells;
                                of concern identified     trols. In 2009, a Re-    monitoring will be
                                at Site 1 during inves-   cord of Decision was     initiated along with
                                tigations is trichloro-   prepared which is        land use controls.

Annual Report to Stakeholders                                                           Buckley Air Force Base, Colorado
January 2010
           Buckley AFB IRP Site Update                                                             Page 3

        Sites 2 and 4 Update
        Site 2, also known as      ing Area # 3, is a circu-   ther site. Therefore, in
        the Oil Pit, occupies      lar area approximately      2009 a Draft Proposed         2009—Draft
        approximately 100          100 feet in diameter        Plan recommending             Proposed
        square feet and con-       which was formerly          no further action at          Plan prepared
        sisted of a deep con-      used for fire training      both sites was pre-
        crete walled sump          exercises from 1972 to      pared. In 2010, the           2010—
        used for the disposal of   1989. Contaminated          public will be given the      Proposed
        waste oil from ap-         soil was removed from       opportunity to com-           Plan public
        proximately 1950 to        Site 4 in 2006. Inves-      ment on the Proposed          comment
        1982. The Oil Pit was      tigations have shown        Plan and changes may          period; sign
        taken out of service,      that no significant         be made accordingly.          Record of
        backfilled, and buried     risks or threats to pub-    In addition, a Record         Decision
        in 1987. Site 4, also      lic health or environ-      of Decision will be pre-
        known as Fire Train-       ment now exist at ei-       pared and signed.

        Site 3 Update
                                   Site 3, also known as     and has now been         for the site. It is ex-
                                   the Base Landfill,        added to Site 3. In      pected that in 2010
         Study Report
                                   was reported to have      2007, the adequacy       the Feasibility Study
                                   received a variety of     of the existing soil     Report and a Pro-
         2010—Finalize             municipal and indus-      cover over the refuse    posed Plan will be
         Feasibility               trial waste from 1942     was determined to be     finalized following a
         Study Report              to 1982. An area im-      insufficient. In         public comment pe-
         and Proposed              pacted by asbestos        2009, a Draft Feasi-     riod, and a Record of
         Plan; prepare             containing materials      bility Study Report      Decision will be pre-
         Record of                 was recently discov-      was prepared to          pared.
         Decision                  ered near the site        evaluate alternatives

        Site 5 Update
        Site 5, also known as      tile organic com-           Study Report will be       Supplemental
        Fire Training Area # 1,    pounds in soil gas. In      finalized in 2010. Re-     Remedial
        was used from the          2009, fieldwork for a       sults in the Report will   Investigation
                                                                                          fieldwork completed
        1940s to the 1950s for     Supplemental Reme-          determine if further
        fire training exercises,   dial Investigation in-      remedial action is         2010—Finalize
        but the size of the fire   cluded soil, groundwa-      needed at the site. A      Supplemental
        training area is un-       ter, and soil gas sam-      Proposed Plan and          Remedial
                                                                                          Investigation /
        known. The primary         pling. The Supple-          Record of Decision
                                                                                          Feasibility Study
        contaminants of con-       mental Remedial In-         will also be prepared      Report and
        cern have been vola-       vestigation/Feasibility     in 2010.                   Proposed Plan

Annual Report to Stakeholders                                                             Buckley Air Force Base, Colorado
January 2010
            Page 4                               Buckley AFB IRP Site Update

                                Excavation of soil contaminated with lead
                                  and PAHs at Site 7 in November 2009.

         Site 7 Update
                                   Site 7, also known as      matic hydrocarbons        bic yards of soil re-
                                   the Sludge Drying          (PAHs). In 2009, an       quire removal. The
          2009—Action              Beds, is located on a      Action Memorandum         AF has requested ad-
          Memorandum               4.3 acre parcel of land    was signed and ap-        ditional funding for
          signed; removal          that served as the base    proximately 1,300 cu-     the added removal
          action initiated         wastewater treatment       bic yards of soil were    effort. In 2010, it is
                                   plant from 1942 to         removed and disposed      expected that the re-
                                   1978. A 2008 Engi-         off-site. However,        moval action will be
          Removal action
                                   neering Evaluation/        confirmation samples      completed including
          and After-Action
                                   Cost Analysis called       indicated concentra-      an After-Action Re-
          Report; finalize
                                   for the removal of soil    tions remained above      port, and a Proposed
          Proposed Plan
                                   contaminated with          standards. The latest     Plan recommending
                                   chromium, lead, and        data now suggest that     no further action will
                                   five polynuclear aro-      an additional 400 cu-     be finalized.

         Site 9 Update
         Site 9, also known as     1987. Historically,        is expected in 2010.
         the Underground           contaminants of con-       Results in this Report        2009—
         Storage Tank (UST)        cern at the site are pe-   will determine if fur-        Supplemental
         site, is an approxi-      troleum hydrocarbons       ther remedial action is       Site Inspection
         mately 3,000-square       and PAHs in soil. In       needed at the site. If        fieldwork
         foot area where four      2009, fieldwork for a      no further action is          completed
         former USTs were lo-      Supplemental Site          recommended, the site         2010—Finalize
         cated. The USTs,          Inspection included        is expected to be             Supplemental
         which previously          soil and groundwater       closed via regulatory         Site Inspection
         stored oil, were re-      sampling. The Report       concurrence with this         Report
         moved from the site in    for this investigation     Report.

Annual Report to Stakeholders                                                            Buckley Air Force Base, Colorado
January 2010
           Buckley AFB IRP Site Update                                                         Page 5

          Site 10 Update
                                      Site 10, also known     PCE plume extends      pleted. In 2010, a
         2009—Supplemental            as the Former Ware-     off base to City of    summary Treatabil-
         Remedial                     house Area, consists    Aurora property;       ity Study Report will
         Investigation Report         of areas used for ve-   however, no direct     be finalized along
         finalized; treatability      hicle maintenance       impact to area resi-   with a Feasibility
         study completed              and storage of pesti-   dents has been iden-   Study Report evalu-
         2010—Finalize                cides and herbicides.   tified. In 2009, the   ating alternatives for
         Treatability Study           The primary con-        Supplemental Reme-     clean-up. A Pro-
         Report, Feasibility          taminant of concern     dial Investigation     posed Plan for the
         Study Report, and            is tetrachloroethyl-    Report was finalized   selected remedy is
         Proposed Plan                ene (PCE) in            and a treatability     also expected to be
                                      groundwater. The        study was com-         completed in 2010.

          Site 11 Update
          Site 11, also known      placed in wells to
          as the Building 1011     address the floating
          Area, had many pre-      fuel. The sump and
          vious operations at      sand filter and asso-
          the site including a     ciated contaminated
          synchronization          soil were removed,
          area, a base motor       as well as contami-
          pool, civil engineer-    nated soil in the fir-
          ing shops, and refu-     ing tunnel area. In
          eling truck mainte-      addition, the reme-
                                                                       Completed sump and sand
          nance. The primary       dial investigation for              filter excavation at Site 11
          contaminants of con-     groundwater was                         in November 2009.
          cern identified dur-     initiated in 2009.
          ing investigations       Investigations com-      completed an access
          include lead, PCE,       pleted in April and      agreement with the        2009—Soil removal
          TCE, and PAHs in         July 2009 found          City of Aurora and        actions completed;
          soil and PCE and         PCE contamination        additional sampling       groundwater
          TCE in groundwater.      in groundwater at        will be completed as
          In 2009, an Action       the base boundary        soon as weather con-
          Memorandum               prompting the need       ditions allow. In
          called for the re-       for groundwater,         2010, the remedial        2010— Finalize
          moval of contami-        surface water, and       investigation will be     Remedial
                                                            completed along with      Investigation and
          nated soil and float-    sediment sampling
                                                                                      Feasibility Study
          ing fuel on the          off base on City of      a report, and a feasi-
          groundwater. Ab-         Aurora property.         bility study will be
          sorbent socks were       The Air Force then       finalized.

Annual Report to Stakeholders                                                        Buckley Air Force Base, Colorado
January 2010
            Page 6                       Buckley AFB MMRP Site Update

          MMRP Site Update
          The MMRP addresses issues      Site Evaluation (CSE) activi-   these MRAs were divided
          related to munitions and ex-   ties were performed at Buck-    into 15 munitions response
          plosives of concern (MEC),     ley AFB from 2005 – 2008.       sites (MRSs), all but one of
          chemical warfare material,     To date, a total of 17 MRAs     which (TS102) was recom-
          and munitions constituents     have been investigated dur-     mended for further evalua-
          associated with munitions      ing the CSE process. Eight of   tion. In 2009, an Engineer-
          response areas (MRAs), as      these received a no further     ing Evaluation/Cost Analysis
          well as related hazardous      action (NFA) decision at the    for the 14 MRSs was finalized
          substances, pollutants, and    conclusion of the CSE Phase     with up to four alternatives
          potential contaminants of      I. The nine remaining MRAs      evaluated for each MRS (see
          concern on other-than-         were evaluated during the       table on page 7 for specific
          operational ranges. Phase I    CSE Phase II. At the conclu-    alternatives selected for each
          and Phase II Comprehensive     sion of the CSE Phase II,       MRS).

Annual Report to Stakeholders                                                      Buckley Air Force Base, Colorado
January 2010
           Buckley AFB MMRP Site Update                                                           Page 7

         MMRP Site Update (continued)
                                   A public meeting was     alternatives in the     sions during this
          Engineering              held during a 30-day     table below is ex-      MMRP fieldwork.
          Evaluation/Cost          public comment pe-       pected to continue      Upon completion of
          Analysis and             riod to discuss the      through June 2010.      fieldwork, an After-
          Action Memo              MMRP effort. An          Public notice was       Action Report will be
                                   Action Memoran-          also provided at a      finalized in 2010 to
          fieldwork initiated
                                   dum was also signed      CAG meeting to          document results
          2010—Complete            in 2009 and field-       warn that the com-      and determine what
          fieldwork and            work was initiated.      munity surrounding      additional actions
          After-Action             The fieldwork associ-    Buckley AFB may         may be required at
                                   ated with each of the    possibly hear explo-    each MRS.

                 MRS      Alternatives Selected in 2009 Engineering Evaluation/Cost Analysis

                 SR101    Alternative Three: MEC Surface Clearance and Subsurface MEC Evaluation

                SR101A    Alternative Four: Excavation and Off-site Disposal of Lead Contaminated Soil

                SR101B    Alternative Three: MEC Surface Clearance and Subsurface MEC Evaluation

                MB103     Alternative Three: MEC Surface Clearance and Subsurface MEC Evaluation

                MB103A Alternative Four: Excavation and Off-site Disposal of Lead Contaminated Soil

                CW104     Alternative Three: MEC Surface Clearance and Subsurface MEC Evaluation

                CW104A Alternative Three: MEC Surface Clearance and Subsurface MEC Evaluation

                CW104B Alternative Three: MEC Surface Clearance and Subsurface MEC Evaluation

                 LF105    Alternative Two: Institutional Controls

                MB106     Alternative Three: MEC Surface Clearance and Subsurface MEC Evaluation
                          Alternative Four: Excavation and Off-site Disposal of Lead Contaminated Soil

                MB107     Alternative Three: MEC Surface Clearance and Subsurface MEC Evaluation

                 CW112    Alternative Three: MEC Surface Clearance and Subsurface MEC Evaluation

                CW112A Alternative Three: MEC Surface Clearance and Subsurface MEC Evaluation

                 MB117    Alternative Three: MEC Surface Clearance and Subsurface MEC Evaluation

Annual Report to Stakeholders                                                           Buckley Air Force Base, Colorado
January 2010
       Buckley AFB Basewide Site Inspection Update
                                                                                                   Page 8
       & 2010 CAG Meeting Information

     Basewide Site Inspection Update
     A Basewide Prelimi-        Basewide Preliminary      Inspection. In 2009,
     nary Assessment was        Assessment Report.        the Site Inspection
     completed in 2007          These additional AOIs     fieldwork was com-               2009—Basewide
     which identified 23 ar-    were also added to the    pleted and the Report            Site Inspection
     eas of interest (AOIs)     Site Inspection. Each     will be finalized in             fieldwork
     requiring further inves-   AOI underwent soil        2010. It is expected             completed
     tigation in a Site In-     and groundwater sam-      that some AOIs will be           2010—Finalize
     spection. In addition,     pling, as needed. The     closed with no further           Basewide Site
     two leach fields and a     Outfall area formerly     action needed, while             Inspection
     debris area were identi-   associated with Site 7    others will be validated         Report
     fied by base personnel     was also recently added   as sites that will require
     after completion of the    to the Basewide Site      further investigation.

        2010 CAG Meeting Information
        The mission of the Buckley       learning more about the Buck-      15th meeting will be held on
        AFB CAG is to promote com-       ley AFB Restoration program,       base to tour the sites. The lo-
        munity awareness, serve as an    as well as representatives from    cations for the Apr 22nd and
        information source, and obtain   Buckley AFB, state and federal     Oct 21st meetings have not
        timely constructive community    agencies, and local govern-        been finalized. To be added
        review and comments on pro-      ment. Meetings are held from       to the CAG email list, con-
        posed Restoration activities.    6—8 pm. The Jan 21st meet-         tact Mr. John Spann, Chief
        CAG membership consists of       ing will be at the Crowne Plaza    of Public Affairs, at
        any members of the local com-    DIA Hotel, 15500 East 40th         john.spann@buckley.af.
        munity who are interested in     Avenue, Denver, CO. The Jul        mil or 720-847-9431 .

                               2010 CAG Meeting Dates:
                       January 21, April 22, July 15, and October 21

    2009 Community Involvement Efforts
                                             The Buckley AFB         cials, base housing    community in-
                                             Community In-           residents, nearby      volvement initia-
                                             volvement Plan was      business owners/       tives such as this
                                             updated in the first    managers, and          report. In addition,
                                             half of 2009. This      community mem-         an updated CAG
                                             effort included over    bers living in the     Charter outlining
     460th Space Wing Commander Colonel 50 interviews with           area surrounding       the CAG’s role for
    Clint Crosier and CAG Co-Chair Russell elected officials,        Buckley AFB. In-       providing public
    Clayshulte sign the updated CAG Charter. city and county offi-   put from these in-     input was signed on
                                             cials, Buckley offi-    terviews led to new    13 October 2009.

Annual Report to Stakeholders                                                          Buckley Air Force Base, Colorado
January 2010

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