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									                           Job Description – IT Asset Manager


IT Asset Manager


The role of the IT Asset Manager is to oversee the daily and long-term strategic
management of software and technology-related hardware within the
organization. This includes planning, monitoring, and recording software and/or
hardware licenses to ensure compliance with vendor contracts. The individual will
assist in forming procurement strategies for technology spend across the
organization. The IT Asset Manager will also develop and implement procedures
for tracking company assets to oversee quality control throughout their lifecycles.


       Formulate and implement processes and procedures for tracking and
        analyzing technical and financial data of company software, hardware,
        and equipment from requisition through retirement.
       Track and maintain copies of software licenses, warranties, maintenance
        agreements, and vendor contracts.
       Develop, establish, implement, and enforce supplier and outsourcer
        guidelines, obligations, and service level agreements to the organization.
       Compare licenses, warranties, maintenance agreements, and vendor
        contracts against audits to ensure company’s legal compliance and asset
        upkeep, upgrades, repair, and replacement.
       Enter all software and hardware serial numbers or identification tags into
        database/repository/asset management software and ensure information
        is up-to-date, accurate, and auditable.
       Perform inventories and usage monitoring of all IT assets and record all
        findings, changes, physical location, and incidences of support.
       Assist Procurement Manager in developing and managing sourcing
        strategies for the organization.
       Identify opportunities for volume purchasing to obtain price breaks.
       Explore opportunities for maximizing or exploiting unused or partially used
        IT assets to achieve full efficiency and ROI from company resou
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