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Application Integration Specialist


The Application Integration Specialist’s role is to plan, coordinate, and supervise
all activities related to the integration of software programs and applications into
organizational information systems. This individual is also responsible for testing
the interoperability of application modules under development by in-house
software development teams. Proven communication skills, problem-solving
skills, and knowledge of integration best practices are critical to successful
performance in this role.


       Plan, execute, and manage the integration of new applications into
        existing systems and software throughout the enterprise.
       Ensure that integration projects meet business requirements and goals,
        fulfill end-user requirements, and identify and resolve systems issues.
       Orchestrate integration projects and corresponding strategies between
        business units and development teams.
       Ensure that integration planning and practices are aligned with strategic
        business goals and the company’s overall strategic vision.
       Lead integration testing phase of software and applications under
        development in order to identify and remedy potential problem areas.
       Liaise with software developers and engineers to address issues in
        program logic and the interoperability of new applications with existing
        systems software.
       Ensure the collection and coherent interpretation of the various business
        processes affected by integration efforts.
       Work diligently to enhance or improve business processes via integration,
        or, as necessary, minimize the impact of integration on those processes.
       Where applicable, investigate and q
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