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					                                                                    Teacher Curriculum Sample


Host Institution: Teaching Chinese Resources

Program Title: STARTALK Good Will Program

Number of Hours: 90

Designed by: Wei-Ling Wu and Lee-Mei Chen

Brief Description of Program

    This nine-day Chinese teacher program aims at preparing participants for Chinese
    classrooms in a variety of educational settings, including K–12 schools, weekend
    Chinese language schools, and summer camps. Participants will learn about the
    Standards for Foreign Language Learning in the 21st Century and the OPI
    concepts for teaching and learning and how to use the backward design for
    curriculum development.       They will also discuss various strategies in
    implementing the standards in the classroom and teach mini-lessons for feedback.
    To bring technology into the Chinese classroom, they will learn how to use
    Moodle to create online classes.

    By the end of the class, they will be able to design and deliver standards-based
    units and lessons aligned with functional goals and performance assessment.
    Additionally, they will develop a repertoire of teaching techniques and strategies
    that are effective to carry out differentiated instruction and integrate culture,
    content, and technology into teaching practices.

                                       STARTALK 2009
                                                                       Teacher Curriculum Sample

Major Focus of the Program
What three to five key words, concepts, or topics best identify your program?

       •    Standards-based instruction
       •    Proficiency assessment
       •    Instructional planning
       •    Instructional strategies
       •    Technology use in the language class

Are there prerequisites to this course? If so, what are they?

     Submitting a teaching curriculum with an assigned topic with application

Information on Career Options and Pathways to Certification

How will you provide information to your participants on career options and pathways to

     Part of one session will be devoted to explaining the process for becoming
     certified in our state.

Content and Evidence of Learning
Refer to the STARTALK Teacher Program Sample in the References section for examples. Use
“Can Do” Statements to illustrate what evidence of learning is desired.

                          Knowledge                             Skills targeted and to be assessed
                (what participants need to know)                   (what participants need to
           Content                   Examples                        “Can do” statements for
                                                                Participants can…
     Standards-based     • National foreign language            • name and describe the
     instruction           learning standards                       concepts embedded in each of
                                                                    the five national standards’
                                                                • develop learning activites in
                                                                    alignment with the 5 Cs of the
                                                                    national standards
                                        STARTALK 2009
                                                                      Teacher Curriculum Sample

    Proficiency        • OPI concepts for teaching and        •    design activities for
    assessment           learning                                  performance assessment
                       • Performance assessment               •    use rubrics for assessment
                                                              •    use CAN DO lists for student
    Instructional      • Backward design                      •    Organize units around themes
    planning           • Thematic units                       •    set up functional goals for
                                                              •    plan curriculum beginning
                                                                   with student performance
                                                                   outcomes in mind
                                                              •    write lesson plans that
                                                                   implement the unit goals

    Instructional      • Effective language teaching          •    deliver instruction in the target
    strategies         • Differentiated instruction                language and make it
                                                                   comprehensible for all students
                                                              •    adapt the content and delivery
                                                                   of the lesson according to
                                                                   student need
                                                              •    implement lesson plans
                                                              •    engage the students in learning
                                                              •    manage the classroom for
                                                                   better learning outcomes

    Technology use     • Moodle units online                  •    Integrate PowerPoint
    in Chinese                                                     presentations in language
    language                                                       instruction
    instruction                                               •    Import a ready-to-use Moodle
                                                                   class into a regular class
                                                              •    Modify the Moodle class to
                                                                   meet pedagogical goals

Assessment of Participant Progress and Performance

             Evidence and products                                Brief description

       Standards-based unit development            Participants will design standards-based
       and lesson design                           thematic units and lessons.

                                     STARTALK 2009
                                                                   Teacher Curriculum Sample

       Mini demo-lessons                        Participants will work in groups and demo-
                                                teaching one activity per group, followed by
                                                class critique.

       Summer program teaching                  Participants will use the STARTALK student
                                                program co-located with the teacher program
                                                as a venue to practice teaching.

      A DVD of teaching                         Participants will be required to submit a 30-
                                                minute DVD of the summer class they teach.
                                                The DVD should include student profile,
                                                instructional goals, students’ learning
                                                achievements, and implementation of the 5Cs
                                                of the National Standards.

      Teaching evaluation                       Participants will self-evaluate their teaching
                                                at the summer program by using the rubrics
                                                developed by the LA STARTALK program.

      An online class                           Participants will create an online class,
                                                following Moodle’s model.

      Unprompted evidence
                                                Participants will have group discussions as
          Classroom discussions
                                                they develop lesson plans and activities.

          Observations and feedback             Participants will observe the teaching of peer
                                                teachers and provide feedback.
      Teaching progress evaluation              At least every other week during the summer
                                                program, site manager should call a progress
                                                evaluation meeting to discuss the plus and
                                                minus of the teaching.

Program Outline

          Timeline                                       Content
                            General Observations:
      Day 1                   • The ACTFL guidelines: A stepladder for learning
                              • Implications of the national standards
                              • The teacher’s role and techniques

                                     STARTALK 2009
                                              Teacher Curriculum Sample

        Oral Proficiency Interview (OPI)
Day 2     • OPI rating scale
          • Contexts and content topics
          • Role-play situations
          • Effective question types
          • Effective tester behaviors

        OPI Concept for Teaching and Learning
Day 3     • Assess ability to use language for communication
          • Task‐based learning and assessment
          • Use of authentic language and culture
          • Centering on the learner/test taker
          • Function vs. form
          • Proficiency test vs. achievement test
          • Prochievement assessment

        Tasked-Based Activities for Teaching Chinese
Day 4     • Designing task-based activities
          • Organizing task-based activities
          • Interaction in task-based activities

        Backward Design for Curriculum Development
Day 5     • Understanding the backward design process
          • Using the backward design for curriculum development
          • Creating standards-based thematic units
          • Setting up unit functional goals
          • Designing perfornmance tasks for accessment
        Effective Chinese Language Instruction
Day 6       • Teaching Chinese as a second or foreign language
            • Strategies and activities for effective Chinese language
            • Creating lesson plans to maximize learning
        Implementation of Learning Activites
Day 7       • Group demo-teaching
            • Class cretique of group demo -teaching
            • Differentiated instruction
            • Motivating learners
            • Extra curriculum activities for Chinese programs
        Technology in Chinese-Language Instruction
Day 8       • Registering for the online course
            • Repond to peer participants
            • Using Moodle for begnners (creating online classes,
                    uploading resources, and assigning homework)

                 STARTALK 2009
                                                                  Teacher Curriculum Sample

                             Moodle Backup and Import
        Day 9                  • Import a ready-to-use Moodle class into a regular class
                               • Modify the Moodle class to meet the needs of pedagogical

Instructional Strategies

                    Strategies                                    Examples

    Differentiate instruction based on         Options will be provided to allow participants
    participant need                           to focus on areas that specifically meet their
                                               diverse needs. For example, participants who
                                               teach at Chinese language schools can develop
                                               units based on the textbooks they are using;
                                               and the participants who teach at regular
                                               schools may chose to use their own textbooks.

    Provide mentoring and coaching             Participants will use email to work closely with
                                               the program manager or site manager to
                                               reinforce and expand what they have learned
                                               during the training sessions.

    Provide opportunities to discuss and       Dialogues, Venn Diagrams, and other graphic
    examine cultural ways of learning and      organizers will be used to examine the
    teaching                                   differences and similarities between the
                                               educational experiences of the participants in
                                               the program and the instructors’ background

    Model meaningful interaction in the        When introducing the interpersonal mode of
    target language                            communication, situation cards will be used to
                                               show how meaningful conversations can be
                                               carried out with functions at novice,
                                               intermediate, and advanced levels.

    Model integration of language, culture     To design activities for the three modes of
    and content                                communication, the unit with the theme
                                               “Chinese New Year” will be used to discuss
                                               how to integrate cultural practices and
                                               perspectives of the Chinese New year
                                               activities into the language learning.

    Model use of authentic materials           During the discussion on how to teach reading,
                                               authentic reading materials such as
                                               advertisements will be used.
Materials & Other Resources
                                         STARTALK 2009
                                                                     Teacher Curriculum Sample

Describe the primary resources that you plan to use for the program.

           Materials/Resources                                      List
    Required reading, including             •   Standards for Foreign Language Learning: Preparing
    textbook(s)                                 for the 21st Century (Executive Summary). 1999.
                                                Lawrence, KS: Allen Press.
                                            •   Standards for Chinese Language Learning. 1999.
                                                Lawrence, KS: Allen Press.
                                            •   ACTFL Performance Guidelines for K-12 Learners.
                                                1998. ACTFL Performance Guidelines for K-12
                                                Learners Task Force.

    Realia /Authentic materials            Instructional demo video clips from the last year’s
    Multimedia                             Video clips of various topics in Dr. Wei Ling Wu’s
                                           classroom teaching
    Links to relevant web sites and        Linguafolio
    annotations about the site                http://www.doe.virginia.gov/linguafolio/

    Other (please specify)

Technology Integration
If technology is part of your budget, how will that technology support teacher training?

    Technological tools needed                               Explanation
       Computers                      The program will:
       PowerPoint                     • employ technology in nearly all components of program
       Moodle online program            delivery;
                                      • technology as a tool for instruction, assessment and the
                                        management of instruction (grade book will be
                                        presented); and
                                      • incorporate and model the use of relevant website
                                        resources in both program delivery and lesson

                                      Participants will:
                                      • search online for supplementary teaching and learning
                                      • use PowerPoint for language instruction
                                      • Import a ready-to-use Moodle class into a regular class
                                      • Modify the Moodle class to meet the needs of
                                         pedagogical goals

                                         STARTALK 2009
                Teacher Curriculum Sample