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									                                                  GRANTS FOR LUNCH
                                       GRANTMAKING LIVE! ~ REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS
                                                 Deadline: February 12, by 5:00 p.m.

For the GIFT Center’s Grantmaking Live! Grants for Lunch training event, we bring together a panel of expert foundation and corporate
representatives to review and discuss actual proposals from our campus community before an audience, providing an unusual
opportunity to see grantmaking in action. University faculty and staff with new or existing projects are eligible to apply. The winning
proposal will earn a $500 mini-grant, acknowledging their excellent work; other finalists will receive a one-time free access pass to the
Foundation Directory Online subscription database for use at the GIFT Center.

Criteria for successful proposals are that the program:  demonstrates impact (community, student, research, or otherwise),  supports
the UA’s mission,  exemplifies a bright idea, and  that the proposal clearly communicates the project’s goal, plan, and potential
results. Submitted proposals, and the brave faculty and staff willing to share their work publicly for this learning experience, will offer a
unique opportunity to peek behind the grantmaking curtain and learn what really matters with funding decisions.

Proposals will be pre-screened before the event, with finalists selected that broadly represent campus programs, closely meet the
above criteria, follow the guidelines, and are written with clarity and persuasiveness. At the end of the session, the actual $500 mini-
grant will be awarded to the project selected by the panel.

Proposal Guidelines
        Applicant must be UA faculty or staff.
         Grant size: the request must be for $500. The request can be part of a larger project or program.
         Submit a two page letter proposal, on department letterhead, with the following information:
         1. Introductory paragraph. Concisely summarize what you are proposing. Answer the following: Who (project, program,
            department, faculty member) wants to do what? How much are you requesting ($500)? How long will it take? Why is it
            important? How is this project connected to the UA’s mission and Grantmaking Live! criteria?
         2. Organization Information. Brief overview of college, department, or program and its mission along with faculty or staff
            qualifications. If this is a collaborative project, focus on information about the lead faculty/staff department, but do state
            any campus or community partners involved with the project.
         3. Need or problem statement. A glimpse at the available research and data supporting the need for your program. When
            appropriate, human stories emphasizing the program need are encouraged. Cited references are not required.
         4. Two-three paragraph program description. How will the project address the need, including an overview of measurable
            goals and objectives, activities, and a very simple budget statement, e.g., “funds will be used for supplies.” Since impact
            is an emphasis of this opportunity, it is critical that you describe your constituency and quantify the level of impact you will
            have with that constituency–whether it is through numbers served, publications distributed, events held, environmental
            impact, etc. Also address why this project/program represents a bright idea and is among the best the UA can offer.
         Address letter to: Jenny Flynn, Director, Foundation Development/GIFT Center, The University of Arizona Foundation, 1111
         N. Cherry Avenue, Tucson, Arizona, 85721.
         Please do not submit any attachments; they will not be considered as part of the proposal.
         Not all proposals will be reviewed and discussed by the panel. Finalists will be notified prior to the event that their proposal will
         be featured. By submitting a proposal for Grantmaking Live!, applicants agree to allow their proposals to be included in the
         program discussion and materials.
         Submit your letter proposal via email to Proposals must be received no later than 5:00
         p.m., Friday, February 12.
Unfortunately, GIFT Center staff are unable to answer questions regarding this opportunity and the guidelines due to our level of
involvement. Resources on proposal preparation are available at the GIFT Center website, Particularly helpful are the Proposal Writing section and the
Sample Letter of Inquiry document found in the Grantseeking Resources section.

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