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					                                                     Micro-inventors Pr
                                                                   INNOVATE 20

                                                                   Launching inve
Support for your invention!
Innovate 20 is a six month program that focuses on successfully
building brands for long term market or licensing opportunities.

To qualify for the program for the program:
  1. Products must be at patent pending status or patent issued
  2. A business plan or feasibility plan or concept in place
  3. A final prototype completed

The six-month program is focused on bringing new technology to
markets through licensing venues, sales development, accessing
financing sources and brand management

For more information on Innovate 20 please contact us at
503-546-8813 or email us at Kedma@mipooregon.org

Benefits received through Innovate 20
• First-rate instructional program
• Premier networking opportunities
• Quality interaction with experts
• No scam inventor program
• Access to MIPO resources
• Product Assessment Evaluation
• Inventor Consulting Opportunities
supporting innovative products and models
locally, nationally and internationally.

The program focuses on key components
to building success opportunities for sales
and potential licensing ventures.

                                      Learn from a trusted non-profit agency!
                                      A sample of some of the trainings!
   Creating a Strategic Plan                  Validating your Market                        Branding and Promoti
   This course provides a thorough review     This course provides the building blocks     This course provides a c
   of the markets and a strategic plan to     for understanding and validating the         process to increasing ma
   impact the market. It is designed to       potential market.     Participants will be   utilizing branding and pr
   address critical goals to meet necessary   involved in real time market validation      tactics to support sales a
   benchmarks and milestones                  with actual and potential consumers.         opportunities. .

   What does the course cover?                What does the course cover?
   A strategic plan for market success        An overview of key market validation:        What does the course c
      • Steps to bring invention to market      • Identifying primary and secondary        An overview of key prom
      • Choosing the best routes                   tier                                    strategies:
      • Creating the Plan                       • Designing market validation tools            • Using the media t
      • Designing Milestones                    • Create market theory charts                     advantage
      • Validating Results                      • Testing the market theories                  • Effectively creatin
      • Leveraging Resources                    • Validating the market theories                  releases
      • Address Challenges                      • Analyzing the market theories                • Utilizing trade eve
                                                • Updating strategic plan based on                branding
                                                   results                                     • Building a promo

                                                                                          • The rules to netwo
                                                                                               • Branding your pro
                                                                                               • Creating a Promo
                                     Innovate 20

                             Learn from a trusted non-profit!

The Licensing Track                   Negotiating a Deal                           Uncovering hidde
This course reviews the options to    Negotiating is the building blocks for       SBIR funding, busi
licensing an invention. Taught by     selling and/or licensing a deal.             grants!
successful inventors that have        Emphasis is on relationship building
licensed their invention to a         and cutting edge negotiation tactics.

What does the course cover?           What does the course cover?                  What does the cou
  • Reasonable Licensing Terms          • Preparing for the deal                     • The SBIR Pr
  • Reviewing Average Royalty           • Handling initial reluctance                • Reviewing th
     Fees                               • Communication tactics                      • Preparing th
  • Different Licensing options         • Working with different                     • Best practici
  • Locating Industry                      personalities                             • Future Phase
     Manufacturers                      • Building an equitable deal                 • Creating a S
  • Managing Licensing Risks            • Working through tough                      • Bartering yo
  • Preparing for the Deal                 negotiations                              • Access hidde
                                        • Finding a favorable outcome                • Foundations
                                        • Creating a negotiation plan                • Contracts