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Invite Events Culinary - Launch Announcement by lwk36704


									                                                        L -S   C            &S          E         are proud to present...

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                                                                                        www.         w th v e.

GREETINGS FRIENDS &                                            THE FOUNDERS
PARTNERS,                                                      Chef V
                                                               Executive Chef
As we welcome in the New Year what a great time for
                                                               Vertima Smith, Chef V, is one of D/FW ’s best kept
new beginnings!                                                culinary secrets. A graduate of Le Cordon Bleu, her
                                                               award winning blends of contemporary and
Since the merger of Le-Soiree Catering (Chef V &               International cuisine have allowed her to capture avor
Kris Frazier) and Sloan Events (Ma Sloan) was                  expressions that are both unique and familiar.

announced we have been working steadfast to be ready
                                                               As Executive Chef, Chef V is the visionary behind the
January 4th to launch our new brand: INVITE.                   INVITE Culinary experience.

We are proud to combine 10+ years of award winning
culinary arts and event planning experience. Imagine           Ma Sloan
that! A single point of contact for all of your entertain-     Accounts / Master Event Planner
ment needs.                                                    Ma ’s diverse background in Wedding, Corporate,
                                                               Specialty, and Fundraiser event planning has driven the
As you read this we are preparing to move into our new         successful execution of thousands of events.

facilities in Dallas. is new space helps us broaden our
                                                               Under Ma ’s guidance, INVITE is able to provide
reach and product o ering.                                     unparalleled experiences, on time and on budget.

 ink before you print, it helps the environment.
Which means the world to us.                                   Kris Frazier
                                                               Creative Visionary
Feel free to share the news with friends.                      With 13 years in Commercial Advertising, Brand
We look forward to working with you!                           Management and Product Design for TV, Web and
                                                               Connected Devices, Kris brings unique leadership in
Sincerely,                                                     both new business development & creative strategy.

Chef V, Ma & Kris                                              Kris’ experience also lends itself to the creative
                                                               planning of events for INVITE clients.
L -S        C            &S         E        are proud to present...

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       On-Location Catering & Bar

       Courier Gourmet
       Delivering to Downtown Dallas, Uptown, Highland Park, Addison,
       Las Colinas, Farmers Branch, University Park & Fort Worth

       Personal Chef Services

       Culinary Team Building

       Menu Development & Specialty Diets
       Custom Menus, Food Sensitivity, Low Sugar Diets, Atkins/South
       Beach & other popular health plans

   EVENTS                                                                  CONTACT
       Weddings                                                            www.        w th v e.
       Location & Time Line Management, Venue Selection & Transportation
                                                                           Let the Planning Begin
       Corporate Events                                                    Contact us today for your free consultation!
       Event Site Management, Trade Shows, Corporate Parties & Galas,
       Fundraisers & More                                                  Who to Contact
                                                                           Ma Sloan
       Entertainment Services                                              Accounts/Master Event Planner
       Live Music, Event Hosts, Special Guest Handling & Casino Gaming
                                                                           ma @       w th v e.
       On-Location Rentals                                                 (214) 515-8878

       Transportation Services
       Valet, Limousine & Car Service

       Creative Services
         eme, Lighting & Sound Design

       Destination Management
       Travel Arrangements, Venue Selection, Activities, Tours &
       Program Logistics

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