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									                                                                         Early Learning Consultant
                                                                                  Ref No: DS2573
                                  BOROUGH OF POOLE
                                   JOB DESCRIPTION

SERVICE UNIT:   Children and Young People’s Strategy Quality & Improvement
JOB TITLE:      Early Learning Consultant (Teaching, Quality Assurance &
REF NO:         DS3573
GRADE:          MPS plus TLR 2.2
RESPONSIBLE TO: The Senior Adviser Quality Assurance and Improvement (Early Years),
                The Children’s Centre Manager in an evolving model of matrix

               This post is not subject to the Teachers Pension Scheme.

   To raise standards by leading learning and continuous quality improvement in the
    EYFS through support and challenge: children’s centres and childcare settings.
   To lead and manage a diverse range of continuing professional development
    opportunities for early learning to secure high quality teaching; promote the effective
    use of the learning environment and to improve learning opportunities for all children in
    Poole settings;
   To empower and motivate leaders to have high expectations, a clear vision, and
    effective management of the EYFS so that all children and staff enjoy and achieve.
   To develop inclusive practice through the role of the area SENCo, so that all children
    and practitioners have equity.
   To promote communication between all EYFS providers within a locality to enable
    smooth transitions, shared understanding and consistency.
   To actively promote integrated multi agency working to develop a cohesive, partnership
   To engage in reflective practice with all partners to ensure continuous quality
   To advise, influence and support the delivery of high quality learning and development
    within and through the work of the children’s centre.
   To encourage and support parents in developing positive relationships and
    improvement in their children’s learning.
   To encourage children’s centres and settings to embed the ECM five outcomes.
            - Be healthy
            - Stay safe
            - Enjoy and achieve
            - Make a positive contribution
            - Economic well being (Skills for the future)

   2 bases – Children & Young People’s Services, Strategy, Quality and Improvement –
    assigned children’s centre
   64 (approx) settings in Poole
   Work with a children’s centre and a cluster of settings within reach area.

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                                                               Early Learning Consultant
                                                                        Ref No: DS2573

   Areas of accountability                   Accountability Statement

Quality of teaching for       To promote, model and exemplify the knowledge,
effective learning            skills and understanding of how young children
                              learn and develop, including those with additional
                              needs, so that the quality of provision is striving to
                              be at least good.

Continuing Professional       To lead and provide and enable high quality
Development                   continuing professional development opportunities
                              so that settings and all practitioners are motivated
                              to develop, demonstrate and continuously improve
                              their practice in the Early Years Foundation Stage.

Leading learning and          To work collaboratively with the children’s centre
development in a children’s   manager to develop the strategic vision and
centre                        direction of the children’s centre.
                              To lead and support multi agency partners in the
                              delivery of high quality learning and development
                              opportunities so that the children achieve the
                              expectations for the end of the Early Years
                              Foundation Stage. To lead on activities for parents
                              in order to facilitate positive parent/child
                              relationships and involvement in their child’s

Strategic development         To contribute to the strategic development of the
                              Early Years Outcome Duty through challenge,
                              innovation and self-evaluation to secure early years
                              outcomes targets and high quality provision.

Influencing change through    To ensure and nurture effective communication
effective communication       between all stakeholders and multi agency partners
                              to enable shared understanding; development of
                              cohesive and effective practice and the well being
                              of all children.

Inclusion                     To empower inclusive practice in all settings
                              through regular contact, multi-agency working and
                              support for key assessments so that every child’s
                              needs are met.
                              To ensure practice reflects the equality, diversity
                              and global dimensions to value the uniqueness of
                              every child and their family.

Lead agreed Key focus         To research, develop and review an agreed key
                              focus, pertinent to the role and needs of the service,
                              ensuring that the agreed outcomes are met and the
                              Early Learning Advisory Team is well informed.

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                                                                     Early Learning Consultant
                                                                              Ref No: DS2573

                          PERSON SPECIFICATION

                  ATTRIBUTES & CRITERIA                                  METHOD OF
EXPERIENCE                                                         Application form
 Leadership experience either in a school, setting or other       Interview
   related service.                                                References
 Experience of working with the pre-school sector.
 Excellent classroom practitioner in the Early Years Foundation
 Experience of observing and evaluating practitioner quality
   and providing feedback.
 Experience of sharing good practice.
 Experience of managing change.

QUALIFICATIONS                                                     Application form
   Qualified Teacher Status.                                      Certificates

KNOWLEDGE                                                          Application form
 Broad knowledge and understanding of the government’s 10         Interview
  year strategy for Early Learning and Development.                References
 Good subject knowledge of the Early Years Foundation Stage
  framework and guidance.
 Deep understanding of pedagogical issues relating to early
  learning, including latest research findings.
 Understanding of the transition needs into, within from the
  Early Years Foundation Stage.

ATTITUDE/MOTIVATION                                                Application form
 Commitment to effective team working with excellent              Interview
   interpersonal skills.                                           References
 Self-motivating and resilient, able to develop effective
   partnerships and manage accountability.
 Personnel management skills.
 Ability to motivate and enthuse others.
 Organisational and operational management skills.
 Very good communication skills (both written and oral).
 Good analytical skills.
 Good influencing and negotiating skills.
 Good coaching/mentoring skills.
 Confident user of ICT.

OTHER FACTORS                                                      Satisfactory CRB
   Enhanced Criminal Records Disclosure                           Disclosure

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