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									                                                                         JOB DESCRIPTION F10-W11
                                                                      PROGRAMMING OFFICE STAFF

CONTRACT PERIOD:       Fall: August Staff Training until 24 hrs after last scheduled exam.
                       Winter: Opening of residences until noon on check-out day.
REMUNERATION:          The hours of the Programming Office Staff vary according to the specifics of their job
                       responsibilities. Programming Office Staff will be paid on an hourly basis ($11.00/hr
                       under review)
REPORT TO:             Programming office staff will report directly to the Residence Programme Coordinator
                       who will provide training, support and assistance in the execution of their

                                           POSITION SUMMARY
Programming Office Staff are expected to act as mentors and offer programming support to members of the
Residence Life Staff. They are expected to assume responsibility for supporting a broad range of programming
in the residences across campus. Three areas of responsibility for the Programming Office Staff are HUB
coverage, Community Resource and Weekend Programming.


   A. General

      Expectation of 10-15 hours per week
      Coordinate HUB coverage for sign out of equipment and resources
      Attend weekly staff meetings for all Programming Office Staff.
      Keep accurate inventory control of equipment, supplies and resources in the Programming Office and
       request supplies as needed.
      Keep programming files and databases up-to-date.
      Update semester programming calendar as needed in conjunction with the APs
      Produce a newsletter for RLS (weekly, monthly) providing programming resources for use.
      Encourage idea sharing, team building and a positive work environment amongst team-mates.
      Read and familiarize yourself with any publications and training material distributed by SHS.
      Maintain regular communication with the RLS so as to be well informed about their activities, to share
       information, and to evaluate current needs.
      Communicate effectively with the Residence Programme Coordinator through weekly logs, weekly
       meetings, email and voicemail and document all programmes and activities promptly in eRez.
      Develop and submit a Programming Plan by the second week of each semester. These should include:
            o Proposal of programmes and tasks and their completion dates
            o Needs of RLS and residents to be met
            o Proposed budgets to be approved by the Residence Programme Coordinator.
      Practice risk management when planning and implementing programmes.
      Present Programming-related sessions during Training and On-Going Training in consultation with
            o Maintain the programming email account.
            o Maintain the Residence Life Programming website.
            o Compile the weekly programming updates listserv.
      Role model appropriate personal behaviour and academic success at all times.
      Understand and role model the Residence Community Living Standards.
      Additional duties as assigned by the Residence Programme Coordinator, or designate.

                                                                         JOB DESCRIPTION F10-W11
                                                                      PROGRAMMING OFFICE STAFF

Specific Duties


      Act as a resource for the RLS in programming initiatives across campus, including being familiar with
       on and off-campus services and resources.
      Develop relevant programming resources to support RLS
      Maintain resources in the HUB (signouts, ensure everything is returned and in good working order or
       send for repair).
      Communicate with staff regarding HUB resources, programming opportunities etc.
      Maintain calendar of programming events.


      Develop and make available passive boards each semester.
      Plan, support, and implement Residence Life large scale activities in collaboration with the RLMT and
       CAs & ARLMs.
      Quickly plan, develop and distribute programs (active and passive) in response to situations on
       campus (hate crime, vandalism, major news events, thefts etc).
      Ensure proactive programming is developed in response to above mentioned situations to be used at
       other times/places.
      As requested, assist with the researching, designing, creating, coordinating, marketing and
       implementing of programmes and programming resources for use by RLS to meet community need
       based on the Programming Model.
      Ensure that traditional large scale programs are implemented – e.g. Dressing for dollars, Peace Week,
       The Hate Crimes Vigil, HUG day, Guelph Gear Day, etc.


      Create opportunities for social interaction to enhance student life on the weekends.
      Work with the academic programming staff to provide weekend programming in support of academic
      Be alert to and promote educational enhancement opportunities provided on campus through units like
       the President’s Office, Alumni affairs etc.
      Create, manage and publicise the schedule of TGIF events.
      Liaise with each other units on campus (partners such as Wellness, Student Life, Interhall, Athletics,
       CSA, College Governments, etc.) to determine and plan weekend activities.
      Track weekend activities available on campus and promote to students in residence.
      Ensure that weekend programming does not interfere with academic deadlines.
      One weekend staff member will begin work in the summer preceding the academic year.

                                                                           JOB DESCRIPTION F10-W11
                                                                        PROGRAMMING OFFICE STAFF

                                        TRAINING AND COMMITMENTS
       Attend Residence Life Staff Spring Orientation.
       Attend Programming Office Staff Training and Residence Life Staff Training as directed.
       Attend On-Going Training as directed.
       Be present on campus for Move-In.
       Attend weekly staff meetings.
       Attend building-area meetings (in consultation with RPC).
       Present Programming-related sessions during Training and On-Going Training.
       Attend Winter Residence Life Staff Training/Team Time.
       Participate in new staff recruitment and hiring.
       Attend any other training sessions or workshops as required by the Residence Programme

Programming Office Staff are not required to live in residence to hold this position. If POS choose to live in
residence they are required to complete and submit an application to live in residence for the upcoming
academic year. They are obligated to pay the required fees for the accommodation. Whether living on or off
campus, as a member of RLS, POS are expected to be aware of their impact as role models for students and
other staff members and demonstrate responsible behaviour as a member of their community.

                                           ACADEMIC COMMENTS
Programming Office Staff are students of the institution first and should not jeopardize their academic success.
All staff are required to maintain an average of at least 65% in their academic work. Staff members are
expected to speak with their Residence Programme Coordinator regarding conflicts between the position and
their academic success so that a solution may be found that suits both parties.

                                      STATEMENT OF UNDERSTANDING
POS must abide by the Residence Life Staff contract, indicating that they have read their Job Description and
understand the duties, employment dates and expectations as set out by the Residence Life Management
Team, those discussed during team meetings and training, and those documented in the Residence
Community Living Standards and other Student Housing Services Policies.


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