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									OUR LADY OF GRACE                                                                                              PITTSBURGH, PA
                     Liturgy Schedule                                                    Activities Schedule
SUNDAY, JANUARY 31                                                   SUNDAY, JANUARY 31
  8:00  Our Lady of Grace Parish                                       9:30  Children’s Liturgy of the Word, Church, Keefer Hall
  9:30  Roland Yorke (Family)                                         10:45  Religious Ed., School, Conroy Hall, Library
 11:30  George Buehler (Cashi Family)                                 11:30  Spirit Day, Church, Keefer Hall, Church Upper Room
MONDAY, FEBRUARY 1                                                     7:00  Youth Group Mtg., Church Upper Room
  6:45  Dr. & Mrs. Robert Gates                                        7:30  AA, Conroy Hall
        (Jim and Joyce Walsh & Family)                               MONDAY, FEBRUARY 1
  9:00  Al Zupon (Family)                                              9:30  Catholic Scripture Leader Mtg., Rectory
TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 2                                                   10:00  St. Vincent de Paul Mtg., Staff Center
  6:45  Gertrude Goodnack (Jim and Annie Pitassi & Family)             7:30  Little Rock Scripture Study, Staff Center
  9:00  Tracy Krug (Family)                                          TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 2
WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 3                                                  9:45  Little Rock Scripture Study, Staff Center
  6:45  Mary T. Wesling (Chris Heisler)                                6:00  Religious Ed., School, Conroy Hall, Library
  9:00  Bill Snyder (Dorothy McClelland)                               7:00  Rosary, Church
THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 4                                                   7:00  Catholic Scripture Study Mtg., Staff Center
  6:45  Celestine Mottey                                               8:00  Choir, Church
  9:00  Mary Vansach (Family)                                        WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 3
FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 5                                                     9:30  Catholic Scripture Study, Keefer Hall, Church Upper
  6:45  Joseph Bachurski (Teresa Williams and Family)                               Room, Rectory
  9:00  Elizabeth A. Williams                                          6:30  Religious Ed., School, Conroy Hall, Library
        (Geoff and Mary Beth Schnieder)                                7:00  Pre-Baptism Class, Staff Center
SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 6                                                   7:00  Athletic Assoc. Mtg., Church Upper Room
  9:00  Lena and Narcisio Bellaver                                   THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 4
        (Mr. & Mrs. John G. Bellaver)                                 10:30  Pre-School Program, Keefer Hall
 12:00  Sacrament of Reconciliation                                    6:00  Yoga, Church Upper Room
  6:00  Dec. members of Sable and Finkel Families                      7:00  Boy Scouts, Conroy Hall
SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 7                                                     7:30  RCIA, Staff Center
  8:00  Dorothy Dinicola (Barb)                                      SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 6
  9:30  Carolyn Radich (Choir)                                         8:00  Tiger Clinic, Miller Pavilion
 11:30  Our Lady of Grace Parish                                       4:00  Spaghetti Dinner, Conroy Hall
                    ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦                                       SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 7
MONEY COUNTERS                                                         9:30  Children’s Liturgy of the Word, Church, Keefer Hall
This week: J. Hungerman, E. Biagetti, G. Hvizdos                      10:45  Religious Ed., School, Conroy Hall, Library
Next week: D. Rectenwald, R. Galderise, Z. D’Alesandro                 7:30  AA, Conroy Hall
    ALTAR SOCIETY SCHEDULE - FEBRUARY 5                                                    Stewardship
                            V. Dunn
                                                                              Treasure - Last Week’s Collection - $10,587
                                                                     PRAY FOR THOSE IN THE MILITARY - 2nd Lt. Dave
          II Kimberly A. Krivanek, Our Lady of Grace                 Lauff, Maj. Edward W. Jackson, Pvt. John Gallagher, Spc.
             Joseph R. Edmiston                                      Brendan Gallagher, SO2 David Balistreri, Sgt. Michael Gangone,
                                                                     SFC Richard F. Lawrence, Spc.4 Nicholas Talarico, Lt. Michael
            MARRIAGE PREPARATION - Pre-Cana                          Makrucki, Cpl. Ronald S. Strang, II, Lnc. Cpl. Gregory Halloran,
            sessions for those planning to marry are scheduled for   2nd Lt. Adam Ewoldsen, Adam Ginter U.S. Army, 1st Lt.
            Friday evening and all day Saturday, March 12-13,        Kendall Seli, Lnc. Cpl. Daniel Mulvihill, Master Sgt. Daniel
            2010 at Our Lady of Grace Church. To register, or for    Mulvihill, Sr., Airman 1st Class Tim and Kate Mulvihill, Capt.
            more information, call the parish office at 412-279-     William J. Shields, Sgt. Anthony J. Laitta, Pvt. 1st Class Angelo
                                                                     Morasca, Capt. Kelsey Rousey, 1st Lt. Christopher Lauff, 1st Sgt.
7070 Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. until 4:30 p.m.            Rick Oddi, Sr. Airman Dion Julian, Capt. Aaron L. B. Cox, Maj.
There is a limited number of couples who may attend.                 Steven Tingley, Lt. Steve Fichter, Capt. Sam Gazzo, Lnc. Cpl.
PLEASE REMEMBER IN YOUR PRAYERS those who                            Ryan Kelsey, Sgt. Dustin Huff, 2nd Lt. Meghan Cumpston, Gnry
                                                                     Sgt. Stephen Lorenzetty, Lt. Jason Simon, Maj. J. J. Serowik, Sgt.
are sick especially Linda Zanol, Paul Matvey, Louis Gessner,         Matthew Tardio, PV2 Erik Lind, Maj. Thomas H. Huzzard, Lnc.
Mike McNeill, Bill Krobot, Mildred Adams, Owen Cernetic,             Cpl. Mark Grosso.
Minnie Barkley, Sue Segeleon, Donna Poplowski, Reed and Liam
DeLange, Sarah Kleifgen, Margaret Hoffman, Daniel Turkall,                                      FOOD PANTRY DAY
Julia Zombek, Sadie Pizzuto, Jack Corton, Paul Walsh, Dennis                            Next Sunday, February 7, 2010 is Food Pantry
Hough, Bill Kelly, Helen Knuth, Charlie Scarvace, Karlie, Mary                       Day. Parishioners may bring their donations of
Weidl, Carl Rupprecht, Marge Wallace, Glenn Mamula, Alberta                          food to any Mass next Sunday. Baggies, paper
Taylor, Rosemary Serowik, Ron Morris, Carl Apone.                                    products, and cleaning supplies are also welcome.
                                                                                     If this is not possible, monetary donations or a
NEXT SUNDAY’S SCRIPTURE READINGS: Isaiah                             shopping certificate for the poor is always appreciated. Members
6:1-2a, 3-8; 1 Corinthians 15:1-11 or 15:3-8, 11; Luke 5:1-11.       of the St. Vincent de Paul Society thank you for your generosity.
FOURTH SUNDAY IN ORDINARY TIME                                                                                JANUARY 31, 2010
             Brothers and Sisters of Pastoral Vicariate Region 2
             In Parishes with Ministerial Responsibility for Saint Clair Hospital

                    In cooperation with the priests of seventeen parishes that serve St. Clair Hospital, we would like you to
             be aware of arrangements made to provide Sacramental Ministry to the patients of St. Clair Hospital.
        Ministerial life in our parishes has certainly changed over the years. Almost every parish has expanded
responsibility to cover long range nursing facilities, assisted living, or long term housing for the elderly and infirm. These are
responsibilities your Pastors and Parochial Vicars have taken on above and beyond the normal activities of a parish
community. In those years they have also had the helpful assistance of more and more of your own brothers and sisters to
carry on parish and community ministries such as taking Holy Communion to shut-ins and to nursing facilities and hospitals.
These gifts of shared ministry with the laity are certainly a blessing to the priests who are fewer and fewer in number and
aging as is the general population.
         Many of our parishes already encourage parishioners who need hospital care to be given the Sacrament of the
Anointing of the Sick before they enter the hospital for various health issues. We all join in encouraging you to continue this
practice. The program our parishes have developed for Sacramental Ministry at St. Clair is meant to assist all of our priests
in carrying out essential care of the most critical patients at St. Clair, people in the Coronary Care, Intensive Care,
Cardiovascular and Oncology/Cancer Units. Monday through Friday the daily hospital census report will enable the priests
to identify newly admitted Catholic patients to these units to be visited by the priest on call for that day for the Sacrament of
the Anointing of the Sick and Reconciliation if requested. On Saturday and Sunday priests will be on call for emergencies
only. The Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist will continue their special service of bringing Holy Communion to all
Catholic patients.
         Of course, you could still notify your own Pastor that a member of your family is hospitalized at St. Clair and would
appreciate a visit. What you will not have to worry about is the fact that family members in any of the above critical units will
have the comfort of the Anointing of the Sick (previously known as Extreme Unction) through the daily ministry of a team of
priests from surrounding parishes.
        Please be assured that the priests of this area are working together to faithfully bring the healing power of the
Sacraments to our beloved parish communities. Please pray for us and all who assist us in this special work of the Church
as we, your priests, promise always to keep you in our prayers.
                                                                Very Rev. Frederick L. Cain, VE
                                                                Regional Vicar, Vicariate Region 2

A Guy’s Guide to the Good Life: Virtues for Men—The                  DIOCESAN ADULT FAITH FORMATION SERIES—
Catholic Men’s Fellowship of Pittsburgh invites you (men) to A       FEB 2 - Our Adult Lecture Series for Spring, 2010 continues
Guy’s Guide to the Good Life: Virtues for Men, Sat., Feb. 13, at     with Reverend Dwight Longnecker, author, and regular
St. Paul Seminary, 2900 Noblestown Rd., beginning with 8:00          contributor to First Things, This Rock, and National Catholic
a.m. Mass, followed by Coffee, Donuts and Fellowship (8:45           Register. Ordained an Anglican priest, Fr. Dwight and his family
                                                                     were received into the Catholic Church in 1995. He was later
a.m.) and presentations by Fr. Jim Farnan (9:15 a.m.) and Bob        ordained as a Catholic priest for the Diocese of Charleston in
Lockwood (10:30 a.m.) with time for Q & A. Program ends at           2006 under the special pastoral provision for married former
11:45 a.m. Event is free. Please R.S.V.P. to Tom Pusateri            Anglican clergy. Join us for Father Dwight’s presentation, St.
( Bob Lockwood serves as Director of          Benedict and St. Therese: The Little Rule and the Little Way to be
Communications for the Diocese of Pgh. and General Manager of        held at St. Paul Seminary Auditorium, Tuesday, February 2nd at
the Pittsburgh Catholic. Based on his book A Guy’s Guide to the      7:30 p.m. Continuing education credit is available for priests,
Good Life: Virtues for Men, Bob will talk about how developing       deacons and catechists. The lecture is free—all are welcome to
the gift of the virtues is a daily practice with lifelong rewards.   attend. Bring a friend.
Father James B. Farnan grew up in Pittsburgh, worked as a
commodities broker in Chicago, entered the seminary, studied at      2009 CONTRIBUTIONS STATEMENTS - Statements are
the North American College in Rome, and was ordained a priest        now available to those parishioners who request them. Please
on June 24, 2000. Fr. Farnan’s presentation, based on the book       fill out the form below and drop in the collection basket or bring
Back to Virtue by Peter Kreeft, will provide a road map of virtue    to the parish office. REMINDER: Please remember to mark
for our earthly pilgrimage, drawn from the accumulated wisdom        your contribution amount on the outside of your envelopes
of Christians from St. Paul and the early Church Fathers through     throughout the year to help assure accuracy in recording your
C.S. Lewis.                                                          donations. Thank you.

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        Paul Weinheimer, husband of Mary…
        Dorothy Kohler, wife of Frank…                               ADDRESS ______________________________________
        Jane Bell Earley, sister of Joseph Bell.
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