Altar Guild Schedule for January 2010 by okk10033


									St. James’ Church, Clovis, NM

                                                                             Altar Guild
                          Set up Saturday        Prepare for Sunday          Member(s)
2nd Sunday After
                                                                        Pat Swearingen
Christmas Day                 January 2               January 3
                                                                        Tom Swearingen
White Hangings
1st Sunday After
                                                                        Cheryl Burch
Epiphany                      January 9              January 10
                                                                        Elizabeth Brown
White Hangings
2nd Sunday After
                                                                        Linda Lewis
Epiphany                     January 16              January 17
                                                                        Vicki Goodale
Green Hangings
3rd Sunday After
                                                                        Lendra Hailey
Epiphany                     January 23              January 24
                                                                        Anne Barlow
Green Hangings
4th Sunday After
                                                                        Pat Swearingen
Epiphany                     January 30              January 31
                                                                        Tom Swearingen
Green Hangings

Beryl and Vicki will prepare and clean up for Wednesday 11:00 am services and prepare
for 6:00 p.m. services. Pat and Tom Swearingen will clean up after the Wednesday 6:00
p.m. services. Jim Honeycutt continues to polish the brass; however, please check weekly
if any of the brass or silver needs polishing; especially the altar rail, tapers, and offering
plates that get lots of fingerprints.

Linens: Please be sure to put the linens in a soaking solution after use; Beryl has
graciously volunteered to launder.

Flowers: When it is your weekend to serve, please be sure that the altar flowers are
distributed to those who are sick or shut-ins. Fr. Ben will take the vase liners to Clovis
Floral early in the week so they can prepare the flowers for the following weekend.

Please call Lendra Hailey at 575-799-4978 or Elizabeth Brown 575-309-6408 for
assistance or additional information. If you are unable to serve, please find a substitute.
Thanks you and God Bless you as you serve in this ministry.

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