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									                   How To Apply For Employment
                        Substitute Teachers
Applications are available at the Middlesex County School Board Office at Cooks
Corner Complex, Saluda, Va. If you would like an application mailed to you,
please call (804)758-2277 with your address or e-mail your address to

The following brief outline will acquaint you with the procedures that are used
in the selection process. If you desire additional information before completing
your application, do not hesitate to contact the personnel office.

   •   Application Form: Complete all of the information on the application
       form and sign the required area. Applications are accepted at any time
       and are retained on active file for one year. After a year elapses, applicants
       must call the School Board Office and request that their file remains active
       for another year.
   •   Transcripts: Request an official copy of the college transcript to be mailed
       directly from the college to the Middlesex County Schools Personnel
       Office, attn. Cynthia Pitts, Assistant Superintendent/ Director of Human
   •   References: Each applicant is responsible for having three letters of
       reference mailed to the Middlesex County Schools Personnel Office.
       These letters should be from persons who have first hand knowledge of
       the applicant’s qualifications and character and cannot be family
       members. A current or former employer’s reference should be included as
       one of the references.
   •   Qualifications: Substitute teachers shall meet the following
       (1) be at least 18 years old,
       (2) hold a high school diploma or GED certificate, and
       (3) Must be fingerprinted (School Board Policy-GCDA).The Middlesex
       County School Board shall seek to employ substitute teachers who exceed
       these requirements. Preference will be given to persons who hold a
       Bachelor’s degree from a four year college or an Associates of Arts
       degree from a two years college program.
       A written contract shall be required for a substitute teacher who fills a
       teacher vacancy for longer than ninety days in one school year. If a
       substitute teacher substitutes for (20) consecutive days for the same class,
       the compensation rate will increase to the long term pay rate ($100 per
       day). The twenty consecutive days may be interrupted only for emergency
       situations and as approved by the principal.
   •   Payment: Substitutes are paid based on their educational level. Any
       substitute with a high school diploma, GED or an Associate’s degree will
       receive payment of $60 per day. An applicant with a Bachelor’s Degree or
       Master’s Degree will receive payment of $75 per day. Applicants with
       degrees will receive preference for substitute positions. The principals of
       each school will have discretion to call the substitutes.

   •   Other Requirements: All substitutes will be required to complete the
       following prior to employment;
           o FBI fingerprint check, VA State Police background check
              (Substitutes will be required to pay a $23.50 for fingerprinting and
              $2.50 for the background check fee).
           o Social Services Child Protective Services Registry check
           o Submit a certificate signed by a licensed physician stating that you
              have been tested for Tuberculosis
           o Employment Eligibility Verification (I-9)
   •   Appointments: To schedule an appointment with Cynthia Pitts call
       (804)758-2277 or e-mail After applications are
       processed and references are checked, the selected applicant will be
       recommended by the Superintendent of Schools for School Board
       approval. The Board Clerk will notify each applicant of their approval
       status and an updated approved list will be sent out monthly to each
       school principal.

The Middlesex County Public School Division is an equal opportunity employer
that is committed to non-discrimination in recruitment, selection, hiring, pay,
promotion, retention or other personnel action affecting employees or candidates
for employment. The school division complies with both Title VII and Title IX

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