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					                  Textural combinations            Texture - Fiber content, Yarn structure and
10-11    26-27
                     . Optical illusion            nature, Fabric finishes.
                     . Silhouette                  Factors influencing silhouettes, human
                     . Dropped Garments.           figure, carriage, suitability, fashion & fashion

                  Principles of design             Principles of Design (Human figure) :-
                  Harmony, Rhythm,                 Balance - Formal Balance, Informal or
12-13    28-29,   Proportion and scale, balance,   Asymmetric Balance, Perpendicular
         30-31    emphasis                         Balance, Radial, Balance.
                                                   Rhythm: Repetition, harmonic repetition,
                                                   Progression or gradation continues line
                                                   movement, radiation.
                                                   Harmony or unity
                                                   Sauce - Psycho aspects of clothing
                                                   First impression
                                                   Clothing and wearer
                                                   Personality factors and choice for clothes
                                                   Society and clothing choices
                                                   Clothing awareness
                                                   Conformity and non-conformity

                  Identification of fibers         Introduction to Textile Fibers -
                  Yam count and yam twist -        Classification and characteristics.
                  Determination of the yam         Types of yams, properties of different ~
 14-19     1-2,
                  slippage of various fabrics.     yams.
           5-6,   Fabric count and balance of      Basic fabric study
           7-8    fabric. Determination of color   Fabric types and suitability
                  fastness of various fabrics.         . Woolen fabrics
                  Determination of dimensional         . Knitted fabrics
                  stability of differ fabrics          . Laced fabrics
                  with/without shrinkage level.        . Blended fabrics
                  Methods of removing stains           . Nets.
                  from different fabrics.
                                                   Weaving, Knitting, Finishing, Dyeing and
                  Collecting samples of fabric
                  with different weaves.
                                                       . Mechanical finishes
                                                       . Chemical finishes
                                                       . Dyeing
                                                       . Printing
                                                   Laundering and care of different types of

                                                            . Color fastness tests
                                                            . Stain Removal
                                                            . Storage
                                                            . Maintenance of clothes
                                                            . Dry cleaning
                                                            . Use of starches and whitening

                 Drafting of basic bodies blocks        Tools and equipment for measuring,
                 for children and women. Dart           marking, cutting, sewing pressing and
20-24   11-17,
         9-10,   manipulation, basic sleeve &           finishing.
        32-33,   variations, color variation,           Introduction to paper pattern, type of
        36-39    semi fitted vest, torso block,         paper pattern, pattern making tools,
                 panel cutting, facings, shirt,         pattern making terms, pattern production
                 trouser, T-shirt, jacket.              terms, purpose, method and their use in
                 Adopting the basic blocks for          layout and cutting, pattern grading.
                 making the following garments          Information on paper patterns, marks of
                 .Children        Women                 fitting position, balance marks etc.
                 men        jangia          house       Sleeves, basic sleeve pattern, alteration,
                 coat      shirt                        different types of sleeve patterns.
                 Frock            petticoat             Collars - Convertible and non-
                 trouser           Slacks        sari
                 blouse      kurta                      convertible collars, different types on
                 Baba suit       salwar                 collar patterns, standard measurement
                 payjama                  with Hood     chart for men,
                 kameez                                 women and children, standard measuring ~
                 Identification and                     techniques.
                 maintenance of tools and               Calculation of body measurements from
                 equipment of dressmaking.              chart and height measurements. ~
                 Sewing machines - main                 Method of developing bodice block: front
                 parts, functions and care              and back.
                 (cleaning, oiling etc.)                Method of adopting bodice block for
                 Main adjustments while                 developing garment pattern.
                 operating sewing machine,              Knowledge and use of fastening stitches,
                 special attachments and their          embroidery      stitches,    and    special
                 use minor defects, detection           equipment for stitching and special
                 and rectification selection            machines for over lock, button stitch, flat
                 and use of different threads           lock, feed off the arm, button hole,
                 and needles for various                cutting by m/c, fusing by m/c, grading
                 fabrics                                system etc.
                                                        Study of process of commercial production
                                                        Collecting material for production, Laying,
                                                        Marking, Cutting, Stitching, Finishing,
                                                     Laundering, Pressing and Packaging etc.
                                                     Readymade garments: their importance and
                                                     Sewing machine - Types, main parts, minor
                                                     defects and their remedy, correct sitting
                                                     Pattern making theory droping & drafting,
                                                     idea about sloper, pattern & working block.
                                                     How to take measurements, pattern
                                                     drafting of various garments: Plain blouse,
                                                     choli blouse, high neck blouse, kameez,
                                                     modem salwar, plain skirt, shirt, pants, coat.
                                                     Different fabrics in relation to different
                                                     textures: Study of different fabrics in relation
                                                     to different textures.

                 Costing of garments. Taking         Basic stitches, Hand stitches, Decorative
25-32   18-21,   orders       from        market.    stitches
        11-17    Attachments and Estimation of       Seams and seam finish.
                 materials.                          Principles of garment making.
                 Making samples of the               Preparation of fabric
                 following: Temporary,               Placing, marking and cutting, selection of
                 permanent decorative stitches,      fabric suitable for age, occupation, figure
                 seams, Disposal of fullness.        types, fashion.
                  Drafting of basic bodies           Trimming and lining
                 blocks for children and             How to cut actual pattern measurements
                 women. Dart manipulation,           Disposal of fullness : Pleats, Darts, tucks,
                 basic sleeve & variations, color    Shirring,
                 variation, semi fitted vest,        Ruffles, Smocking.
                 torso block, panel cutting,         Plackets: Commonly used plackets. Fastners:
                 facings, shirt, trouser, T-shirt,   Different types of fasteners Edge Finishers:
                 jacket.                             Different type of edge finishers
                                                     Fitting: Standard for fitting :
                                                     Ease, Lines, grain, set, balance, reasons for
                                                     poor fitting Characteristic features of well
                                                     finished garments, evaluation of well. Fitted
                                                     and well finished garments.
                                                     Collars, Sleeves, Pockets, Necks, Yokes and
                                                      Defects and remedies of fitting, finding out
                                                     the defects in fitting and suggesting remedies
                                                     for the defects.
                Adjustment and alteration of          Fashion - Origin - costumer from medieval
33-34   34-35   pattern method for various            to.modern period, sources, factors favouring
                figure problems. Use of               and retarding fashion cycle, role of fashion.
                various types of dummies.             in the garment industry.
                                                      Silhouette - Factors determining character
                                                      and quality, knowledge of current
                                                      silhouette,   their    interpretation    and

                Designing, planning,                  Dress Designing for different figures
                adopting of garments under            design, principle of design, current fashions
                the foIlowing heads: Sport            with special emphasis on texture and plaids,
35-39   36-39                                         Design for figure problems.
                wears - shorts and shirts
                with emphasis on pockets,             Designing of dresses for women and men
                collars, belt and belt carrier etc.   with special emphasis on : Special features,
                Children Fancy frocks, self-          planning the dresses, design details, drafting
                help (with velcro fastening)          of various garments: Plain blouse, choli
                garments,      sun-suits     with     blouse, high neck blouse, kAMeez, modem
                special' emphasis on methods          salwar, plain skirt, shirt, pants, coat.
                of fullness, frills, trimmings        Different fabrics in relation to different
                collars, sleeves, belts etc.          textures : Study of different fabrics in
                 women- blouse, petticoat,            relation to different textures.
                trousers, saluar-suits with
                emphasis       on       necklines,
                sleeves, trimmings, pockets
                and openings.
                Men- Trousers, shirts, safari
                suit with special emphasis on
                pockets, collars.
                Miscellaneous-Apron with
                special emphasis on reams and

                Sketching practice on fashion
40-43   32-33   illustration.                         Fashion Illustration
                Sketching-Fashion figures             Materials used for sketching
                (Human figure) proportions            Female figure, Lay figure, ten head lay
                Fashion drawing                       figure.
                Basic shapes, figure drawing,
                stylized      figures,    fabric
                rendering,      flat   sketches,
                accessory drawing, fold &
                gathers, shirring etc.
                 Visits to ready made garment Idea on garment production systems, garment
  44      44
                 industries.                  breakdown of shirt & trouser, concept of
                                              assembling by flow chart, idea
                                              on trimmings, idea on departments of
                                              garment manufacturing & their working,
                                              product life cycle & its stages, idea on
                                              machine attachments, types of garment
                                              industry & m/c requirement.

                 Market survey                      Basic concepts of marketing
45-48    45-48   Developing a consumer profile     Definition, basic concepts - needs,
                 Developing a garment profile      wants. Demands, product, value and
                 Layout plans for a unit Project   satisfaction, exchange and transaction,
                 report plan for a unit            market
                 Management for a unit             Simple marketing system, Marketing and
                                                   Consumer behavioral
                                                   Model of consumer behavior
                                                   Factors influencing consumer behavior
                                                   cultural, social, personal and
                                                   buying behaviors, buying decision
                                                   Market Research - Definition and
                                                   objectives developing the research plan,
                                                   collecting       information,   analyzing
                                                   information, presenting and findings.
                                                   Types of marketing, bases for
                                                   segmenting consumer markets, single
                                                   variable and multivariable segmentation,
                                                   requirement for effective segmentation,
                                                   market targeting selecting the marketing
                                                   strategy, product positioning.
                                                   Setting of price: Objectives, determining
                                                   demand, estimating cost, analyzing,
                                                   competition prices & offers.
                                                   Selecting the pricing method, selecting
                                                   the final price.
                                                   Sales promotion –Advertising, publicity,
                                                   personal selling.

                 Calculation of fabric and           Idea of collection, computer application,
 49-51   49-51   manufacturing for different        Client selection, modern designers & their
                 garments according to size,       creations, Basic knowledge of computer,
style and design. Computer       Project works.
operation practices and          .
knowledge of related software.
prepare the estimate of
material in computer
         Syllabus                                                               Theory
weeks    weeks                     Practical

                    Familiarization with the Institute.          Importance of safety and general
  1      1-2
                    Importance       of    trade     training.   precautions observed in the Institutes
                    Instruments used in the trade. Types of      and in ~ the section.
                    work done & job made by the trainees         Evolution of garment, fashion ~
                    in the trade. Introduction to safety.        terminologies.

                    Innovating traditional embroidery            History of textiles like phulkari, kantha,
 2-5     40-43      Stitches and techniques on the fabrics.      patola, baluchuri, benarasi, chikan, silk,
                    Different types of machine embroidery        kashmiri & gujrati stitch. Basic 10
                    & hand embroidery (ten embroidery.           types of embroidery.

                    .                                            Design - Purpose, Mental plan,
                    Basic lines                                  Preliminary sketch, adaptation of
                                                                 means to end.
                    Color - Color wheel, color
                    combination and schemes.                     Source of inspiration for Designing -
6-9     22-25
                                                                 Geometrical shapes, abstract sources,
                    Market survey for 3-4 days and report
                                                                 nature, mythology, architecture,
                    should be submitted.
                                                                 historic costume, national or peas
                                                                 and costume.
                                                                 Classification of lines, effect of lines,,
                                                                 dominant lines, optical illusion.
                                                                 'Study on colors, MOTIFS
                                                                  (Enlargement & ~ Reduction)
                                                                 Color system, warm colors and. cool
                                                                 color, psychological effect of color,
                                                                 color schemes.
                                                                 Selection of color on the basis of
                                                                 personal coloring and personality.
                                                                 Design Purpose, Mental plan,
                                                                 Preliminary sketch, adaptation of
                                                                 means to end.
                                                                 Idea of marketing.

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