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About Brooke & Kasi


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Kasi and Brooke created Your Backyard Harvest in order to promote local
organic food production. After Brooke completed courses in agroecology and a
masters in appropriate technology focusing on living systems, she began a
market garden, selling produce at the farmer’s market, restaurants , and a bed
and breakfast. Brooke has most recently been landscaping and farming with the
goal of combining these skills to create Your Backyard Harvest.

After earning a bachelor's degree in environmental science, Kasi earned her
permaculture design certification in 2007. Since then, her love of plants was
solidified. She has been working as a landscaper and permaculture designer in
Texas and Colorado. The pure fascination with how plants live and evolve drives
Kasi to learn about them from every angle, whether it be as a florist, landscaper
or farmer. She aspires to help teach people the many benefits of plants, especially
growing them for food.

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