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My Articles about Credit cards and about their security.

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Avoid Credit card frauds

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With a rise in the number of credit card scams, it is necessary that you
use and keep your credit card with utmost care.

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With overwhelming use of credit cards, there is a need to keep check on
the increasing credit card fraud that is dramatically rising on the
internet. Internet users know that it is safe to enter their credit card
number on a secure online form rather than giving it in a restaurant to
pay off. Research shows that there is increasing number of fraudulent
cases where purchases are made by mobile phones on account of credit
cards of other persons that are higher than credit card fraud on the

As a rule of thumb, you need to use some common sense and there are some
tips that shall help you in avoiding credit card scams:

<b> 1. </b> Always keep an eye whenever you use your credit card and get
it back quickly if you have given it to some other person and try not to
let your card out of your sight.

<b> 2.</b> You need to be careful while you give your credit card to
someone else and never give your account number over the phone unless you
are sure that the company is a reputed one. Also it is not safe to give
the credit card number over phone to any company who asks you for the
same seeking excuses such as “computer problem”.

<b> 3.</b> Don’t give any response to emails asking you to provide your
credit card information and emails that ask you to go to a website and
verify your personal and credit card information as these are known as
“phishing” scams.

<b> 4.</b> Don’t provide your credit card information over insecure

<b> 5. </b> You should sign your credit card as soon as you receive them
and shred all the credit card applications when you receive.

<b> 6.</b> You should not write your Pin number on the credit card or
anywhere near your credit card.
<b> 7.</b>    Don’t leave your credit cards and receipts lying all around.

<b> 8. </b> You should shield your credit card number so that others who
are around you could not copy or capture it on a mobile phone or camera.

<b> 9. </b> Always keep the list of your account numbers and expiry dates
and phone numbers along with addresses of each bank issuing you a credit
card at safe places. You need to update this list each time you get one
new credit card.

<b> 10. </b> Try to carry only those credit cards that you require and
don’t carry extra credit cards that you need rarely.

<b> 11.</b> You should promptly open your credit card bills and make
sure that there is no bogus charge involved. You should also treat your
credit card bill in the same way as you check your accounts and reconcile
it monthly. Save your receipts so that you can compare them with monthly

<b> 12. </b> In case, you find any charges for which you don’t have a
receipt or one you don’t recognize you need to report these charges to
the credit card issuer.

<b> 13. </b> You should destroy and void incorrect receipts and shred
anything with your credit card number written upon it.

<b> 14. </b> Don’t sign a blank credit card receipt and you can carefully
draw a line through the blank portions of the receipts where there is
chance to add any fraudulent charges.

<b> 15. </b> Even though carbon paper is not much in use but if there is
any carbon used in a credit card transaction you should destroy it

<b> 16. </b> Don’t write your credit card account number in a public
place for example a postcard or from a place that it is evident to

<b> 17.</b>   Its good if you carry your credit cards separately from your

<b> 18.</b> Never lend your credit card to others and if you move from
your existing residence, do notify your card issuer about the change in

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