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					                                     ZETA DELTA
                                   NEWS AND VIEWS
Delta Kappa Gamma                                 Alpha State, Texas                 Armstrong, Oldham, Potter and Randall
Society International____________________________Area XL, Chapter 148________________Counties; Vol. XLIV,__No.5_________
______________________________________________February_2006_____________________Nancy King, President______________

                                 HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY

    I’m sorry I missed the January meeting. I had to be in Austin for a Community
Tennis Association meeting. As usual, whenever I am gone, I know the chapter is in
good hands, and I thank those of you who took care of my duties.
    We need to remember Ella Jane Tracy. She has not been able to attend meetings
regularly due to her responsibilities for her mother’s care. She told me it is taking more
and more of her time. Along with Ella Jane, don’t forget Donna Wilson. The note from
her daughter was shared with you at the last meeting. Her daughter said she would keep
us informed of any changes.
    Our February meeting will be at Amarillo College on Saturday, February 4th at 9:00
A.M. in the Oak Room, which is upstairs in the Student Union Building. This is a
meeting we all want to attend. Many of you know Dr. Kidd, a retired education professor
from West Texas A&M. He has been following this legislature for a long time and has
stayed up to date on its progress (or lack thereof). Because it affects all of us, both retired
and presently employed teachers, you will find this very interesting and informative. All
six chapters from the Amarillo area will be attending.

   Our area coordinator, Rene, sent a letter to the chapter presidents with information that
needs to be passed on to you.
   1) If you would like to be a presenter for a CPE Workshop at the convention in
Beaumont, contact either Rene or me for an application. I also received and application
from the state president, Catherine Davis, to give to anyone who might be interested in
setting up a display at the International Convention in San Diego.
   2) She reminded us to get the letters of recommendation in for new members. We are
going to be in a time crunch to get this done. If you have a recommendation, please get
that to me as quickly as possible. With the joint meeting at AC for February, and no
meeting for our chapter in March, we may have to find an alternate method for approving
the recommendations.
   3) Nomination committees should be in the process of lining up new officers for the
next biennium.
   4) I mentioned in the last newsletter that the building fund for the new state office is
not growing as much as they thought it would. It has been decided that Movie Baskets
would be put together and auctioned off in Beaumont. The theme is “Pretty Woman.”
There will be one basket from each area. If you have a great idea you would like to
share, contact me or Rene. The idea cannot be larger than what will fit in a Xerox paper

FEBRUARY MEETING:                                         HOSTESSES:
Saturday, February 4th, 9:00 A.M.                         Because of the joint meeting, the
Amarillo College, Oak Room                                host chapter will provide drinks
Student Union Building, (upstairs)                        and paper goods. Each chapter is
                                                          asked to bring cookies. I have
                                                          two volunteers so far, and need
                                                          two more.

FEBRUARY BIRTHDAYS                                      MARCH BIRTHDAYS
4th, Rene Pittman                                       22nd, Vicky Taylor-Gore
7th, Carrol Spears                                      30th, Georgia Phillips
12th, Abraham Lincoln*
15th, Sue Hamilton                                      * Just checking to see if you really
22nd, George Washington*                                  read this! ()

    At the January meeting, we reminded you once again of the “kits” that we had agreed
to work on as one of our projects. The time has now arrived. Because the meeting in
February is at AC, we will have to make April our target month to get these completed.
If you have yours ready, or get it ready before the April meeting, Sue Hamilton has
graciously agreed to get it to her church where it will either be shipped out or stored until
                                                DELTA KAPPA GAMMA
                                                ZETA DELTA CHAPTER
                                                    January 14, 200

 Helen Hamilton
Nancy was at a tennis meeting in Austin. Diana Johnson was tiling her bathroom. Wanda Bishop has a cold. Norma
Brooks’ has company. Moselle Ford was helping her daughter with the grand babies. Laura Schelin is having health
Approved as printed.
   102.02 disbursements
$3017.65 now
Future bills are World Fellowship and the 2 scholarships.
Donna Wilson, daughter of Judy Hubbard, wrote a note saying her mother is experiencing bad health, but she would
appreciate getting cards. P.A.C. wrote a thank you note for the blankets. David Webb, Ada Webb’s son, sent a thank you for
the invitation to the December meeting. He wrote how much his mother liked being a member of DKG.
Membership – The slate of officers will be ready in February. Voting will take place at AC after the February meeting.
The next meeting with the other chapters will be February 4 at AC in the Acorn Room at the Student Union Building. We
will have a short business meeting after this meeting to vote on new members and officers.
In November, we filled out a Women’s Issues questionnaire. Joyce Hinsley sent AC members not present their
questionnaire. Linda Dosher sent AISD members not present their questionnaire. Please return the questionnaire to Nancy.
Vicky would like members to send in new information to add to the website.
She will make a link that has everyone’s picture. We all need to send her a photo either by e-mail or regular mail. She would
like pictures of things that have happed in Zeta Delta’s past.
Alpha State is still asking for Building Bucks. Nelda Landrum reported approximatelly $30,000 has come in for the building
fund which is not enough to pay off the building. Vicky will put the donation form on our web site.
June 15-17, the state convention will be held in Beaumont. The hurricane has caused the meeting to take place in a sports
center. Wear comfortable shoes because the bottom floor is cement. Renee will be driving if anyone wants to go with her.
The hotels will be remodeled by the time of the convention.
2007, the State Convention will be in Amarillo. Rene could use volunteers.
September 23, Area 11 workshop will be at this church.
Sue Hamilton moved that we contribute $25 for each home bound Zeta Delta member and the new members initiate in April
to the DKG Building Fund. Anita Hammitt seconded. The motion passed.
Proposed new members: Sue Hamilton – Cynthia Lewis, Whittier pre-K teacher and Teacher of the Year for Elementary.
Kay Arp – Julie Green, librarian at Fannin. Caroline Roschetzky – Beth Lowry, her daughter and THS teacher.
Denise Litherland and Nancy King – Greta Johnson, AC, Hereford Campus
Rene Pittman – Katie Culwell, 5th Science