International Psychoanalytical Association
Financial Procedures and Policies: Reimbursement
1. Requests for reimbursement accompanied by appropriate
   documentation should be submitted to the Finance Director. The
   Budget Holder is responsible for assuring that claims for
   activities of that cost centre fall within the applicable budget.
2. Any member or Budget Holder claiming reimbursement for expenses
   incurred on behalf of the IPA should use the official claim forms
   which is are attached to this document as appendix 1. Committee
   and Working Group members should submit their individual claim
   forms with supporting documentation to the Budget Holder for
   approval of the request. The approved claim form should then be
   forwarded to the Finance Director. Alternatively the claimant
   can submit the claim direct to the Finance Director and the chair
   can email to the Finance Director their approval of the claim.
   Budget Holders and members should keep a copy of the claim form
   for their own records. Central Office aims to dispatch
   reimbursements within ten working days of receipt. Claims may be
   submitted by post, e.mail or fax but claimants should note that
   it can take time for claims to reach the UK by post and for mail
   then to reach their banks and be processed by them.

3. Evidence supporting each reimbursement request should be
   submitted with the claim form, or payment will not be made. To
   protect against mishaps in the mail, Committee members are asked
   to keep copies of supporting documents. These include airline
   ticket receipts, hotel statements, taxi receipts and any other
   receipts or credit card transaction copies.

Allowable reimbursables: Meetings
4. The per diem allowable depends on the location and is determined
   by a world-wide schedule originated by the United States Internal
   Revenue Service which serves as a guideline for many
   organisations. A per diem is payable when a day of travel is
   required to reach the venue of a meeting, and for days when a
   person is required to be at the venue in order to attend a
   meeting. Only Apex Economy or comparable inexpensive fares can be
   reimbursed. First Class or Business Class fares do not qualify
   for IPA reimbursement, without exceptional and prior approval of
   the Executive Committee. Travel planning for more than three
   months in advance may be required to obtain reimbursable Apex
   Economy fares. No reimbursement for airfares is paid when an IPA
   Member attends a meeting which is being held in conjunction with
   a Congress, or any other meeting which an IPA Member would have
   attended anyway at her/his own expense, or funded by another
   organisation. However, when a Board meeting is held in
   conjunction with a regional or Constituent Organisation meeting,
   Board members from that region may claim expenses on a comparable
   basis with all other Board members. Hotel accommodation will be
   reimbursed for the night before a meeting and the night after if

  necessary, any additional nights will not be reimbursed unless
  previously agreed by the Treasurer.

Allowable reimbursables: Secretarial
5. The IPA does not contract with secretaries external to the
   Central Office. But in a few cases, approved in advance by the
   Executive Committee, the B&FC may approve such expenses within
   certain constraints. These include compensation only for the
   hours of service itself and not compensation for holidays,
   vacation periods, sick pay, bonus pay, severance pay, or any
   other emoluments. Invoices to claim such reimbursement must
   specify the hours of work, the hourly compensation rate, and the
   nature of the work delivered.
6. The IPA will repay expenses to officers for secretarial
   assistance on the following general basis:
      a. The President will be allowed a full time secretary; the
         Secretary General a half time secretary; and the Treasurer a
         quarter time secretary.
      b. The IPA should not contract secretaries but request officers to
         contract them with the IPA refunding the costs. The IPA may
         indemnify the officers as necessary against any unforeseen
     c. Exceptions to these three principles may only be allowed at
        the discretion of the Treasurer, unless the Treasurer is
        seeking the exception, in which case it will be referred to
        the Secretary General.
Allowable reimbursables: Conference Calls
Various companies are used for conference calls. Participants dial
into conference calls using free-phone numbers. Please contact the
Central Office for details on how to arrange conference calls.    If
a Chair prefers to use another conference company they may do so
with prior approval from the Treasurer of the costs involved.
Broomhills will reimburse all such pre approved costs of a
conference call submitted as a claim with a copy of the bill. Where
possible it is suggested that Skype is used for smaller conference
Allowable reimbursables: Executive Committee at IPA Congresses
7. In recognition that certain members of the Executive Committee
   are required to attend many administrative meetings during
   Congresses and have little or no time to attend the official
   Congress meetings, the IPA funds the hotel room costs of the
   President, Secretary General and Treasurer throughout the period
   of the Congress. In addition, the IPA waives the Congress
   registration fees of those eligible for this provision. This
   provision applies equally to the President-Elect, Secretary
   General-Designate or Treasurer-Elect at the Congress during which
   they are to take up office as President, Secretary General or
   Treasurer. The IPA does not pay for these Executive Committee
   members' transportation to and from or during the Congress,
   tickets for the Congress farewell party, or subsistence costs
   during the days of the Congress itself.

Allowable reimbursables: Editor of the News Magazine (and e-
8. The News Magazine Editor may be invited to attend the Board
   meeting at IPA expense only when Board meetings are held in
   his/her own IPA Region. The Editor may be invited to attend
   Board meetings not held in his/her own IPA Region but not at IPA
Reimbursement Restrictions
9. Hotels: In order to obtain meeting room space at no or reasonable
   cost that otherwise would be expensive, the IPA books a block of
   rooms for Board members for summer and winter administrative
   meetings. Therefore hotel reimbursement will be made only for those
   members staying in the designated hotel. Those members who choose
   to stay elsewhere will not be reimbursed for lodging. Reservations
   at the meeting hotel are made by individual members who are notified
   well in advance of the locale and other related matters.
10. No reimbursement should be claimed for accommodation where a
   member has stayed free of charge on IPA business.
11. Honorary Officers of the Board shall not be entitled to claim
   any expenses from the IPA for attendance at Board meetings, with
   the exception of those occasions requiring their presence related
   to a specific need to report to the Board in person on a specific
   task assigned in writing by the President or by the Board.
Reimbursement Choices
12. Assuming that a trip involves reimbursable travel expenses,
   there are two possible ways open to claim reimbursement for hotel
   and meal costs. The choice of either one must be made, as a
   combination of the two is not reimbursable. The choices are as
      a. select the per diem for that meeting in that city, available
         from the Finance Director, send in the receipts for the
         actual hotel and meal costs.   . There is a cap or maximum
         amount allowable using this method, set in advance and
         available from the Finance Director.
13. Reimbursement claims should be submitted within six weeks of
   the date the expense was incurred. The IPA is required to close
   all accounts for the calendar year four weeks after the end of
   the year. All claims for the prior year must be received no later
   than 31st January. Any claim received after this time will not be
   honoured as the books of account for that year will be closed.

Paragraph 11 approved by the Executive Council in December 1998
Paragraph 6 added November 2004 Board approval of recommendation
from the B&FCttee
Addition to paragraph 4 to allow Board members to be reimbursed airfares
when travelling to a Board meeting held in conjunction with a regional or
Constituent Organisation meeting held in the same region, Board approval
January 2006