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President Asif Ali Zardari Address at Naval Academy_ Karachi by tyndale


									      President Asif Ali Zardari’ Address at Naval Academy, Karachi
                                  (January 4, 2010)
       Following is the text of President’s address:

Bismillah Hir Rahmanir Rahim.

       It gives me great pleasure to be at the Pakistan Naval Academy today for the
passing out parade of Mid-Ship-Men and the SSC Class. It is an honour to witness
the impressive parade of the officers and cadets and wish to congratulate them all. I
am particularly pleased to note that for the first time female officers are also a part of
this passed out parade. Their presence at this ceremony reflects the policy of our
government to encourage women to play their part in all areas of national progress
including defence. For the officers, men and women, who are passing out it is
memorable day. It is also a great day in the life of their parents and guardians. You
have completed training successfully and qualified to enter into a great profession. A
rewarding and glorious career awaits you. You can rightly be proud of joining the
fraternity of Naval Officers in particular and the Armed Forces of Pakistan in
general. You, your parents and the faculty have good reason to celebrate this
memorable day. At the same time also remember that you have chosen a highly
demanding career. It is a career in which duty takes the first place, before anything
       It is your devotion to duty that will inspire men and women under your
command and give you strength to lead them. The training you have had so far has
equipped you with the tools and knowledge which will help you to lead highly
trained and motivated men and women. Your conduct, professionalism and actions
will be watched closely.

        Your success in the Service, indeed in life, will depend on how best you use
your experience and how best you inspire and lead others. I am confident that you
will rise to the expectations of the Pakistan Naval Academy, of the Service you have
joined and above all, of the entire nation.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

       Pakistan is a peace-loving nation. We believe in peace with honor. However,
our desire for peace must not be taken as a sign of weakness. We have full faith in
our Armed Forces and the people to defend the country. Our nation and armed forces
are ready to meet all challenges. They are to guard against all external and internal

       It is our duty to fight against the external and internal enemies who disrupt our
peace, our progress and our efforts to bring prosperity to the people. We will not fail
our country and our nation. Pakistan does not want an arms race in the region. At the
same time however we must remain prepared to meet any threat to our sovereignty.

       A strong Navy is necessary to meet any challenge to our maritime security.
The recent induction of PNS ZULFIQUAR and helicopters is intended to strengthen
our Navel Fleet. I am particularly pleased that Pakistan Navy is following the path of
self-reliance. The construction of submarines in Pakistan is a great step forward in
this direction. I urge you to make the optimum use of the national resources.

       Ladies and Gentlemen, Pakistan faces new challenges to its security.
Militancy and extremism is a new and a great threat to our existence. We need a
united national commitment to fight and defeat militancy. The present government
has given political ownership to this fight.

       Pakistan Navy’s participation of Coalition Maritime Campaign Plan has
enhanced Navy’s professional capabilities in checking arms, drugs and human
smuggling. It has improved our capacity to fight the threat of militancy to our
national security. It is reassuring that Pakistan Navy commanded thrice the Maritime
Task Force-150.”It shows our resolve to promote international peace. It reflects high
professional standards of Pakistan Navy.

       My Dear Young Naval Officers, on this occasion I urge you to dedicate
yourselves to your profession and protect the country’s sea lances of
communications. I am pleased to learn that our Navy is also training cadets from
brotherly countries of Kazakhstan, Maldives, Palestine, Saudi Arabia, Sudan and

       I hope our foreign guests will carry fond memories of their stay in Pakistan.
Once again I wish to congratulate you all on passing out and receiving Commission
in Pakistan Navy. I specially compliment Mid-ship-man Syed Muhammad Arsalan
for winning the sword of Honour and Main Top Squadron for winning the
Proficiency Banner.

      I thank Chief of the Naval Staff for inviting me to witness this impressive

       May Allah be with us (Aameen)

I thank you all.

Pakistan Navy Zindabad.

Pakistan Paindabad”.

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