How to save energy, water, fuel and how to prevent waste by ermalos


									HOW CAN I SAVE WATER ?                       HOW CAN I PREVENT WASTE AND
                                             SAVE RESOURCES ?
                                             -   Print and copy
-   Avoid flushing the toilet                    double sided.
    unnecessarily. Dispose of
    tissues and other waste in the trash     -   Do not buy
    bin instead of in the toilet.                beverage cans but use recyclable
-   Use the toilets’ water saving function
    (use stop function or push twice to      -   Use your own bags for shopping.
    stop flushing).
                                             -   Buy fresh food that does not contain a
Shower and Bath:                                 lot of packaging.

-   Don’t leave the water running while          Use long-life products instead of one-
    washing hands, brushing teeth,
                                                                                            How to save energy, water,
                                                 use products.
    shaving, etc.                                                                            fuel and how to prevent
                                             -   Buy products that are made of                        waste
-   Take a short shower instead of taking        recycled materials.
    a bath.
                                             -   Use SORT Center, Bldg. 405b at Taylor
Garden:                                          Barracks for usable stuff that you don’t
                                                 need anymore but someone else could.
-   Collect storm water in a drum and use
    for watering plants.

    Avoid watering plants at midday when
                                             FOR FURTHER INFORMATION OR
    the temperature is greatest. Water
                                             TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE, CALL….
    plants at the root area
    and not in the leaf area
                                             DPW Energy Management Office:
    to reduce evaporation.
                                             DSN 381-7534
                                             DPW Environmental Management Division:
                                             DSN 381-8675/ 7699
-   Report all water losses (broken pipes,
    errant sprinklers, abandoned free-
                                             Service Order Desk:
    flowing wells, etc.) to the Service
                                             DSN 381-8797/ 8798
    Order Desk (DSN 381-8797/8798).
DID YOU KNOW THAT…                          -   Heat only the rooms that need to be      Freezer and Refrigerators:
…Water leaks at the USAG Mannheim                                                        -   Don’t leave doors of refrigerator or
                                            -   Do not overheat rooms. Just
waste $40,300 per year?                                                                      freezer open.
                                                one degree less saves about 6%
                                                energy.                                      Defrost refrigerators and freezers
…35% of water used in the home is                                                        -
flushed down the toilet?                                                                     regularly to keep them running
…One 100W incandescent light left on for
                                            -   Only operate A/C if really necessary.
24 hours a day costs more than $50 per                                                   -   Wait until food has
year?                                       -   Only operate A/C if you are at home.         cooled down before
                                                                                             placing it in the
                                            -   Close windows when A/C is running.
…though accounting for only 5% of the                                                        refrigerator.
world's population, Americans consume       -   Keep the drapes or blinds
26% of the world's energy?                      closed during the day. This
                                                will help reduce solar heat
…Standby can use 10%-60% of the                 gain into your house.
                                                                                         HOW CAN I SAVE FUEL ?
electricity that would be used by the
device if it was switched on?               Electric appliances/ TV/ Video/ Hi-Fi/ PC:
                                                                                         -   Use car pools.
                                            -   Completely switch off or
                                                                                         -   Go short
                                                unplug electric appliances.
                                                                                             distances by bike or walk.
HOW CAN I SAVE ENERGY ?                     -   When buying new electric
                                                appliances, look for                     -   As soon as you stop longer than 10
Lighting:                                       energy efficiency.                           seconds, the motor should be turned
-   Turn off lights when not needed!                         -   Turn of the PC
                                                                 monitor when not in     -   Switch in time into a higher gear, less
                Radiators/ Heating:                              use and at night. Use       motor rotation means less fuel
                                                                 “sleep” mode instead        consumption.
                -    Don’t block radiator                        of screen savers.
                     with curtains,
                                                                                         -   Drive evenly. Constant breaking and
                     furniture etc. to      Washing Machine/ Dishwasher:                     accelerating rises fuel consumption.
    ensure air circulation.
                                            -   Run machine only when                    -   Drive not more than 130 km/h (80
-   Don’t leave windows open                    full.                                        miles/h) on the Highway (Autobahn).
    while using the heater.
                                            -   Use water and energy                         Fuel consumption rises if driving
    Rather ventilate rooms
                                                saving programs.                             faster.
    only for a short time.

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