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									                     2003 PST File Repair: Far From Being Obsolete

Written by: Damon Delaney – http://outlookpstrepairnow.com/

The new edition of Microsoft which was released in 2007 is not as widely used as the
penultimate edition 2003. While it is an undeniable fact that a huge number of the
computer literate population is users of Microsoft Outlook, it is also undeniable that the
edition they are using is mostly the 2003 edition. A corrupted file in Microsoft Outlook is
nothing to be surprised about. It is actually very common to encounter things like not
being able to open your files, slowing down of your Microsoft Outlook or seeing error
messages popping out of no where. But luckily, there are 2003 PST file repair tools that
are available in the market. So, no worries!

More often than not, the latest inbox repair tools are also 2003 PST file repair tools.
That is because software companies know that a he number of people are still using the
2003 edition. An example of this is the Stellar Phoenix Outlook PST repair which
supports Microsoft Outlook in its 2000, 2002, 2003 and 2007 editions. The processes
involved in repairing your files are more or less the same. First, you browse your folder
to look for the corrupted file/s. Then, you run your Inbox Repair tool to begin scanning.
And you save the restored file in the format you prefer. The only difference lies in
creating a new personal file folder (.pst).

In Microsoft 2003 PST file repair, a new Personal Folder (.pst) file is needed. Thus, the
following steps are to be followed:
     Click the file menu, click new, and then click Outlook Data File.
     By clicking OK, an Outlook Data File dialog box will appear.
     Supply the spaces with the necessary information (such as filename), and click
     A “Create Microsoft Personal Folders” dialog box will appear. You will again
       supply the necessary information
     By clicking OK, you would have your new Personal Folders (.pst) file

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