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					Spring ’08 LiveText syllabi statements:

For all courses that include LiveText for any purpose, whether dispositions assessments or portfolio

   A. Include your LiveText username in the instructor information you put at the top of your
   B. Include a LiveText Requirements section in your syllabus that contains the following: (for
      second session classes, change the due date under #3 to March 21)

LiveText Requirements

   1. A LiveText account. You can purchase your LiveText account at for
      $89. Your account will be active for the duration of your current program at Mercer and one
      year beyond your program completion. For additional instructions on creating your
      LiveText account, see the LiveText instructions on the Tift College of Education website
      ( If you have already created a
      LiveText account for another course in Tift College of Education, you do not need another
      one; you will use the same account for any classes or assignments that require LiveText.
      For an additional $20 ($109 total cost), you can add unlimited access to Discovery
      Education’s unitedstreaming™ video library.
   2. Candidate Information Form. All Tift students must complete this form in LiveText.
      Each semester, please check the form to be sure the information is still correct – if you have
      changed programs, please update the form so that it contains the most current information.
      See specific directions for locating and completing this form at .
   3. Dispositions Assessment Permission Submission. One of your requirements in this class
      is to submit a Dispositions Assessment Permission in LiveText to me. At the end of the
      course, I will provide you with formative feedback on your development and demonstration
      of the professional dispositions that are important for Transforming Practitioners. No grade
      or score from the dispositions assessment will affect your course grade, but the submission
      of your permission form is required before your grade will be posted. See instructions on
      the submission process at . We will discuss
      in class the specific dispositions that will be assessed. Due Date: January 21.

If you are teaching a course that generates a LiveText artifact, include the information below in
addition to that above. Reminder: Identify the assignment(s) that will be an artifact in the portfolio,
indicate where in the portfolio it must be placed, include the placement of it in the portfolio and the
completion of the reflection as part of the assignment requirements – INTEGRATE it into the
course; don’t just tack it on at the end. PLEASE DO THIS FROM THE VERY BEGINNING OF
generates more than one artifact, consider inserting multiple sections like the one below, each one
addressing one artifact. If your course generates an artifact that is used to address more than one
standard, modify the chart to reflect that. If you teach students from more than one program in a
single course, make any differences in directions clear by adding additional columns for each
program. You should, of course, edit the sample chart below to reflect your specific artifact (the
example shows one artifact used in two programs). If you are unsure of how to direct them to the
correct sections, contact Susan or Emilie.
    4. LiveText Portfolio Artifact Requirement(s). Your _________________ assignment in
        this class is a required artifact in your portfolio. As part of the requirements for this
        assignment, you must place your artifact in the appropriate portfolio section and write a
        reflection on how your performance on the assignment addresses the targeted standard. If
        you have used your portfolio in previous semesters, it should already be submitted to the
        appropriate generic program account; however, if this is your first semester to use your
        portfolio, be sure you follow the directions about which generic instructor account you
        should submit your portfolio to (see directions at ). Do NOT submit
        your portfolio to my personal LiveText account – only to the relevant generic account. The
        only LiveText document that you should submit to my personal account is the Dispositions
        Assessment Permission. If you have created a portfolio in a previous semester, do NOT
        create a new one now – simply add the artifact(s) and reflection(s) from this course to the
        existing portfolio. See the chart below for specific information on where to place your
        artifact and reflection (the portfolio page and section), the standards on which you should
        reflect, the section of the rubric that will be used to assess your work, and the generic
        account through which your portfolio will be assessed.

Program                MGE Initial Certification                       SEC ENG Initial Certification
Assignment/Artifact    Ad Analysis Paper                               Ad Analysis Paper
Portfolio Page:        Language Arts Page: Media Literacy              Understanding Page: Media
Section for artifact   Artifact Section                                Literacy Artifact Section
Portfolio Page:        Language Arts Page: Media Literacy              Understanding Page: Media
Section for            Reflection Section                              Literacy Reflection Section
Standard(s) to         Language Arts Page: Media Literacy              Understanding Page: Media
address                Standards                                       Literacy Standards
Rubric section used    Middle Grades Content-Specific                  English Content-Specific
to assess              Standards>Language Arts Concentration           Standards>Literacy
                       Rubric>Media Literacy Element                   Rubric>Media Literacy
Generic Account        MGEC                                            SECC

   5. Portfolio Reflection Expectations: The required reflection in your portfolio must address
      how the artifact demonstrates you meet the associated standard. This is not a reflection on
      the process of completing the assignment or what you think about the assignment. FOCUS
      ON THE STANDARD. The standard as stated in your portfolio template is quite global; to
      ensure that your reflection addresses it fully, use the details of the rubric elements that I will
      use to assess this section of your portfolio to guide your reflection, making sure you address
      each element. To access and download a pdf copy of the assessment tool used by faculty to
      assess your portfolio, go to .