Creating Step-by-Step Instructions

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					                       Creating Step-by-Step Instructions

You are working for Low Budget We Are About to Fold Enterprises, Inc. You need to make a
set of instructions for a Lego block project but the company cannot afford to print anything
lengthy. Consequently, you’ve been asked to use only verbal instructions and to keep your
instructions as concise as possible. You cannot use any visuals or graphics.

Creating Lego Block Instructions:

   1. You will each be given 50 Lego blocks.

   2. Construct “something” with your 50 blocks, and then create step-by-step instructions
      on how to build your “project.”

   3. Although you cannot use visuals, make sure to use any other design elements (headings,
      subheadings, chunking, numbering, bulleted lists) that may make your instructions

   4. Bring the unassembled Lego blocks (put them in a small bag) and your written
      instructions to class.

   5. In class, you will work in groups of three. One of you will assemble a project, and make
      comments as you go along about how difficult or easy the instructions are to follow. One
      of you will take notes on the assembling process (and take note of the assembler’s
      comments). The person who has created the instructions may not talk at all during the
      assembling process (you’re learning how well your instructions “stand alone.” As soon
      as a project is assembled, rotate your duties.