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									 Common TTY Terms                                                                           Nebraska Commission
Typing a conversation can take much more time                                               for the Deaf and
than speaking, so the use of abbreviations helps   For more information please contact:     Hard of Hearing
speed the call. Some commonly used                   Nebraska Commission for the
                                                     Nebraska                     for
abbreviations are:
        CA = Communication Assistant
        CCC = Credit Card Call
                                                       Deaf and Hard of Hearing
                                                    4600 Valley Road, Suite 420                How To
                                                    Lincoln, NE 68510-4844
        CUZ = Because
        DR = Doctor
        GA = Go Ahead (your turn to type)
                                                    (402) 471-3593 - V/TTY
                                                    Fax: (402) 471-3067                         Use a
                                                    Toll Free: 1-800-545-6244 V/TTY
        HD = Hold
        HOSP = Hospital
        MIN PLS = One moment please
                                                    E-mail Address:
        MSG = Message
                                                    1313 Farnam On-The-Mall
        NRS = Nebraska Relay System
                                                    Omaha, NE 68102-1836
        OFC = Office
                                                    (402) 595-3991 - V/TTY
        OK = All Right
                                                    Fax: (402) 595-2509
        OPR = Operator
                                                    Toll Free: 1-877-248-7836 V/TTY
        PLS = Please
                                                    E-mail Address:
        Q = Question
        R = Are
        SK = Stop keying (typing), which
                                                    200 South Silber, Room 207
        means ending the telephone call
                                                    North Platte, NE 69101-4298
        THOT = Thought
                                                    (308) 535-6600 V/TTY
        THRU = Through
                                                    Fax: (308) 535-8175
        TT = Text Telephone
                                                    Toll Free: 1-888-713-3118 V/TTY
        TTY = Teletypewriter
                                                    E-mail Address:
        TDD = Telecommunication Device for
         the Deaf
        U = You
                                                    Visit Us on the Web:
        UR = Your
        VCO =Voice Carry Over
        XXX = Mistake
                                                    Office Hours:
Please identify yourself while answering the                Monday-Friday                 Serving Deaf and Hard of
TTY, as it is not possible to recognize a caller            8:00 a.m. to 5 p.m.             Hearing Nebraskans
through the printed letters.                                (Closed on State Holidays)
 How To Use a TTY                                       type “GA to SK” to let the person know you             Acoustic Coupler - A device on the TTY where
                                                        are signing off. Wait for the other person to         the telephone handset is placed.
The teletypewriter (TTY) is a device that allows
                                                        type “SK,” before hanging up the telephone.
deaf and hard of hearing people to use the                                                                    Monitor Lamp - The light on the TTY, which in-
                                                        “SK,” which originated from old telegraph
telephone. Hearing people also can use a TTY                                                                  dicates incoming calls, a busy signal, or any other
                                                        codes, means “stop key,” or stop typing and
to contact deaf or hard of hearing individuals.                                                               electric impulses on the phone lines.
                                                        end the transmission. When calling long distance
A conversation is typed on a TTY rather than
                                                        don’t be too concerned with a spelling error.         Page Printer - Type of TTY, which prints a
spoken and allows a deaf or hard of hearing
                                                        However, if there is a typing error on an impor-      message on a sheet of paper.
person to communicate directly with anyone
                                                        tant number or letter, it’s better to retype than
who has a TTY.
                                                        give wrong information. To save time, punctua-        VCO - Voice Carry Over. When making a NRS
                                                        tion is not regularly used. However, it may be        call a person with a hearing loss and understand-
When making a TTY call, switch the TTY on;
                                                        used for emphasis in conversations.                   able speech may request VCO, allowing him/her
dial the number as usual and then place the tele-                                                             to speak directly to the hearing caller. The hard of
phone handset in the TTY acoustic coupler. The                                                                hearing caller reads the hearing caller’s responses
                                                        You can only use your TTY with other people
telephone cord must be on the left side. A moni-
                                                        who also have a TTY, unless you call the
tor light on the TTY flashes in a distinct pattern,                                                            Nebraska Relay Service
                                                        Nebraska Relay System. NRS can relay calls
which indicates that a dial tone is present, the line
                                                        by TTY and spoken conversations (voice                The Nebraska Relay Service (NRS) allows deaf
is busy or the phone is ringing. The ringing flash-
                                                        callers).                                             and hard of hearing people who use a TTY to com-
ing light pattern is interrupted when the call is an-                                                         municate with hearing telephone users. The NRS
swered.                                                                                                       communication assistant (CA) or operator relays
                                                        There are various models of TTYs. For more in-
                                                        formation, please contact the Nebraska Commis-        the information between the two parties. The CA
It might be necessary to signal a hearing person        sion for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing (NCDHH).        will say what the TTY caller types and types what
when the TTY call has been answered. To sig-            Contact information is listed on the back of this     the hearing caller says.
nal, press the TTY’s space bar a few times. Then,       brochure. NCDHH does not sell TTYs, but of-
the hearing person should turn the TTY on, put          fers information and referral services; in addition   The NRS provides Hamilton Internet Protocol
the handset in the coupler, and type a greeting         NCDHH has demonstration centers in each of their      (HIP) Relay through Internet access. You can
such as, “Hello, this is Mary. GA.”                     offices.                                              access the HIP Relay at
                                                                                                     You can communi-
                                                                                                              cate through the relay with anyone, anywhere at
The TTY caller will type his/her name and GA.
The conversation can go back and forth like a
                                                         Vocabulary                                           no charge.

telephone call, but each person’s turn should end       TTY - Most commonly used term for the tele-           Dial 711 for the Nation Wide Relay Service
with “GA” for the other person to know it’s his/        phone for deaf or hard of hearing callers. TTY
                                                                                                              1-800-833-7352 TTY/TT/VCO/HCO
her turn to “Go Ahead.”                                 stands for teletypewriter.
                                                                                                              1-800-833-0920 Voice Caller
                                                        TDD - Telecommunications Device for the Deaf;         Call 24 hours a day, seven days a week. All
If you must leave the TTY for a minute, you                                                                   calls are confidential.
                                                        another term for TTY.
may type “HD PLS,” which is an abbreviation                                                                   1-800-322-5299 for the Nebraska Relay
for “hold please.” When you come back to the            TT - Text Telephone; another term for TTY.            Customer Service for comments, questions, or
TTY just start typing again. After your last turn,                                                            complaints.

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