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									                              The US Navy Japanese/Oriental Language School Archival Project
                                                       The Interpreter
                                  Archives, University of Colorado at Boulder Libraries
 Number 115                   Remember September 11, 2001                                           September 1, 2007

         Our Mission                cultures, they married in 1950.        diaries; there was no such            Ocean Area (JICPOA) in
                                    They moved to Seattle and Bill         custom. But in the Japanese           Honolulu. There the American
  In the Spring of 2000, the        obtained a MA in economics. In         forces, every combatant kept a        military translated documents
  Archives continued the origi-     1958, Bill received a Fulbright        diary – which was a great             brought       back     from     the
  nal efforts of Captain Roger      Scholarship and the family             surprise to us.”                      battlefields. Information about
  Pineau and William Hudson,        returned to Japan, where he                Today, in the fifteen hundred     the     Japanese     forces    was
  and the Archives first at-        worked on his Ph.D. dissertation;      diaries and letters, there are        analyzed, and Japanese thinking
  tempts in 1992, to gather the     he later received his doctorate        [items written in] sōsho [grass       about the war was examined.
  papers, letters, photographs,     from      the     University    of     writing] and with misshapen               The Japanese literary scholar,
  and records of graduates of       Washington.                            characters. There are portions of     Donald Keene (83), a resident of
  the US Navy Japanese/                 After teaching economics,          the diaries that are difficult for    Kita-ku in Tokyo, was one of the
  Oriental Language School,         Japanese and Japanese money            even the journalist of today to       language officers. “The Japanese
  University of Colorado at         and banking at the University of       read. Yet the specially trained       soldiers put down the smallest
  Boulder, 1942-1946. We            Montana,        Kansas       State     American language officers            details in their diaries. The
  assemble these papers in          University at Emporia, the             translated them.                      sentences were awkward, but the
  recognition of the contribu-      University of Washington, and              “When Japan attacked Pearl        words poured out from their
  tions made by JLS/OLS             Hitotsubashi      University    in     Harbor, the American armed            hearts,” he said. Keene, who had
  instructors and graduates to      Tokyo, Japan, Bill began               forces realized that they knew        been in charge of translating
  the War effort in the Pacific     teaching economics at EWU in           hardly anything about Japan.          instructions for machinery and
  and the Cold War, to the          1967. While at Eastern, he             And so a school to teach              such printed matter, one day
  creation of East Asian            traveled to Afghanistan, South         Japanese was established at [the      discovered a large box. A
  language programs across          Korea and Japan to serve as a          University of Colorado] Boulder,      disgusting smell of blood mixed
  the country, and to the           liaison in Eastern’s sister            Colorado,”       [a    journalistic   with fresh water and sea water
  development of Japanese-          university program. . He later         simplification, I suppose] said       came out of it. Inside were
  American      cultural   rec-     was named Dean of the College          Roger Dingman, Professor of           diaries and letters collected from
  onciliation programs after        of Letters and Sciences. He            History at the University of          the corpses and uniforms of
  World War II.                     retired from EWU in 1989.              Southern California, who is           Japanese soldiers.
                                        Bill is survived by his wife,      studying the language officers.           “I want to return home soon!”
      In Memory of                  Yoko, daughter Jeanne McNae            Students from Harvard and             “There are eleven beans and
        William C.                  and her husband, Bruce, son            Stanford, the sons and daughters      three of us; how shall I divide
                                    David        Hoekendorf,      two      of missionaries who had been          them?” “All of my buddies are
       Hoekendorf                   grandsons, and a brother Donald        born and raised in Japan, and         dead! What kind of person have I
William C. Hoekendorf, Eastern      Hoekendorf.                            very bright young men from all        become?” “I’m hungry!” As one
Washington University professor                  Office of Annual Giving   over America were chosen to           turned the pages, what was in the
of economics emeritus and dean            Eastern Washington University    enter the Navy Japanese               hearts of the soldiers revealed
of the College of Letters and       [Ed. Note: I have been in contact      Language School [in Boulder]          itself. “They were human beings
Sciences emeritus, died October     with Ms. Jeanne McNae, who has         which opened in June 1942.            just like us,” Keene said.
17,     2004     in     Bellevue,   graciously consented to donating the       “The instruction consisted of         Scurrying to [their] Japanese-
Washington,      following     an   bulk of his papers.]                   reading, conversation, and taking     English and English-Japanese
extended battle with cancer.                                               dictation every day for four          dictionaries and translating late
    He was born March 17, 1924,           60 years                         hours. In the dormitory, Japanese     into the night, [the Japanese
in Everett, Washington, and           after the War:                       was heard and spoken every day.       language officers] became able
graduated from Marysville High                                             There were those who suffered         to read any difficult kanji
School in 1941. Bill graduated
                                      #6: Battlefield                      nervous breakdowns, there was         [Chinese characters] There were
from      the    University    of          Diaries                         even a suicide,” said Furnas.         Tanka, or short poems; comic
Washington in 1944, when he                                                “Conversation at meals was in         verses; and diaries of high
                                    “Done”. The word in red ink is
was commissioned an ensign in                                              Japanese and Japanese movies          literary value. “In a three year
                                    stamped on many, many pages of
the US Navy. We was then                                                   were shown. And people even           period, there were about one
                                    the diaries of Japanese soldiers
assigned to study Japanese at the                                          had telephone conversations in        thousand diaries. I came to know
                                    that are to be found in the US
Oriental Language School at the                                            Japanese,” he added.                  the depths of the hearts of
                                    National Archives in Maryland.
University of Colorado and at                                                  After studying for 12 to 18       Japanese who had been writing
                                    It is the mark indicating that the
Oklahoma A&M for future                                                    [sic 14] months, the students         diaries since the Heian period,”
                                    document was translated by one
assignments as an interpreter/                                             graduated and became language         Keene added.
                                    of the American military and
translator. He eventually worked                                           officers. “Because there was              According      to     Professor
                                    naval     [Japanese]      language
as a civilian for the postwar                                              prejudice and distrust toward         Dingman,          there       were
occupation government in Japan.                                            Japanese Americans then, only         approximately 1100 men trained
                                        Wendell Furnas (87), who
   Bill met Yoko Sato, a                                                   Caucasians       could     become     as language officers at the Navy
                                    lives in California, repeated says,
Japanese citizen, in Sapporo,                                              language officers,” Dingman           Japanese Language School.
                                    “They – the diaries – were a
Japan, and despite countless                                               said.                                 [Captain] Furnas reports: “At
                                    treasure trove of intelligence. In
legal hurdles and acts of                                                      Furnas was sent to the Joint      war’s end, unfortunately a huge
                                    the American armed forces,
discrimination     from      both                                          Intelligence     Center Pacific       number of captured documents
                                    soldiers were forbidden to keep
were burned in Hawaii. There          materials     he    gathered     as       He described Japan in the '30s   of Silver Spring, MD, and Janet
were        fifty      truckloads     souvenirs during the war have         as being a very militaristic         Hellner-Burris of Pittsburgh, PA.
[destroyed].” Keene says, “After      never been shown publicly. This       nation. His family lived in a            Dr. Hellner is also survived
the war works of contemporary         fall he is organizing displays of     Western-style home with a            by     grandchildren      Matthew
fiction such as those of Tanizaki     World War II memorabilia at the       military base at one end of the      Rosenberg, Cathy Roy, Jon Hall,
Junichiro and Shiga Naoya were        St. Johnsbury Athenaeum and St.       street. He remembers looking out     Kaitlyn and Benjamin Hellner-
translated into English and           Johnsbury Academy.                    his bedroom window and               Burris,     and      two     great-
became well known abroad.                 Amos was born in 1921 in          watching troops and equipment        grandchildren, Ian and Matthew
Their translators were former         Newark, N.J., and moved a few         pass by. "We were very much          Roy.
Japanese language officers.”          years      later    to     Baguio,    aware it was a nation with an            His son, Charles Hellner,
    “The war was an unfortunate       Philippines, where his father         active military," he said.           preceded him in death in 1974,
thing. But even so, because there     became the headmaster of The              Tensions were high at the        as did his brother, Arthur
was a war, it deepened, in one        Brent School. At the time, Amos       time between Japan and Russia.       Hellner.
aspect,    our    concern     and     said, head hunting was still          From the ceiling of a Japanese           Dr. Hellner served in the US
understanding of Japan. If we         practiced in the Philippines.         department store hung a Russian      Navy from 1943-1945. He was
know and understand one                 It was while living in the          fighter plane pierced with red       trained and assigned as a
another well, then we can avoid       mountains of the Philippines that     wooden arrows, representing the      Japanese Language Officer to the
war.                                  he became interested in natural       bullets that had brought the plane   Pacific Theater, rising to the rank
    These articles in this series     history. The family lived in a        down. "Newsreels were filled         of Lieutenant, USNR. Dr.
[this was #6] were produced by        house on concrete stilts because      with films from the front,           Hellner earned his Batchelor’s
Mori Futoshi and others.              of termites, and for a while a        sometimes showing long lines of      Degree at the University of
                                      cobra lived below the floor of his    Russian prisoners," said Amos.       Southern California and his
             Mori Futoshi, et al.
                                      bedroom. A monkey and a                   In     Japan,     government     Masters and Doctorate in
               Yomiuri shimbun
                                      mongoose were his childhood           censorship of the press and the      economics      from      American
                 August 15, 2005
                                      pets. As a former U.S. territory,     prohibition of short-wave radios     University. He was chosen to
   Translated by Roger Dingman
            _______________           Americans were treated with           were a sharp contrast to the         attend the National War College
                                      gratitude and courtesy in the         democratic culture of the            in 1958-1959. At the time of his
WW II Vet Reflects On                 Philippines.                          Philippines. Amos said his           retirement, Dr. Hellner was the
Days as Code Breaker                     In 1934, the family moved to       family's      subscriptions     to   senior civilian and Deputy
                                      Tokyo. "Living in Japan was           American magazines such as           Director of the Intelligence Data
The Japanese attack on Pearl          wonderfully rewarding," he said.      Time and Life arrived weeks late     Handling System of the Defense
Harbor and the U.S. declaration       "I came to admire the art, culture    because "they had to go through      Intelligence      Agency.        He
of war on Japan was, for Bill         and literature." It was in Japan      the censors."                        requested early retirement in
Amos [JLS 1943], like someone         that he honed his biologist               Any political news was cut,      1974 so that he could care for his
suffering the bitter divorce of his   leanings, spending time during        not blackened, out of the            son, who was ill at home.
parents.                              high school at a marine lab.          publication.     "The    Japanese        Dr. Hellner was a devout
    The World War II veteran          About 32 nationalities were           removed anything immoral or          churchman, who served as an
grew up in the Far East,              represented in the student body       anything belittling or derogatory    elder and Sunday school teacher
spending his high school years in     of the school where Amos              to them," he said. And while         in the National City Christian
Tokyo where his father was the        attended and his father served as     American movies were played,         Church in Washington, DC.
headmaster at The American            headmaster.                           any romantic scenes were             When asked recently what he
School in Japan.                          "To my father, people were        deleted. Filmgoers would watch       would like to be remembered for,
    After the bombing of Pearl        people," he said. "It didn't make     the main characters start to         he wrote, “For teaching Sunday
Harbor and a year's training,         any difference who they were."        embrace and then immediately         school for over 50 years at
Amos became a code breaker            It was very clear to his family,      move away from one another.          National City.” Since moving to
with the U.S. Navy - one of most      however, that foreigners were         (to be cont’d)                       Buckingham’s Choice in 2000,
secret tasks of the war. He also      visitors and there at the tolerance                                        Dr. Hellner and his wife have
helped interrogate Japanese                                                          The Caladonian Record
                                      of an increasingly militaristic       PATIENCE DUSSAULT, Staff Writer      been members of the Hyattstown
prisoners.                            government. Some Japanese                                                  Christian Church.
                                                                                  Monday September 26, 2005
    "My        loyalties      were    maintained       a     sense     of              _______________
unquestionable," he said, "but it                                                                                                Frederick News-Post
                                      superiority, he said, over those                                                                 April 10, 2005
was difficult to grasp."              they felt were inferior to them         Maurice Hellner                                _______________
    After the war was over, Amos
and the other code breakers were
                                      socially and politically. "Koreans             JLS 1944                       Chief Hedge
                                      were treated by the Japanese the
ordered to not speak of anything
they had done for at least 20
                                      way blacks were treated in our
                                      country," he said. Some Russians
                                                                            Dr. Maurice (Maury) Henry
                                                                            Hellner died on Thursday, April      Stayed in Boulder
years.                                during the Bolshevik Revolution       7, 2005, in the health care center   [“Visit to the grave of Criss Claud
    He resumed his life as a          of 1917 emigrated from Russia         of Buckingham’s Choice in            Hedge, August 7, 1992.”
civilian, reuniting with his young    to Japan. Arriving with little or     Adamstown,          MD,         of   Among the first persons that I ever
wife and focusing on his love of      no money, Russians were only          complications due to Parkinson’s     came into contact with at Boulder
biology and research - following      given menial jobs.                    disease.                             was Chief Boatswain’s Mate Criss C.
a path that eventually led him to         "Living in this country with         Dr, Hellner was the son of        Hedge. He took his duties very
the Northeast Kingdom.                the protection we have, we don't      Lars and Mart Rothzen Hellner,       seriously and was our athletic
    "Everything in the past kind                                            who were Swedish immigrants.         instructor. He loved giving us push
                                      always realize how others are                                              ups and squat jumps. Later he was
of receded," he said. However, at     treated," he said. "It was a shock    He was the devoted husband of
age 84, he has begun to reflect                                                                                  changed to Chief Athletic Specialist
                                      to see little blond-haired, blue-     Artye Reed Hellner and beloved       and was supplanted by Chiefs
on the experiences he had so          eyed kids carrying charcoal and       father of Maurine Rosenberg of       Magill, Thompson, Friels and
many decades ago. Many of the         being beaten."                        New York City, Cheryl Hellner        Breslford, plus Robbins, who was an
Athletic Specialist First Class. After   Centroplex, the Boulder downtown         officers, often taking his meals         When we sailed from San
leaving our unit, he was in charge of    business association, serving as         with them and sharing his love of    Diego, our destination was
the exercises of the Radio School.       president in 1966. He was also an        biology. A few years later this      Guam, but that was changed en
                      William Hudson     active member of the Boulder Lions,
                                                                                  ship and the men on it would         route to what was to be our base
                            JLS 1944]    the Country Club, the Elks Lodge
                                         and the Methodist Church. He was         become a painful memory Amos         camp on the big Island of
Criss Hedge, known to the JLS as                                                  would carry home from the war.       Hawai'i, up on the Parker Ranch.
                                         also a member of several Masonic
CPO Hedge, has been the focus of a                                                   He enrolled at Rutgers                From there the division went
                                         orders: Columbia Lodge No. 14,
few comments by the readership, so
                                         Knights Templar, Queen Esther            University in 1939 as a biology      to Iwo, then back to Hawai'i to
Bill Hudson thought a longer story
                                         Chapter of the Eastern Star, and the     major. The mindset in the United     prepare for the invasion of Japan.
on the Chief might be warranted. I
                                         Colorado Consistory. He was widely       States at the time, he said, was      With that called off by Japan's
found the following information in
                                         known in the close-knit Boulder          that anything Japanese was           surrender, we, too, were sent to
the Hudson Collection.
                                         business community and died in
    Criss Claud Hedge was born to                                                 shoddy or of poor quality.           Sasebo and billeted in the former
                                         January 1970, just as Boulder’s
Mr. & Mrs. Charles F. Hedge in                                                    Americans believed "if it came       Ainoura Kaheidan.
                                         population growth had altered the old
Mena, Arkansas. He was educated at                                                to a war, we'll lick them in one         Since I was born and grew up
                                         small-town character of Boulder.
Carthage High School in Missouri,                                                 week with our hands tied behind      in Japan, never having left there
                                         Emma “Sis” Hedge passed away
North West State Teachers College,
                                         seven years later.                       our back," he said. But at the       until I was almost 17, I obtained
Maryville, MO (1929), and studied at
                                                                   D.M. Hays      bombing of Pearl Harbor in           a week's leave in early
George Washington University in
                                                            Editor & Archivist    1941, the Japanese were              November of 1945 to go to
Washington, DC [Two questions.
                                                & William Hudson Collection       militarily superior to the United    Tokyo to see what had happened
First, a CPO with so much college?
Second, how come so many sailors                                                  States in every way.                 to our home. It was a sad sight,
come from places without oceans like     [Ed.      Note:      The      apparent      Following the Dec. 7 attack, a    reminiscent of "Gone With The
Missouri?].                              contradiction between Bill Hudson’s      draft began in the United States.    Wind". Nothing was left but two
    Chief Hedge coached and taught       and the newspaper’s outline of the       Amos decided to go ahead and         chimneys, and for kilometers
physical education at the Marysville     Chief’s Navy activities in Boulder
                                                                                  enlist since he was going to be      around everything was levelled.
college, where he had played tackle      can be explained, or complicated, by
on the football team, for several        the CU Student/Faculty Directory,        drafted anyway. During his            Such is war unfortunately, but
years [now that’s more like it!]. He     which never lists Chief Hedge on the     interview with the Navy, he was      our family, with three siblings in
then entered the life insurance          JLS/OLS staff at all (see earlier        given a slip of paper labeling       the Pacific, was very lucky to
business in Kansas City. He entered      Interpreter staff lists). Early on, he   him as a "special agent." Since it   come through with no casualties,
the US Navy in World War II in           may have been on loan from the           was not issued "officially," the     although my brother, an Army
January 1942, trained at Norfolk, VA     Radio School, as there were no           draft board initially thought        language officer assigned to the
and was named a chief specialist [No     athletic specialists listed on the JLS   Amos forged the document. (to        Marine Corps at one point, did
doubt, one look at the former tackle     Staff in 1942-43. He probably
                                                                                  be cont’d)                           receive a Purple Heart for a
and they decided he was CPO              returned to the Radio School when
material]. After a West Coast            suitable PT ratings arrived at the                                            minor wound on Saipan.
                                                                                           The Caladonian Record
assignment, Chief Hedge was              JLS. Hedge never appeared in the         PATIENCE DUSSAULT, Staff Writer          Since     our        USMCR
assigned to the Navy Radio School at     JLS/OLS listings. CSp Criss C.                 Monday September 26, 2005      experiences paralleled each
the University of Colorado beginning     Hedge does appear in the 1943-44                    _______________           other, I couldn't resist the
in October 1942, and as an athletic      and 1944-45 Directories in the Radio                                          temptation to say hi. I live, and
instructor. Chief Hedge was later        School Staff List. The 1945-46            Conversation                        have been living for almost 50
assigned to other Navy programs at       Directory lists him in the V-6           Between Marines                      years, in Quito, Ecuador. The
CU, and it was in the capacity as        Program as a Physical Training
                                                                                  Dear Aubrey (from #113A):            annual Marine Corps Birthday
athletics instructor that most JLSers    Instructor in the overall V-12
came to know him, as Paul Hauck,         Program.      So     the    newspaper    I read with much interest your       Ball will be held next week, put
Art Dornheim and Bob Schwantes           information appears to be correct.]      exchange of emails with David        on by the Guard Detachment at
have testified.                                       _______________
                                                                                  Hays, especially because yours       the Embassy, and once again I'm
    He married Emma B. Howe (of                                                                                        sure I'll be the oldest Marine
the Howe Mortuary family) in
                                         WW II Vet Reflects On                    and my respective sojourns at the
                                                                                                                       present, to share a piece of cake
                                                                                  JLS in Boulder overlapped.      I
Boulder on June 6, 1943. They did        Days as Code Breaker                     entered in September of 1942,        with the youngest.            That
what many of those who attended the                                                                                    ceremony,      and     the    lone
school wanted to do. Instead of          (Cont’d) After completing high           and graduated in November of
                                         school, Amos spent an additional         1943. Our paths must have            unoccupied table, set for one, in
returning to Missouri after the War,
the couple chose to stay in Boulder.     year in Japan. He returned to the        crossed while there, although I      a corner, inevitably evoke
In the Spring of 1946, the Hedges        United States in 1939 for college        confess that after 62 years, my      emotional memories of years
opened Boulder Sporting Goods            and to become reacquainted with          recollection of the names of         long gone by.
located on 1912 Broadway between                                                                                                                    Semper Fi!
                                         the country of his birth. "I'd been      fellow language students, outside
Walnut and Pearl [Now the proud                                                                                                                     Dick Moss
                                         an American all my life, but I           of those in the same class, is                                     JLS 1943
location of a parking lot]. There was
not much stock for their shelves         didn't know the United States,"          hazy. Classmates with whom I                    _______________

initially, sporting goods having been    he said.                                 transferred to the Marine Corps
made scarce during the war                   He originally planned to             while at Boulder included Ed             Michael Rogers
economy. They were joined by             travel across Asia and Europe            Seidensticker, John McLean,                 JLS 1944
Glenn Sisson, who had learned aerial     before returning to the United           Rich White, John Farrior, Owen
photography in the Navy, had taken a     States, but in 1939, travel              Zurhellen, Halsey Wilbur, Bob
                                                                                                                              UC Berkeley
liking to it and was going to sell       through Europe was not possible          Murphy, Roger Marshall and               Professor Emeritus
photographic supplies in the store.
                                         because war had broken out.              others whose names don't come        BERKELEY         –      Michael
    In 1961, he opened Chief’s
Sporting Goods in Estes Park. They           Instead, he traveled from            to me at this moment. We also        Courtney Rogers, a University of
lived on 15th and Columbine, near        Japan through the Panama Canal           spent a couple of grueling           California, Berkeley, professor
Chautauqua until they moved to           to New York aboard the Komaki            months, not at Quantico but at       emeritus of East Asian studies
Meadow Avenue in North Boulder.          Maru, a fast Japanese freighter.         Camp LeJeune, after which we         who was honored by the Korean
    Chief Hedge soon became a            Amos quickly became very                 were sent to Camp Pendleton to       government for his contributions
bulwark [or maybe bulkhead] of the       friendly with the crew and its           join the Fifth Marine Division.
community. He was active in                                                                                            to the study of Korean culture,
died May 4, 2005 at his home in       and alone. He also spent several      they retired to Grass Valley, in        prisoners of war. Most of them
Grass Valley, Calif., following a     months living with the monks in       the Sierra foothills.                   were in poor physical shape, as
long battle with the rare blood       a Buddhist monastery in Tibet            His      family    said   that       the Japanese avoided capture at
disease multiple myeloma.             and was one of very few               throughout his life, Rogers'            any cost.
    "Rogers was a meticulous          Caucasians ever given that            passion for knowledge never                While stationed in Hawaii, he
scholar and linguist," said Jeffrey   privilege.                            abated, and in retirement he            learned how to surf, which was
Riegel, professor of Chinese,            He returned to his studies at      focused on politics and Western         the sport of Hawaiian royalty. At
East Asian language and culture       UC Berkeley in 1950 and               civilization,    resurrected    a       the time they used boards 10 to
and chair of the Center for           received his Ph.D. in oriental        youthful passion for Latin, and         12 feet long made out of heavy
Chinese Studies at UC Berkeley.       languages in June 1953. He            wrote poetry.                           koa wood. "They were not at all
"He had mastered the literary         married Frances Branger in               A native of Santa Ana, Calif.,       like the surfboards today," he
forms of Chinese and Korean,          1954.                                 Rogers is survived by sons              said. (To be cont’d)
and his translations - as well as        Rogers joined the UC               Daniel Rogers of Oakland,                         The Caladonian Record
his scholarly writings - are          Berkeley faculty in 1953 as a         Calif., and Mathew Rogers of            PATIENCE DUSSAULT, Staff Writer
exemplars of elegance and             professor of oriental languages       Modesto, Calif.; daughters Suzie              Monday September 26, 2005
clarity."                             and eventually become chair of        and Camilla Rogers of Grass
    Rogers' love of languages
started when he was at San
                                      what is now East Asian Studies.
                                         At UC Berkeley, he taught
                                                                            Valley, Avian Rogers of Palm
                                                                            Springs, and Ame Wauters of
                                                                                                                        Daphne Shaw
Diego High School and San             Chinese, Japanese and Korean.         Novato, Calif.; and three                    Stegmaier
Diego State University, where he      His scholarly research included       brothers, Joseph Rogers of San
                                                                                                                         WAVE, JLS 1944
studied Latin and French.             translating into English ancient      Francisco, Jack Rogers of
    Rogers transferred to UC          Chinese dynastic histories that       Glendale, and Chuck Rogers of
                                                                                                                    Daphne Shaw Stegmaier, widow
Berkeley in 1942 and dedicated        had never previously been             Pasadena. Rogers' wife, Francea,
                                                                                                                    of U.S. diplomat John Lloyd
himself first to Mongolian            translated. Among the best            died in 2001.
                                                                                                 Kathleen Maclay    Stegmaier and translator of
studies.       He    helped     his   known is "Chronicle of Fu
                                                                                                 Media Relations    Kageo Muraoka and Kichiemon
department chairman compile           Chien: A Case of Exemplar
                                                                                                     UC Berkeley    Okamura's "Folk Arts and Crafts
the world's first Mongolian-to-       History," published by UC Press
                                                                                                    24 May 2005     of Japan," died at her Maryland
English dictionary.                   in 1968 as one title in a Chinese
                                                                                                   & David Hays     home Nov. 21, 2004, her family
    He completed his B.A. in          Dynastic Histories Translation                              The Interpreter   said. She was 81.
1944, and after the start of World    Project that was organized on the                 _______________
                                                                                                                        Born in Kobe in 1923 as the
War        II,    Rogers       was    UC Berkeley campus.
commissioned as an ensign in             Andrew Barshay, a UC               WW II Vet Reflects On                   daughter of writer, translator and
                                                                            Days as Code Breaker                    U.S. government official Glenn
the U.S. Navy and sent to its         Berkeley professor of history and
                                                                                                                    William Shaw, Stegmaier spent
Japanese/Oriental        Language     chair of the Center for Japanese
                                                                            (Cont’d) Japanese was rarely            her childhood and many of her
School at the University of           Studies,      recalled     Rogers'
                                                                            being taught in the United States,      adult years in Japan.          She
Colorado in Boulder. He               undergraduate Korean language
                                                                            and Amos was one of the very            attended the US Navy Japanese
delivered the valedictory address     classes during the early 1970s
                                                                            few men of military age who             Language      School     at    the
there in fluent Japanese when he      that were held in his office in the
                                                                            knew any Japanese. He was sent          University of Colorado as a
graduated [in 1944].                  basement of Durant Hall.
                                                                            to the University of Colorado in        Navy WAVE from 1943 to 1944.
     After graduation, he changed        "He had, as I recall, a
                                                                            Boulder for Japanese Language           By the Spring of 1944, Glenn
his commission from Navy              practiced and graceful hand in
                                                                            School.                                 Shaw was the new Director of
ensign to Marine Corps second         writing Chinese characters and
                                                                                "We      were     taught     by     the School.
lieutenant and underwent Marine       hangul, the Korean syllabary,"
                                                                            wonderful, extremely patriotic              During her husband's stint in
Corps training at Camp Lejeune,       said Barshay. "I think I
                                                                            Japanese-Americans           whose      Tokyo, she was active in such
N.C. Then he was sent to the          remember him saying that he
                                                                            entire families had been interned       organizations as the International
Pacific, participating as a           didn't speak colloquial Korean
                                                                            in remote camps, having been            Ladies Benevolent Society and
language officer, translating         fluently, but he seemed to
                                                                            removed       en    masse     from      the       College        Women's
documents and interviewing            pronounce it with ease and had a
                                                                            California," he said.                   Association of Japan. While her
prisoners of war in the Okinawa       good ear for correcting my
                                                                                The      intensive     training     husband was U.S. consul general
campaign that began in April          pronunciation and getting the
                                                                            program in written and spoken           for Kobe and Osaka, she
1945.                                 intonation of sentences right."
                                                                            Japanese, designed for military         cofounded the Kobe chapter of
    Rogers told his family that          Rogers "had a pleasantly
                                                                            attachés for ambassadors, was a         the International Toastmistress
after Japan surrendered in            rumpled quality about him, and
                                                                            four-year course the Navy               Club.
August 1945, he was surprised         twinkly eyes, and just struck me
                                                                            condensed into 14 months. The               After      her      husband's
that some Japanese prisoners          as a contented person," said
                                                                            naval agents spent about six            retirement,     the    Stegmaiers
thought his account to them of        Barshay.
                                                                            hours a day in classes and six to       focused their activities on
the surrender was a ploy. After          Rogers was honored by the
                                                                            eight hours a day doing                 helping the mentally disabled,
the war ended, he finished his        South Korean government with
                                                                            homework. Weekly oral and               leading     the     Well     Mind
service with a several-month tour     the Bo-Gwan award in 1985 for
                                                                            written exams were the norm. "I         Association        of      Greater
of duty in China and was              his scholarly original research
                                                                            barely made it," Amos said.             Washington and cofounding the
promoted to first lieutenant.         into Korean antiquity. After
                                                                            "This was just hellish."                New Hope Foundation.
    Returning to UC Berkeley in       receiving the award, he and his
                                                                                Following the brutal training,
1946, he studied Chinese and          wife set up the UC Study Abroad                                                                  The Japan Times
                                                                            Amos was commissioned as an                                    Dec. 8, 2004
Tibetan, and two years later          Program at Yonsei University in
                                                                            ensign in general intelligence                             & David M. Hays
received a Fulbright scholarship      Seoul [where he ought to have
                                                                            and sent to Pearl Harbor for 21/2                                    Editor
to study those languages in           met     fellow     JLO     Horace
                                                                            years, where at first he assisted                  _______________
China and Tibet. He traveled          Underwood]. Upon their return,
                                                                            in      interviewing      Japanese
extensively there, often on foot

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