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					EuropeAid                         Renewable energy
                                  Wood fuels services for poverty reduction and
                                  environmental conservation in Tanzania 

                                     Initially I was using my improved
                                     charcoal oven for baking purposes only
                                     but I came to realise that the retained
                                     heat after baking could be used to dry
                                     ground nuts and cashew nuts.

     EC Partners                       Mary Isara, one of the entrepreneurs
                                                                 in Kisarawe
     Humanist Institute for
     Cooperation with
     Developing Countries
                                   Biomass fuels (wood, charcoal) account for about 90% of the total
                                   energy consumption in Tanzania. These fuels are used mostly for
                                   cooking and sometimes for productive purposes. Over 95% of the wood
     Facts and Figures             fuels are extracted from natural forests and public woodlands through
                                   inefficient technologies. The producers of charcoal use inefficient kilns
        EC contribution:           with low conversion efficiencies (10-15%), while three stone fire places
        € 800,000
                                   and metal charcoal stoves with low thermal efficiencies are used for
        Duration: 2006-2011        cooking.


                                       Contribute to poverty reduction of beneficiaries and to environmental
                                       Increase income of beneficiaries, reduce costs, increase efficiency
                                       in the utilisation of wood fuels and use of efficient wood fuels stoves,
                                       ovens and charcoal production kilns.


                                       Significant infrastructures for the production and marketing of wood
                                       fuel technologies developed and strengthened.
                                       Wood fuel technology entrepreneurs enabled to set-up profitable
                                       and sustainable businesses.
                                       Beneficiaries empowered on both technical and business
                                       management skills for production, marketing and use of efficient
                                       wood fuel technologies.
                                       70% reduced firewood consumption and annual savings of € 278 per
                                       household on charcoal expenditure.
                                       25 training sessions organised and over 150 women trained on
                                       baking in improved charcoal ovens.

For more information:                                                         MDG 1
Renewable energy                                                              EuropeAid
Wood fuels services for poverty reduction and environmental
conservation in Tanzania 

    Groups of people or private entrepreneurs are actively involved in the
    baking businesses using improved charcoal ovens. Only a small amount
    of charcoal (about 600 g), sold for 30 cents is required to make 288
    pieces of cakes. The price of one piece of cake ranges from 6 to 8
    cents, so entrepreneurs can earn up to € 50 per day. One entrepreneur
    based in Kilimanjaro Region with six improved charcoal baking ovens
    has employed 6 people to meet the growing demand. The required
    investment is small (ca. € 360) to buy an oven and equipment.
    Ms Regina Chuwa, one of the entrepreneurs said: "I started baking with
    one charcoal oven, but due to the high demand of pastries in this
    locality I decided to invest in five more ovens. Now I earn about TZS
    80,000 per day."
    Beneficiaries started using improved firewood stoves for cooking. For
    instance, an improved firewood stove was installed at Hegongo
    Secondary school in Muheza District and reduced firewood
    consumption by 70%. In urban areas, households using improved
    charcoal stoves have reduced their expenditure for buying charcoal by
    more than 50%.
    Ms Asia Makumu, one of the early users of improved stoves in Kisarawe
    said: "The improved firewood stove is a liberation for women. Now I
    collect firewood only once a week instead of three times. This is why I
    now have more time for other households chores.”

      Training on Baking with Charcoal Oven