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					              PROJECT COMENIUS


This school year our school OŠ Vižmarje Brod joined the project called Comenius.

There are five countries in this project: Slovenia        , Portugal          , the

Netherlands          , Sweden           and Germany            .

People in different countries are different, they have different customs and habits,
languages, culture…and of course they also have different food habits. Our task for
the first year (2006/ 07) was to find out about eating habits of school children and
their families and compare the eating habits between countries. We concentrated on
breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and fast food. We had to pay special attention to
snacks. We first had a deeper look at our eating habits with a questionnaire and then
we emailed our email friends from Portugal, Germany, Sweden and the Netherlands
and asked them about snacks only. Here are our results

Mojca Maček, Zala Müller, Kim Rotar, Ţan Pavlič,
Rok Urbančič, Tajda Kendič, Maja Wolf, Aleksandra

We compared Slovenian and German food habits. We got answers from two girls
and we made the following conclusion from their answers.

Pupils in Germany usually eat sandwich with butter and they sometimes add jam or
nutella. They often drink fizzy drinks, apple and orange juice, but water too. They
don`t have candy machines but they buy snacks for lunch in their small shop.
Everybody who wants to eat for the first break, has to bring snack with to school.
They can buy lunch in the school cantine. Germans usually finish lessons before
afternoon break so they go home for lunch, but if they have more lessons, they eat a
small bar of chocolate of similar sweet. Their food is not very healthy, because they
don`t have much fruit and vegetables. Pupils aren`t hungry between the lessons
because they get enough food from the morning and midday break, but sometimes
they eat some fruit.

Picture 1: Fizzy drinks                                  Picture 2: Fruit

We think that our food is much healthier. We have fruit with almost every meal. We
also don`t drink fizzy drinks but fruit juice. Our meals are smaller and we have them
more often. We rarely eat crisps, pizza or ice-creams.

Eva Bojc, Katarina Remec, Nikki Trnovec, Ţiga
Verbič, Ana Vojsk, Valerija Brajkovič

We were emailing the Dutch students. We asked them about their snacks during the
school. We got some answers.

During the first school brake at 10 am they usually eat cookies (sultana, chocolate) or
bread and they drink juices.

They have a candy-machine in school but they don’t eat there very often, just twice a
month. They think that they don’t have enough healthy food in their school.
Nobody goes to the village during the school breaks, because they are not allowed.
In the first afternoon break at 2 pm they usually eat bread and they drink water. Some
students prefer to eat fruit. They don’t eat between lessons.

In Netherlands they eat more unhealthy things for snacks; we guess the reason is the
candy-machine. We think that our food is different and healthier. For snacks we
usually eat fruit or sandwiches and not so much cookies and chocolates. Our school
organizes meals and that is why we don’t have candy-machines.
Katja Mihorko, Dafne Marko, Eva Dobnikar, Nastja Knez

We exchanged our e-mails with the students from
Portugal and started to learn about their habits. We
asked them six questions about the snack they eat during the school day. We got
answers from three students: Chico-, Marisa- and Silvia- .

In the first short break (at 10:00) they usually eat some cereals or sandwiches and
                          drink different drinks like yoghurt, juice or chocolate milk. We
                          also asked them if they buy things from the candy machine,
                          but they don’t have it in their school. They buy food just from
                          the school bar or from the coffeehouse. Most of them also go
                          to the village to eat their snack, but some of them think
                          there’s no time to do it. They have different opinion about the
                          healthy food at their school. Some of them think it’s ok and
                          that it could be worse and the others think it’s not well cooked
and prefer eating in the village. They don’t have the afternoon break (at 14:00)-at that
time they eat lunch. They eat between their lessons and they mostly eat a piece of
cake, chips, bread with cheese, cookies, donuts, toast or sandwiches and they drink

          From their answers we’ve learned that they don’t eat as healthy as we do.
          They eat a lot of sweet things like donuts, cake, cookies and other stuff.
          They never eat fruit or vegetables, they only eat
          sandwiches, toasts, bread with cheese etc. We also
          drink more water than the Portuguese students. A
          huge difference between our and their eating habits is
          that we never go to the village to buy food and
          that we don’t eat as many snacks as they do.
We think that the reason for that is that we eat our dinner
earlier than they do, so they are very hungry and they
have to eat more unhealthy snacks. The only thing that
we have in common is that none of us have candy
machines at school so we can’t but food in that way.
Rebeka Bernik, Rosana Sluga-Štih, Rok Milošič, Katja
Jurak, Tjaša Kotnik, Margit Bergant, Tiana Lipovac

We emailed 3 Swedish students, but only one of them replied. We have written our
report based on the answers of one student only. We are going to compare their
snacks with ours.

Students in Sweden eat quite healthy food. They prove this with the
fact that they never buy anything from a candy machine. This
means that they eat less candies and crisps. Even though they
think that there is enough healthy snack food to buy in school, they
go into a village to eat there during a break. In the afternoon they
eat nothing, but they snack between lessons. They usually eat fruit
and sandwiches.

                                  Snacks in Sweden are quite
                                  different that the ones in Slovenia.
                                  We have a snack at 9.15, but for
                                  most pupils that’s actually
                                  breakfast and we usually eat
                                  cereals, bread whit butter and jam, fruit, sometimes
                                  even pizza! In Swedish schools they have 2 short
                                  breaks. First is at 10 am and they usually eat fresh
                                  fruit and vegetables (grapes, oranges, apples,
melon, carrots, cucumbers…), cheese, cereal ... The second short break is at 2 pm
and they eat fruit, cheese, crackers, cereal, small boxes of raisins… At school they
don’t buy candies from candy machine. We also don’t buy food from candy machine
because we don’t have one. We mustn’t leave school during the break to go eat to
the village, but they can. We sometimes have a snack between lessons and usually
we eat fruit.
Nina Habjan, Miha Strojan, Lara Zombra, Lea
Avsenik, Mitja Kragelj, Cilka Toplak, Teja Willenpart,
Pia Šekoranja

Snack is food that we eat between meals. People in Slovenia usually eat breakfast at
home, then they have snack around 11 am at work. They cook lunch when they
come home from work at about 5 or 6pm and they have dinner at about 8 pm. The
schoolchildren mostly eat breakfast at home, they have snack at school at about
10.30. They can have lunch at school from 12 to 13.30 and most people have school
lunch. When they come home they eat together with their family another lunch and
they have dinner at 8 in the evening. Our meals are small but we have them more
often therefor we don't eat food between meals. A lot of pupils have afterschool
activities like sports, music lessons or language lessons, so they don't have time to
think about food all the time.

At school we eat yoghurt, fruit, pastry, bread, sweets, and
drink juice… in the first short break. We don’t have any
candy machines but we have a market near the school.
We can buy there snacks after the school because we
are not to go out of school during the schoolday. We
don’t eat snacks between lessons. Because we can’t buy
any snacks in school, we eat light meals cooked there. In
the afternoon break we actually have lunch. That’s why
we don’t need to eat food outside school, e. g. in
restaurants. In the afternoon if we are hungry, we usually
eat food at home, e. g. fruit, biscuits, bread with cheese
and ham…

We believe that we eat healthy food at school, because we are offered a lot of fruit,
dairy products and black bread. We rarely get pizza or donuts or chocolate. Instead
of unhealthy snacks, we eat healthy lunch, cooked at school. Our lunch menu does
not include fast food. There are vegetarians at our school, that’s why we have a
possibility to eat vegetarian food.
  1. We eat yoghurt, fruit, pastry, bread, tea,        SWEDEN
  2. We don't have a candy machine.                        1. They eat fresh fruit and vegetable,
  3. You can't buy anything at school, but                    cheese, cereal,...
     we can always get fruit.                              2. They rarely buy food from the candy
  4. We are not allow to go out of school.                    machine.
  5. We have cooked lunch at that time in                  3. Yes.
     the school canteen.                                   4. They go to the village and buy some
  6. No, we don't.                                            food there.
                                                           5. They eat nothing in the afternoon
                                                              break, they have a snack between
                                                           6. They eat fruit and sandwiches.

       1. What do you eat in the          PORTUGAL
          first school break?
       2. How often do you buy                1. They eat some cereals or sandwiches, they drink
          food from the candy                    yoghurt, juice or chocolate milk.
          machine?                            2. They don't have a candy machine.
       3. Do you think there is               3. No, they can buy some from the school bar or from
          enough healthy snack                   their coffee house.
          food to buy at school?              4. Yes, they some go to the village to have a snack,
       4. Do you go into the                     because they don't like the school food, some stay at
          village to eat during a                school and eat there.
          break?                              5. In the afternoon break they have lunch.
       5. Why do you eat/ drink               6. Yes, they mostly eat cake, chips, bread with cheese,
          during afternoon                       cookies, donuts, toasts and they drink juice.
       6. Do you snack between
          lessons? What do you
          have then?

                                                         1. They eat bread and butter, sometimes
 THE NETHERLANDS                                            they add jam or nutella. They drink
                                                            fizzy drinks or juice. But they have to
   1. They usually have cookies or bread and                bring food with them from home.
      they drink juice.                                  2. They don't have a candy machine.
   2. They have a candy machine, but they                3. They think they don't have enough fruit
      don't use it very often.                              and vegetable.
   3. They don't think that they get enough              4. We didn't get the answer.
      healthy food at school.                            5. They finish early so they don't have the
   4. They are not allowed to go to village                 afternoon break. At that time they go
      during the break.                                     home for lunch.
   5. They eat bread and they drink water in             6. They aren't hungry between lessons
      the afternoon. Some students prefer                   because they have enough food from
      fruit.                                                the morning and midday break.
   6. They don't eat between lessons.