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Volume 23, Issue 1                                                                                             March 2008
                                                 MICHIGAN on RECORD
                                                    PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE
       MAHDI 2008                           Other than attending my local chapter’s educational opportunities, my
    EXECUTIVE BOARD                         involvement with AHDI was very limited. I knew enough though that if this
                                            was to be my career, AHDI would be an integral part of that based on the
 President/1st Alternate Delegate           support it lends not only to its members, but to the industry. So, when two
 Sheila Guston, CMT                         MAMT officers mentioned that the State chapter was at risk of folding due to
 2046 Cayuga NW                             lack of volunteers, it got my attention. Did I have time to be involved? Did I
 Grand Rapids, MI 49504                     know enough about AHDI to get involved? What help could I possibly offer?
 Phone: (616) 453-3322                      As a supervisor at Spectrum Health and mother of 3 very challenging
                                            adolescent girls, the answer to the first two questions was definitely NO. I
 President-Elect/2nd Alt. Delegate          certainly didn’t feel I knew enough about AHDI to make a difference.
 Kathleen Dominguez, CMT, FAAMT
                                            However, what was needed was a President Elect whose main priority was
 433 Coats Road                             planning the next State meeting. Well, that I could do. Besides, these two
 Lake Orion, MI 48362                       board members promised they’d help me with the rest, so I took a leap!
 Phone: (248) 693-5925
 email:                    Planning the 2007 State meeting was a lot of fun! It was fun finding speakers
                                            to present what I thought would be interesting topics for our members. It was
 Secretary/3rd Alt. Delegate                fun planning meals and snacks I thought people would enjoy. It was fun
 Peggy Smith, CMT                           getting to know this new group of people and working toward a common goal.
 7482 20th Ave.                             I was thrilled that so many of you could attend and truly enjoyed the meeting.
 Jenison, MI 49428                          The feedback was wonderful and certainly helps us plan future meetings. As
 Phone: (616) 667-3559
                                            hard as we try to put together a meeting that everyone will enjoy, there is
                                            always going to be something that makes someone unhappy. Please don’t wait
 Treasurer/4th Alt. Delegate                until the meeting is over to share your concerns – if you’re chilly, say
                                            something! If someone or something is disturbing you, say something! But
 Stephanie Kinney, CMT, RHIT,               say it right away so something can be done to make the remainder of the
                                            meeting more enjoyable. Better yet, help plan the next meeting! There is a lot
 223 32nd Street SE
 Wyoming, MI 49548
                                            of work that goes into it so the more the merrier!
 Phone: (616) 241-6115
 email:                       So, I guess what I want to say is that if I can do this, so can you! You can be
                                            involved as much or as little as you’d like, but get involved! State board
 Immediate Past President                   meetings are open to everyone, so put the dates on your calendar and plan to
 Kathleen Offman, CMT                       attend – we would LOVE for you to join us (May 3, July 19, October 3, and
 18725 Blakley Drive
                                            December 6)! Interested in possibly holding an office? Shadow someone
 Woodhaven, MI 48183
 Phone: (734) 675-0390
                                            already in that position and see exactly what is involved before you take the
 email:                   leap! I firmly believe that taking that leap and getting involved is the reason I
                                            finally took the CMT exam this year.
 Dianna Hall, CMT, FAAMT                    Kathy Dominguez, CMT, FAAMT, is planning a fabulous State meeting this
 5705 Hacienda Court                        year! You won’t want to miss it, so reserve October 3-5, 2008 on your
 Saginaw, MI 48603                          calendar as well. Support your local chapter’s fundraising effort to bring Dr.
 Phone: (989) 792-4929                      Richard Lederer to our State meeting. Dr. Lederer is the author of many
 Email:                 excellent and funny books about the English language. He has written a great
                                            number of books and articles, some appearing in JAAMT.

Mark your calendars for spring symposia all over the state – Mid Michigan and Bay Area Spring Fling in Frankenmuth is
on May 17,Huron River’s Spring Symposium is on March 15, and West Michigan Chapter’s Spring Symposium is on
4/19. If you’ve ever considered going to AHDI’s national meeting, this is the year to do it! The 2008 Annual Convention
is being held in Orlando, FL from August 6 through August 9. Dr. G: Medical Examiner is one of the speakers! I attended
                                         MICHIGAN ON RECORD
for the first time last year in Reno and loved it! The educational opportunities, the vendor exhibits, the networking – can’t
be beat! Plus, bring your family and enjoy all that Orlando has to offer!

Finally, in an effort to increase membership and member involvement, AHDI is launching what they’ve called the “Next
Gen” campaign this year. Many of our Baby Boomers are retiring and dropping out of association life. Let’s do our part
to increase membership and involvement by making the Michigan chapter a force to be reckoned with! Seek out
transcription students or recent graduates….help educate the general public about a career in healthcare documentation
and direct those who are interested to the career information available on AHDI’s web site. Pins will soon be available to
help in this effort. They state simply, I Love My Career…Ask Me Why.

Let’s work together to boost membership. The chapter that increases membership by the highest percentage by the end of
August 2008 will be honored at this year’s State meeting and will receive a gift of appreciation the entire chapter can
enjoy. Share what you do with others and invite them to attend a meeting with you! I’ll provide an update on how the
chapters are doing over the next few months.

Finally, I’m proud to represent Michigan this year as President. I may not know it all, but I’m willing to ask the questions
that need to be asked and do what needs to be done. Please don’t ever hesitate to contact me or any one of the board
members for questions, concerns, or suggestions. We want to hear from you – we’re here FOR you.

Sheila Guston, CMT
2008 MAHDI President

                                      NEED MORE CECs???????????
Are you having trouble planning your recertification credits? Do you find that there are not enough hours in a day, let
alone a week or a three-year recertification cycle to earn credits quickly and for a low price? You may want to consider
the wonderful world of the “Drive Thru” option for CECs – Webinars! Webinars are a quick and easy way of earning
credits, and they typically only take an hour out of your busy schedule. Each hour earns you a full credit toward your
recertification. If you did one webinar a month during your recertification cycle, you would exceed your 30 required

With that in mind, there is a dynamic schedule of webinars planned at AHDI. Past webinars are also available for credit.
Do not put off for tomorrow what you can accomplish today. Register now! Each webinar is set at the low rate of $20
member, $30 nonmembers. Click on the title to register for the event. Remember, you must sign in as a member in order
to get the member rate. If you have trouble registering, contact Member Services toll free at 800-982-2182.

                                    MORE CEC OPPORTUNITIES……
The Discovery Health Channel now offers online continuing education credits for medical professionals. You can watch
a credit-worthy program, offered Saturday and Sunday mornings, on the Discovery Health Channel in your area and then
take an online quiz; or view the presentations online and take the quiz. If you achieve a passing score, you will earn 1
Clinical Medicine CEC. After taking the quiz, you can print off the proof of CE form and file it away for your
recertification. To get started, log on to and register. It’s completely free! Check out the
list of upcoming topics, then start earning your free Clinical Medicine CECs.

                                              MICHIGAN ON RECORD
The Book of Style for Medical
Transcription, 3rd Edition
The Association for Healthcare Documentation Integrity
(AHDI) will be releasing the 3rd edition of The Book of Style
for Medical Transcription in March of 2008. This widely
acclaimed industry standards manual has long been the
trusted resource for data capture and documentation
standards in healthcare. The 3rd edition will deliver a
streamlined and strategically reorganized flow of critical data,
enhanced explanation of standards and practical application,
robust examples taken from clinical medicine settings, and so
much more.

What’s New in This Edition?

        Reorganization of all content into topical sections
         and chapter
        A detailed content index at the beginning of each
        A professionally drafted content index at the end of
        Foreword written by John H. Dirckx, MD                    New Pricing!
        A "What’s New in This Edition" preface that provides
         a detailed list of all changes in standards of style
         addressed in the text for ease of reference               The BOS 3rd edition is being offered at a new,
        Completely redrafted content sections throughout
                                                                   economical rate:
         the text, particularly in Section 2: General Standards
         of Style
        More detailed, comprehensive content explanations         $50 for members
         and rationale for standards and style
                                                                   $70 for nonmembers
        More and better style application examples taken
         from a clinical medicine context                          This is a reduction in price over the previous 2nd
        A complete chapter dedicated to medical record
         types and formats, including a new section                edition.
         addressing turn-around times (TATs)
        A complete chapter dedicated to medical record
         privacy, security, and integrity, including all
         standards and recommendations previously housed
         in AHDI’s HIPAA for MTs paper                             The Book of Style for Medical Transcription, 3rd
        A complete chapter dedicated to amending and              edition, will not come with a CD or .pdf file;
         modifying the patient record
        Trend Notes included throughout the text that alert       however, we anticipate release of a subscription-
         the reader to the current and/or potential impact of      based web access electronic version of this
         emerging technologies (EHR/EMR, speech
                                                                   edition by end of year 2008 for those who want
         recognition, etc.) on a particular standard of style
        An entire section of chapters addressing trends and       and prefer this text in electronic format.
         drivers in the industry                                   This beautifully created resource is now available
        Medical specialty chapters with organized
                                                                   for preorder (see top right) and will be available
         standards, including many new classification
         systems not included in the 2nd edition                   for delivery in March of 2008. Don’t wait! A
        Cross-referencing throughout the text to redirect         preorder guarantees you will receive a copy from
         users to related information and standards
        Duplication of specific standards, where appropriate,     the first print run as soon as AHDI receives
         in more than one chapter in anticipation of where         shipment, so order yours today!
         users will most likely look for information

                                        MICHIGAN ON RECORD
                           2008 AHDI Component Membership Contest
What: AHDI is sponsoring a component level membership contest to increase membership at the national level in all
        membership categories. Components will compete in two separate categories, local components and
        State/Regional components. Only new members will qualify for the membership contest. New members are
        considered any individuals who have never been a member in any category with AHDI.

How: Components will be responsible for collecting and submitting all new membership applications and payments to
        the national office to count toward component totals. Please submit membership applications, credit card and
        check payments to:
                Attn: Bethany Twist
                4230 Kiernan Ave., Suite 130
                Modesto, CA 95356

        Submission must be postmarked no later than April 30, 2008. If the new member chooses to pay directly by
        contacting Member Services, they must email with the name of the component that they
        want their application credited towards, no later than April 30, 2008. The email must come from the new member
        not the component association.

When: The dates of the contest will be March 1, 2008 through April 30, 2008.

Why: If every State/Regional Component brought in 10 members and active local components brought in 5 members,
        AHDI would have 540 new members in two months. These 540 new members will help create energy and
        excitement about the association and help the leadership at all levels of the association spread excitement about
        AHDI programs and potentially help recruit additional new members.

How: AHDI staff will work with the membership council to keep the energy up about the membership contest through
        advertisements in Vitals and the Leadership blasts. The Membership Council and component members will be
        encouraged to place a tag line under their signature lines in emails during the length of the contest.

Prizes:         Winning components will have the option of choosing their prize from the items below. Only one prize
        from each category will be awarded to the winning component on the State/Regional level and one prize in each
        category to the Local Component level.

1st Place Prizes:
     1. One registration to ACE 2008 with 3 nights stay at the Disney Hilton in Orlando including a complimentary
         component table in the exhibit hall at the convention. Approximate Value $850.00
     2. All expenses paid trip for Betty Honkonen, CMT, FAAMT, AHDI President or Peter Preziosi, PhD, CAE, AHDI
         CEO, to visit your component event as a speaker. (Must allow 60 days notice to event and schedule must permit.)
         Approximate Value $850.00
2nd Place Prizes:
     1. One registration to ACE 2008 in Orlando including a complimentary component table in the exhibit hall at the
         convention. Approximate Value $375.00
     2. One CMT & Product package including: CMT Prep Quizzes CD, CMT Prep Guide, CMT Online Prep Course,
         Book of Style, 3rd Edition, Mega MT Challenge Combo CDs, Willie Getwell CD. Approximate Value $340.00
3 Place Prizes:
     1. Complimentary website design and hosting for your component for 1 year. Approximate Value $110.00
     2. One enrollment to the Leadership Institute and one leadership institute webinar gift certificate. Approximate
         Value $120.00

                                     MICHIGAN ON RECORD
                                     NEWS AROUND THE STATE

                                    Bay Area Chapter – No Report Available.
    MAHDI 2008
        CHAPTER                     Huron River Chapter –             The Huron River Chapter held its final board
       PRESIDENTS                   meeting of 2007 on Saturday, December 29. It was a productive meeting, where
                                    we set the chapter schedule for 2008 and drafted our preliminary budget. We are
 Bay Area Chapter                   proud to be in full compliance with AHDI, including having submitted our bylaws,
 Cheryl Cowles, CMT                 and our audit is scheduled for January 29. Membership renewals have been sent
 3809 Nottingham Terrace            out. However, due to a family emergency, the membership chair is out of town, so
 Midland, MI 48642                  we are unable to confirm actual membership numbers; but it is over 20 currently.
 Phone: (989) 374-0291              Our calendar for 2008 includes an educational meeting followed by our board
 Email:                             meeting at St. Mary Hospital in Livonia on February 16; our spring symposium on
                                    March 15; a networking event on Tuesday, April 22; a student day on September
 Huron River Chapter                20; a technology workshop on November 8; and our final board meeting of the
 April Martin, RHIT, CMT, FAAMT
                                    year will be December 9. We chose the theme for the symposium to be, "MTs:
 15681 Arnold                       Education, Membership, and Networking = Success! Make your own luck!" We
 Gregory, MI 48137                  have a few vendors secured and are working on speakers currently. We are waiting
 Phone: (734) 498-7901              for our newsletter to be posted on the website and are currently looking for a
 Email:                             newsletter editor for 2008. A notice of Red Cedar's extremely generous       contributions was also included in the newsletter so that all HRC members were
                                    aware. We still have Perks cards for sale and have lowered the price to $7.
 Mid-Michigan Chapter               MHIMA Update
 Kathleen Dominguez, CMT            April Martin, RHIT, CMT, FAAMT
 FAAMT                              President, HRC
 433 Coats Road
 Lake Orion, MI 48362               Mid-Michigan Chapter – The Mid-Michigan Chapter is currently working
 Phone: (248) 693-5925
                                    on fundraising and sponsorships to bring in Dr. Richard Lederer for the MAHDI
                                    Annual Meeting in October. Remember to order Dr. Lederer’s book, Presidential
 West Michigan Chapter              Trivia, as Dr. Lederer will be donating 30% of the profit from the sale of this book
                                    to help defray the cost of his speaking engagement with us. We will also be
 Michelle Gooden
                                    hosting our yearly Student Appreciation Day on Saturday, February 23 at Baker
 3907 Victorian Lane
 Muskegon, MI 49442
                                    College in Flint. We currently have 20 members. The Bay Area Chapter and Mid-
 Phone: (231) 750-2890              Michigan Chapter are also working on our annual Spring Fling which will be held
 Email: michelle.gooden@spectrum-   in Frankenmuth on May 17. Save the date and we will see you there!                         Kathy Laidler, CMT, FAAMT
                                     MMC Chapter Representative
 AHDI Board Partner

 Harriet Stewart, CMT, FAAMT        West Michigan Chapter – No Report Available.

                                 TREASURER’S REPORT – MARCH 2008
                                         1/1/2008 through 2/15/2008
Beginning Balance:                   $ 9,137.79
      Income:                        $    00.00
      Expenses:                      $ 672.46
Ending Balance:                      $ 8,465.33

                                          MICHIGAN ON RECORD
                                              DELEGATE’S REPORT
Here I thought I was done for awhile only to be back in for two years. However, I am enjoying the role of your State
Delegate. I am learning a lot and am on the Lead Team, Nominating Committee, and the Membership Counsel. Watch
Vitals and other AHDI information for the future membership drive! It is going to be exciting! I am planning on being in
Washington, DC for Advocacy Days. This sounds like an exciting time to be a delegate with the alliance with MTIA, so
many more things can be accomplished for our association and for the Medical Language Specialist as we all move
toward the future with EHR, Speech and Voice Recognition, and even those who are still transcriptionists. There is room
for all of us in this broad spectrum, and each needs to be educated for the future -- and what an exciting future is out there
for us. I will be traveling to DC, coming back to Spring Fling in Frankenmuth, and then leaving again for Mission Point
in Mackinaw Island for the MHIMA Meeting in May. What a busy month that will be. I am busy with webinars, which I
find I quite enjoy. I was sort of scared of them at first; but, once I figured everything out, it was a piece of cake and quite
fun! I will keep you posted on the future events of our association. I plan to send updates via e-mail to everyone -- Ava
is working with me on this one -- and trying to keep our State officers informed as well as our local chapters officers.
Right now things are just beginning, so it is hard to update anything other than what I have shared above! It is also
exciting to talk with other delegates from other States/Regions and be able to think and talk with them and share ideas.
Please, please feel free to share your ideas with me about components, speech/voice recognition, EHR, or anything that I
can help you with. Don't forget, Ava George is also AHDI Director this year; and she has a wonderful blog site. In fact, I
like to go there and listen to her music when I am stressed! I want to thank you for voting for me. I promise to fulfill my
duties to the best of my ability. Right now there is a lot to fulfill as the delegate and a lot is beginning to happen....
Dianna Hall, CMT, FAAMT
Michigan Delegate
                                                   MHIMA UPDATE
MHIMA has received another CSA award and will be creating a section on awards on their website to share the
information with members. They also took pictures of all board members and committee chairs to put on the website at
their last board meeting. Their Capital Hill Day is slated for April 8, 2008. April Martin reported to MHIMA regarding the
AHDI/MTIA Lobby Day in May.

MHIMA is having their next Annual Meeting Conference Committee meeting via conference call this coming Tuesday
and their board meeting on Friday. At the board meeting, the local components will be looking at an affiliation agreement
with their state association. As a part of the agreement, the local components will be asked to become incorporated. They
are also considering aligning their local components with the 9 components in the MiHIN. April Martin suggested to
MAHDI board to possibly look at seeing what MiHIN regions our local chapters correlate with and possibly investigating
this further. At MHIMA's last board meeting, conflict of interest forms were signed by all board members and committee
chairs as well. A very active MHIMA member, Carol Jennings, has been nominated to run for AHIMA President.

Finally, Marsha Allen is reserving a booth for MAHDI at their annual meeting at Mission Point. We need to determine
whether we will be utilizing it and who we are sending. April Martin has the forms.

AHDI Website -- Members and visitors to the association website can now find us at, although
our old domain ( will continue to point visitors to our new site for quite some time. It is important to note that
our new website, in keeping with the evolution of Internet navigation protocols, is not compatible with older versions of
Internet Explorer. The site will not function properly unless you are using Internet Explorer 7 (IE7). If you are operating
in Windows XP, you may need to upgrade your version of Internet Explorer to version 7. If you are operating in an older
version of Windows (prior to XP), you will need to upgrade your operating system to Windows XP or Vista in order to
upgrade to Internet Explorer 7. The only other option for maximizing the functionality of the site is to download Firefox,
an Internet browser that can be downloaded for free, works independently of Internet Explorer, and can be loaded/used
with any operating system.

                                       MICHIGAN ON RECORD
                                   MAHDI 2008 EVENTS CALENDAR

                     March                                     15      Newsletter Registration Release
15     HRC Spring Symposium                                    22      Newsletter Ballot Deadline
28     MAHDI BOD Site Visits                                   29      Newsletter Ballot Release

                     April                                                          September
19     WMC Spring Symposium                                    TBD     HRC BOD Meeting
22     HRC Networking Meeting                                  13      MMC Symposium
                                                               20      HRC Student Appreciation
                       May                                     20      WMC Education Meeting
TBD HRC BOD Meeting                                            26      Newsletter Special Edition Deadline
3     MAHDI BOD Meeting
15-17 Advocacy Days                                                              October
16    Newsletter Deadline                                      3       MAHDI BOD Meeting
17    MMC/BAC Spring Fling                                     3-5     MAHDI Annual Meeting (Flint)
18-21 MHIMA Convention
18-24 National Medical Transcription Week                                            November
30    Newsletter Release Date                                  1       BAC Meeting
                                                               7       Newsletter Deadline
                        July                                   8       HRC BOD Meeting
11     Newsletter Deadline                                     8       WMC BOD Meeting
19     MAHDI BOD Meeting                                       21      Newsletter Release Date
25     Newsletter Release Date
26     WMC BOD Meeting                                                              December
                                                               5       MMC Installation
                      August                                   6       MAHDI BOD Meeting
1      Newsletter Registration Deadline                        9       HRC BOD Meeting
6-9    AHDI Annual Meeting (Orlando, FL)                       13      WMC BOD Meeting

At ACE -- Meet Dr. G, Medical Examiner
On nights and weekends, she’s a devoted wife and mother of two boys; but, during the day, she spends her time solving
medical mysteries as one of the nation’s leading forensic pathologists. Discovery Health Channel’s series profiles the
profession of Dr. G (Dr. Jan Garavaglia) in Dr. G: Medical Examiner, airing Fridays at 9 p.m. EST. In this compelling
series, Dr. G explains to viewers how people can die suddenly and unexpectedly. She uses cutting-edge forensic science
and technology to solve the mysteries of life and death. Dr. G’s work is a public service to the community as she
determines cause and manner of death. She also plays a significant role in helping family members obtain closure and
cope with the tragic loss of a loved one.

More than 6,000 cases came through the District Nine Medical Examiner’s Office (serving Orange and Osceola counties
in Florida) in 2003 alone. Now, Discovery Health Channel brings Dr. G’s investigative work to the forefront in Dr. G:
Medical Examiner for viewers to get an appreciation of forensic science, human emotion, and the delicate line between
life and death and we’ve got her! Dr. G will be giving a keynote presentation at the 30th Annual Convention & Expo in
Orlando, Florida, this August. Remember, if you have never attended a convention before, you get a $50 discount for
being a first timer. Students receive a $100 discount!

                                    MICHIGAN ON RECORD
                                                          We have the golden opportunity to bring orator Richard
                                                          Lederer, PhD, to Michigan to present the keynote
                                                          address at the 2008 Annual State Meeting in Flint,

                                                          Richard Lederer is the author of more than 30 books about
                                                          language and humor, including his current book,
                                                          Presidential Trivia: the Feats, Fates, Families, Foibles, and
                                                          Firsts of Our American Presidents. His syndicated column,
                                                          "Looking at Language," appears in newspapers and
                                                          magazines throughout the United States.

                                                          Dr. Lederer has been elected International Punster of the
                                                          Year and been profiled in magazines as diverse as The New
                                                          Yorker, People, and the National Enquirer. He is language
                                                          columnist for The Toastmaster, Pages, and the Farmers'
                                                          Almanac and is Verbivore Emeritus for "A Way with
                                                          Words," broadcast on public radio each weekend. Richard
                                                          Lederer has been named Golden Gavel winner by
                                                          Toastmasters International and Celebrity in Action by the
                                                          San Diego Foundation for Educational Achievement.

To raise the funds needed to bring him to Michigan, Dr. Lederer has graciously offered to set aside 30% of the
             sales generated from his book Presidential Trivia between now and October 3, 2008.

 Presidential Trivia is a great holiday gift! Start your holiday shopping and support the Michigan association!
Be sure to mention the Michigan component of AHDI when you place your order, so we get credit for the sale.

   Dr. Lederer is always delighted to provide signed copies of any of his books, inscribed according to your
                              instructions, as gifts to family, friends, or yourself.

                                   Presidential Trivia: The Feats, Fates, Families, Foibles, and
                                    Firsts of Our American Presidents (Gibbs Smith). Hundreds
                                    of intriguing firsts, mosts, onlys, patterns, and quizzes about
                                    our presidents, vice presidents, and first ladies. You’ll have fun
                                    learning a lot about their lives (even their medical records and
                                    their pets), their accomplishments, and their roles in American
                                    history. Trade paperback @ $11.00.

                                A Complete Listing of Richard Lederer’s books can be found on

                                            MICHIGAN ON RECORD
 Dee Hein, CMT
Michigan on Record
944 39th Street
Allegan, MI 49010

                     Michigan On Record is going to be web-based starting in 2008.
                     If you want to continue to receive yours by mail, let us know!

                                          Michigan on Record
             ARTICLES FOR MAHDI                                       MAHDI ADVERTISING POLICY
                                                                          Advertising rates are per issue/event.
  MAHDI’s award-winning newsletter is published four                Full Page … … … … … … … … … … … $100
  times a year. Articles and features are solicited and             Half Page … … … … … … … … … … … $ 75
  accepted by the newsletter editor with the understanding          Third Page.. … … … … … … … … … … $ 50
  that corrections and/or modifications may be made                 Quarter Page … … … … … … … … … ...$ 35
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                                                                 advertising deemed inappropriate. Advertisements are
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                                                                 corrections or modifications without changing the content
                     May 16, 2008                                of the advertisement. All material submitted becomes the
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