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					                                Habitat Grosse Pointe Partners
                               December 3, 2008 Meeting Minutes

Host Church/Location: Grosse Pointe Woods Presbyterian Church

Present: Matt Schuetze, Pete Wilson, Chick Van Dusen, Marcus Shelley, Pam Fullerton, Jeff VerBeek,
Jack Williams, Mike Long, Ann Helm, Pat Dyble (for Bill Davenport), Fred Schneider, Chapman
Cunningham, Helen Santiz, Curt DeRoo.

Matt Schuetze opened the meeting at 7:04 PM with the reading of Rev. Tom Rice’s prayer.

Minutes of the November5, 2008 meeting were distributed, reviewed and approved.

Recent Events of Interest

        Jack Williams luncheon - Helen Santiz reported on the luncheon held Saturday, November 29 th to
        honor Jack Williams for his many years of commitment and service to Habitat. The
        approximately 30 attendees representing HGPPartners, Habitat staff, the Habituals, and friends,
        gathered at the Habitat Jane Street headquarters for a potluck lunch for Jack & Elizabeth Williams.
        After good food and fellowship, Bob Layne, Habitat Detroit, emceed the program and spoke of
        several experiences working with Jack over the years, and presented Jack with a plaque with one
        of his old construction boots he had “hung up”. Others, including Jack Frakes, also offered
        interesting and very touching stories about Jack. The bottom line was this – Jack Williams, in his
        work for Habitat, has very quietly, “under the radar screen” so to speak, very positively touched
        the lives of many needy persons in southeast Michigan, and in so doing has greatly impacted our
        communities for the good. In true Jack Williams form, he said he was embarrassed by all the
        attention he was receiving. Well, hopefully he will forgive us and understand that we cannot help
        but say THANK YOU JACK WILLIAMS!!!!!

        Habitat Awards Banquet – Matt Schuetze attended Habitat’s annual awards banquet Noverber 18 th
        at the DIA, and reported that Jim Garlough of Grosse Pointe Memorial Church received a
        Volunteer of the Year Award for his many hours working at the Jane Street location.

Treasurer’s Report – Marcus Shelley reported that we have $37,035 in our account, $30,105 in two 30-
Day CDs and the balance in checking.

To supplement the Treasurer’s report, Chick Van Dusen briefly reviewed the new procedures for receipt
and recording of contributions received which were implemented 10/1/08, and which had been discussed in
detail at the November meeting. In its simplest terms, Van Dusen picks up contributions from GP War
Memorial, records necessary information in his Quickbooks computer program, then turns contribution
envelopes over to Treasurer Shelley for his recording and deposit of funds. With on line access to all bank
account statements and activity, Van Dusen is assured his records are reconciled with the bank balances.

He distributed the following reports which are available from his Quickbooks computer program:
         For the Period Jan 1 – Dec 1, 2008
                  Profit & Loss
                  Statement of Cash Flows
                  Contributions by Church Affiliation

In reviewing the Profit & Loss statement, he pointed out that 99% of our funds go to Habitat Detroit for
house sponsorship (building homes), and the remaining 1% covers our very minimal expenses for printing
and website expense. This kind of information should be helpful for potential contributors who want
reassurance that their contribution will be used for building homes in Detroit.
The Contributions by Church Affiliation report showed total year-to-date receipts of $33,193, of which
about $16,000 applies to our fall fundraising period which began in early October, and appears to be
comparable to last year. The breakdown of the $16,000 is as follows:
        Church outreach committees & foundation                $7,000
        85 Individual contributors            (avg $105)       $9,000

Van Dusen reported that all fall contributions had been promptly acknowledged either by letter or thank
you cards. Thanks to Judy Greiner for her help on this. He will seek help from HGPP members for this
process in the future as needed.

Prior 2nd Saturday (11/ 15 ) Build Report
Build coordinator, Matt Schuetze, Christ Church Grosse Pointe reports:


    Below is my build report. Thanks to Harriett Whitaker, Michael Labadie, Chick Van Dusen, Justin
    Mazza, Tracey Gray, and Scott Ismail for joining us.

    “The November 8 build looked bleak. Forecast was rainy and cold. Many of the eager volunteer
    prospects stayed home in bed (wisely) but seven of us braved the elements to help Habitat Detroit lay
    sod on three homesites. The GPPartners/Christ Church team worked alongside a handful of Wayne
    State medical students and two other house teams. We literally dug in, spreading out topsoil in
    anticipation of the sod bales to be dropped off by the sod farmer. The wind, cold, and gray skies gave
    way to a light drizzle, but once the sod bales got unloaded, the team started to sizzle. We crashed
    through the front, side, and back yards in time for lunch and, lo and behold, a patch of sunlight arrived
    to warm us up. We enjoyed a fantastic lunch catered by Lunch Box Deli. Even after we ate our fill of
    huge deli sandwiches, Better Made chips, and hot, melty chocolate chip cookies we had so much
    leftover -- like Jesus with the loaves and fish -- we fed the whole team of Habitat homeowners at the
    house next door working on their sweat equity hours. All three teams finished their sod projects and
    had three homes done by 1pm, a feat that the crew chief stated had *never* been accomplished before.
    The GPPartners team gracefully ducked out of more labor (wisely) and called it a day, but the Wayne
    State medical students cruised on to work through a fourth yard. It was a case of instant gratification:
    the yards went from cold brown dirt to lush green bathed in sunshine and warmth before our eyes.”

Educational Session –Bob Layne, Construction Director, Habitat for Humanity Detroit, gave an extremely
interesting presentation entitled “Building a House from the Ground Up”. Bob outlined the key steps
involved and required in building a Habitat house:
          Steps and precautions in obtaining property (differs depending on) `
               If obtained from City of Detroit, Wayne County, or private owner
          Obtaining property tax deferrals
               Neighborhood Enterprise Zone – if qualifies, could get 15 year tax “freeze”
          Obtain permits
               Up to 9 different permits may be required for each house, total cost approx $5,000.
          Develop production plan
               Develop annual build schedule, then define and schedule volunteer needs.
               Plan for 2009 is 15 new houses, and 8 rehab homes
          Develop house specific production plans
               Establish key milestones
               Use this report to monitor progress
               Plan dives such things as raising funds, identifying family partners, calling for
                   inspections, submitting grant requests
          Establish trade contracts
               Competitively bid 3 suppliers for each trade (major trades are plumbing, electrical,
                   heating, drywall installers)
               Try to incorporate gift-in-kind services (like every 10th house is free)
               Incorporate warranty clause (1 year for workmanship)
          Perform Gap analysis between cost of house and sources of funds
               2009 projected average house cost = $106,000
                 Typical sources of funds are: House sponsor $75,000, Gift-in-Kind materials $5,000, Soft
                  Wood Program $7,000, Energy Star Certification $3,000, totaling $90,000.
                 Seek federal, state, and foundation grants to make up the difference

It was most evident from Bob Layne’s discussion that this process is very difficult, and quite often
frustrating when dealing with various bureaucracies. For example, approval for purchase of property from
the City of Detroit takes 6-9 months. Undoubtedly, most of us who heard Bob’s presentation came away
with the realization that the work we do as volunteers is a “piece of cake” compared to all the behind the
scenes planning that he and his staff do to make a house “volunteer ready”, and we are all very grateful for

Concerning foreclosures, Bob reported that there are a total of 203 Habitat Detroit mortgages, and only 3
foreclosures, which is considered to be a very low rate.

A very heartwarming comment of Bob’s was that many of the in-kind gifts come because persons in a
position to make such gifts firmly believe in the Habitat philosophy.

Next 2nd Saturday Build - NO BUILD ON 12/13 DUE TO DEDICATION. Grosse Pointe Partners and
Habitat Detroit announced that the dedication of the Habitat GP Partners sponsored house at 4730
Lakepointe is scheduled for Saturday, December 13, 2008 at 10:00am. All Habitat GP Partners members,
volunteers, parishioners, clergy and friends are welcome and encouraged to attend as homeowner Carol
Robinson and her two sons begin a new stage in their lives. These ceremonies are incredibly moving...a
perfect way to get in the true spirit of Christmas! Meet at the house at 4730 Lakepointe to participate.

Old Business - Chapman Cunningham asked if we are routinely giving the Certificates of Appreciation to
our student volunteers. Admittedly we are kind of hit and miss on this. For the future, it was suggested
that a supply of pre-signed certificates be given to the Saturday build coordinator who can fill in the
student’s name and give to all student volunteers at the completion of the build. This should become an
item on the checklist for the coordinator. We have a supply of about 30 blank Certificates of Appreciation
with the old Habitat logo which we can use until ones with the new logo are printed.

New Business – Annual HGPP director meeting to be held following of this meeting.

Next Meeting
       Date/Location       Jan 7, 2009, 7:00 pm, St. Michaels Episcopal Church
       Host                Bill Davenport
       Topic:              Home Ownership, Family Selection, Volunteerism
       Speakers:           Sandra Cobb, Cindy Melican, Habitat Detroit

Future Meetings
         February 4, 2009           GP Congregational church
         March 4, 2009              GP Unitarian Church
Note – for the winter builds, work will be inside generally.

Closing Prayer – The meeting was adjourned with prayer by Pam Fullerton at 9:15 PM

Respectfully submitted,

Chick Van Dusen