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									       About Universitas 21                                Objectives of Universitas 21

Universitas 21 is an international network of leading      Informed by its underlying principles Universitas 21
research-intensive universities across the world.          commits itself to a plan of collective action which
Collectively, its members enrol over 600,000 students,     brings added value to the network and its constituent
employ over 80,000 academics and researchers and           members, engages with issues of global significance
have over 2 million alumni. Their collective budgets       and provides opportunities for shared and innovative
amount to over US$10bn. The network’s purpose is           development. The key goals are:
to facilitate collaboration and co-operation between
the member universities and to create opportunities         • To be the leading international higher education
on a scale that none of them would be able to achieve         network, enhancing the capability and standing

                                                                                                                    An introduction
operating independently or through traditional bilateral      of its members
                                                            • To make an impact with co-badged

                                                                                                                    to the network
Established in 1997, Universitas 21 has a set of              collaborative research of global relevance and
core principles which informs all its activities.             significance

 • A global focus and perspective                           • To encourage cross-network collaboration and
 • A commitment to excellence in all we do
                                                            • To recognise the interlinked nature of
 • A commitment to collaborative and co-                      research, teaching and knowledge transfer as
   operative work and spirit while ensuring there             underpinning the activities of its members and
   are clear outcomes                                         of the network
 • A determination to achieve added value
 • A constant striving for innovation and the
   creation of multilateral opportunities for                                Universitas 21
   members                                                                c/o Strathcona 109
 • Sustainability of activity                                           University of Birmingham
All Universitas 21 member institutions are research-                          Birmingham
led, comprehensive universities providing a strong                              B15 2TT
quality assurance framework to the network’s                                       UK
                                                                          T: +44 121 415 8870

                                                                          F: +44 121 415 8872
   U21 Projects and Groups                                   U21 Projects and Groups                                  U21 Student Opportunities

Water Futures for Sustainable Cities                      Collaborative Groups                                       Summer Schools
                 A    collaborative,     multi-lateral                     Colleagues across the network                             Held each year since 2004, the
                 research project to address issues                        have formed groups so that                                Summer School is an excellent
                 regarding sustainability and scarce                       they can collaborate with their                           way for undergraduate students
                 water resources in some parts of                          counterparts working in similar                           from all disciplines to come
                 the world, coupled with rising sea                        fields to exchange ideas and                               together to study and share ideas.
levels and flooding elsewhere. As such it speaks to        work together on issues of mutual interest. Groups         Summer Schools have been held in Birmingham,
fundamental issues for the global future.                 include Health Sciences; Deans and Directors of            Virginia, Hong Kong, Lund and Singapore, with                          Graduate Studies; Deans of Education; Heads of             2009’s in Queensland under the title Climate
                                                          Administration and Directors of International Offices.      Change Adaptation. The 2010 school will take
                                                                   place at Nottingham’s Ningbo campus in China.
U21 and the Millennium Development Goals                                                                   
                  A group chaired by Dr Hugh Brady,
                  President of UCD, was established       E-books
                  in 2008 to map the existing capacity,                    A collaboration with Melbourne            Undergraduate Research Conference
                  in both teaching and research related                    University Publishing to publish                             An annual conference looking
                  to the United Nations’ Millennium                        a series of high-profile electronic                           at   research    conducted      by
Development Goals, as well as to look at potential                         books that make innovative use                               undergraduates is held each year,
national and international funders and to identify ways                    of the medium. Each book will be                             with the University of Glasgow
in which to nurture a ‘development consciousness’ as      edited by Universitas 21 academics and will consist                           being host in 2009. The URC
part of the undergraduate student experience.             of between 6 and 8 essays on an international theme        allows students from around the globe to present
                                                          in the Humanities and Social Sciences.                     their research to a diverse audience of peers, faculty
                                                                          and mentors and see it published in a special edition
Student Mobility                                                                                                     of the University of Virginia’s journal The Oculus.
                 There are many initiatives for                                                            
                 both undergraduate and graduate          Global Issues Programme
                 students, designed to give valuable                       A joint programme, developed by a
                 and innovative opportunities to                           consortium of members, to deliver         Graduate Research Conference
                 study in other institutions in the                        a varied curriculum of globally                            The first GRC was held in 2008 in
network and gain a different perspective on their                          significant issues, utilising e-learning                    Birmingham looking at the theme
studies. Many universities offer U21 scholarships                          techniques, which results in an award                      of Water from a broad range of
and the U21 Student Mobility Co-ordinator oversees        from each of the members of the consortium to their                         perspectives and disciplines. It
exchange activity and looks to help students make         own students, plus a non-credit bearing certificate of                       gives junior researchers the
the most of these.                                        completion from the network.                               opportunity to improve their presentational skills,                                 as well as network with their peers from across the
                                                                                                                     world. The next GRC is scheduled for late 2009 in

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