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					Creative Krúdy Contest, 2008-2009

Please work on the answer sheet!
You can keep this test and must hand the answer sheet in. Good luck!

Choose the correct answer:
    1. Most students choose to live in student…………………
         A, acomodation
         B, accomodation
         C, accommodation
         D, acommodation

    2. Which building does the Big Ben belong to?
         A, London Eye
         B, Parliament
         C, Westminster Abbey
         D, National Gallery

    3. Where is the queen’s summer residence?
           A,   York
           B,   Balmoral
           C,   Winchester
           D,   London

    4. What is the name of the wall along the English-Scottish border?
           A,   The Great wall
           B,   Hadrian’s wall
           C,   Scottish wall
           D,   English wall

    5. What training do you need to become a rubbish collector? None, you will……
       up as you go along
           A, pick
           B, learn
           C, soak
           D, drink

    6. Why do taxi drivers always go bankrupt? Because they …………….their
       customers away
           A, ask
           B, send
           C, drive
           D, go

Creative Krúdy Contest, 2008-2009

    7. Why do birds in a nest always agree? Because they don’t want to…………out
           A,   fall
           B,   get
           C,   look
           D,   take

    8. Which is the Four Corners?
           A,   A new law accepted by the British Parliament.
           B,   A region in the USA where 4 states meet.
           C,   A famous corner in the Soho of London.
           D,   A type of food invented by the Americans and sold worldwide.

    9. Which state can Grand Canyon be found in?
           A,   Arizona
           B,   Colorado
           C,   New Mexico
           D,   Utah

    10. What is the Giant’s Causeway?
           A,   A high street of a Scottish city that is very wide.
           B,   A world heritage site in Northern Ireland consisting of basalt columns.
           C,   A route for ships to cross the Irish Sea between Ireland and England.
           D,   A legendary route that is said to have been used by giants.

    11. What does it mean if something is a piece of cake?
           A,   It’s delicious.
           B,   It is easy.
           C,   It is cute.
           D,   It tastes nice.

Creative Krúdy Contest, 2008-2009

Look at the two words in CAPITAL letters. They have a logical connection. Find the
same logical connection from the four pairs
A, egg : chicken   C, house : building
B, car : lorry      D, nurse : doctor

The answer is C because the sergeant is a kind of soldier and the house is a kind of


           A, poem : poet

           B, soldier : army

           C, pen : novel

           D, monkeys : humans

    13. TULIP : PLANT

           A, television : radio

           B, river : spring

           C, yoghurt : milk

           D, skating : sport


           A, incredible : hilarious

           B, amazing:astounding

           C, embarrassing : ambiguous

           D, challenging : awesome

Creative Krúdy Contest, 2008-2009


          A, headmaster : teacher

           B, painter : sculptor

           C, train : ship

          D, politician : president

    16. DAY : END

          A, temperature : rise

           B, bird : sing

           C, baby : cry

          D, humans : breathe

    17. Which word is NOT connected with football?

          A, kick

           B, penalty

           C, score

          D, track

    18. What is the nickname of Los Angeles?

          A, Windy City

           B, Sin City

           C, Shaky City

          D, P-Town

Creative Krúdy Contest, 2008-2009

    19. Which word is NOT connected with the internet?

           A, upload

           B, surf

           C, browse

           D, jog

    20. What kind of money can you use in the UK?

           A, Euro and Dollar

           B, Euro and Pound

           C, Mark and Euro

           D, Pound and Dollar

    21. Which flower was the symbol of a war in England?

           A, lily

           B, rose

           C, tulip

           D, daffodil

    22. Where do people drive on the right?

           A, New Zealand

           B, Australia

           C, India

           D, Brazil

Creative Krúdy Contest, 2008-2009

    23. The police …………….him for hours about the murder.

           A, chopped

           B, washed

           C, diced

           D, grilled

    24. Which of these is NOT another name for Bigfoot?

             A, Sasquatch

             B, Snowman

             C, Loch Ness Monster

             D, Yeti

    25. When that car cut in front of me I just saw…………..and started swearing.

           A, green

           B, red

           C, blue

           D, purple

    26. Where does the pilot sit to fly the plane?

           A, the cabin

           B, the cockpit

           C, the hold

           D, the galley

Creative Krúdy Contest, 2008-2009

    27. I am very lazy, I go to the gym once in a ………….moon.

          A, new

          B, full

          C, black

          D, blue

    28. He was so hungry he ……down his bowl of pasta in minutes.

          A, sent

          B, horsed

          C, wolfed

          D, flung

    29. Which combination does NOT go together?

          A, catch a bus

          B, catch a fish

          C, catch a cold

          D, catch a new word in English

    30. Which combination does NOT go together?

          A, have a meeting

          B, have business with someone

          C, have a cup of coffee

          D, have a baby

Creative Krúdy Contest, 2008-2009

    31. Cousins, uncles, aunts, stepsisters, mother-in-laws are often mentioned as
           A, nuclear

           B, outside

           C, distant

           D, extended

    32. Which of the following technical words refers to an internet business?

           A, emoticons

           B, dot com

           C, upload

           D, hoax

    33. What is the meaning of the word in italics? „ I usually have an afternoon power-
        nap in the office.”
           A, a quick meeting

           B, an urgent phone call

           C, a coffee break

           D, a short sleep

    34. Which of the following would you want your boyfriend or girlfriend to be?

           A, jealous

           B, moody

           C, faithful

           D, stubborn

Creative Krúdy Contest, 2008-2009

    35. Which of the following would you NOT want your boyfriend or girlfriend to be?

           A, caring

           B, envious

           C, generous

           D, sober

    36. Which expression is NOT possible?

           A, A rich company

           B, A rich dessert

           C, A rich car

           D, A rich text file

    37. Which expression is NOT possible?

           A, A heavy smoker

           B, Heavy metal

           C, Heavy rain

           D, A heavy problem

    38. When is a deep sea diver disappointed with his colleagues? When they……him
           A, push

           B, bring

           C, throw

           D, let

Creative Krúdy Contest, 2008-2009

     39. If you have travelled around many time zones, you might suffer from………….

            A, travel -sleep

            B, plane-tiredness

            C, jet-lag

            D, holiday-fatigue

     40. If you are a cold fish, what are you?

            A, ill

            B, calm

            C, unfriendy

            D, sociable

     41. We say that a person who is good at gardening has……………………….

            A, dirty fingers

            B, green fingers

            C, plant talent

            D, flower power

     42. I cannot believe it, my wife is……………….an affair with the neighbour, I saw
         them kissing.
            A, doing

            B, making

            C, having

            D, taking

Creative Krúdy Contest, 2008-2009

     43. He was wearing……………trousers.

            A blue old American denim

            B old blue American denim

            C old denim blue American

            D American blue old denim

     44. ……..she gets,……

            A The richer/the more friends she has

            B Richer/more she has friends

            C Richer/more friends she has

            D The richer/ the more she has friends

     45. Nobody phoned,did…?

            A he

            B they

            C he or she

            D anybody

     46. If you were ever in trouble,your family would give you all the help you……

            A will need

            B would need

            C need

            D needed

Creative Krúdy Contest, 2008-2009

     47. It is time you……home, but I’d rather you..

            A go, kiss

             B went, kissed

             C go, kissed

            D went, kiss

     48. What are the …………………..qualifications for the job?

            A, necesary

            B, neccesary

            C, necessary

            D, neccessary

Which product has the following instructions attached to it? .

                 Product                                 Instruction
     49.         On a packet of peanuts.
     50.         On a tiramisu dessert
     51.         On a child's superman costume.
     52.         On a New Zealand insect spray.
     53.         On packaging for an iron.
     54.         Printed on the bottom of a box…

             A            Do not iron clothes on body.
             B            Warning: contains nuts.
             C            Do not turn upside down.
             D            This product is not tested on animals.
             E            Wearing of this garment does not enable you to fly.
             F            Serving suggestion: Defrost.

Creative Krúdy Contest, 2008-2009

55. Which way is this English bus going?

     A.   to the left
     B.   to the right
     C.   it is standing in the bus.stop
     D.   this is not an English bus, they are all double-deckers.


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