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What is flipping?

Flipping is a term used primarily in the United States to describe practice of
buying an asset and quickly reselling it for profit. Though flipping can apply
to any asset, the term is most often applied to real estate and initial public

Flipping Process:

      Buying a flip
      Fixing a flip
      Financing a flip
      Selling a flip

Types of Flipping:

Multiple investors flipping

Under the multiple investor flip, one investor purchases a property at below-
market value, sells it quickly to a second investor, who subsequently sells it
to another party.

       Real estate flipping

Profits from flipping real estate come from either buying low and selling high
in a rapidly-rising market, or buying a house that needs repair and fixing it

       Fix and flip

Under the "fix and flip" scenario, an investor or flipper will purchase a house
at a considerable discount from market value. The discount may be due to
the house's condition or due to the owner needing to sell a house quickly.
The investor will then perform necessary renovations and repairs, and
attempt to make a profit by selling the house quickly at a price nearer to full
market value.

House Flipping:

Flipping houses for profit - buying, refurbishing, and re-selling properties -
is one of the most popular ways of making money from the property market.
Whether you are buying ugly houses for a major makeover or undertaking
more cosmetic home improvements, making the right decisions at each step
of the process is critical to the financial outcome.

However, there are essential tips to help investors earn more money.

      First impressions count. Pay attention not just to the inside of the
       house but the outside as well.
      Do not get emotional about house flipping. It is after all a business.
      Your flip needs to be attractive to buyers, not you. You should define
       who your target buyer is and what his /her preferences are.
      If the kitchen and bathrooms look clean, sleek and updated, the house
       will sell faster and for a higher profit.
      In house flipping, time is money. After making a detailed list of
       renovations to be done, come up with a timeline.
      Hire a good contractor. He can keep track of problems and readily find
      Be ready for paperwork and permits. Not having the necessary permits
       can cause work stoppage and this cost money. Contracts and receipts
       are doubly important. You also need to obtain insurance coverage not
       only on the property but the workers as well.
      Keep track of your progress throughout the entire house flipping
      There may certainly encounter something that you simply did not

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