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					                                                      July 2009 New Books List
                                   Title                                                     Author                      Pub    Edition

101 boardroom problems and how to solve them                              Eli Mina                                       2009

501 critical reading questions                                                                                           2004

A doll’s house                                                            Henrik Ibsen translated by Kenneth McLeish     2008

A guide to conducting online research                                     Ted Gaiser, Tony Schreiner                     2009
                                                                          Tennessee Williams : with commentary and
A streetcar named Desire                                                  notes by Patricia Hern                         2005

A summer affair                                                           Elin Hilderbrand                               2008

Accounting and business ethics : an introduction                          Ken McPhail and Diane Walters                  2009

Advanced NXT : the Da Vinci inventions book                               Matthias Paul Scholz                           2007
                                                                          Mark Jenkins and Ve´ronique Ambrosini with
Advanced strategic management : a multi-perspective approach              Nardine Collier                                2007     2nd ed.

Advising and supporting teachers                                          edited by Mick Randall with Barbara Thornton   2005

Ambition                                                                  a novel by Kate Brian                          2008

Applying innovation                                                       David O’Sullivan, Lawrence Dooley              2009

Applying public administration in development : guideposts to the future edited by Paul Collins                          2000
Armstrong’s handbook of management and leadership : a guide to managing
for results.                                                             Michael Armstrong                               2009     2nd ed

Australia : a migrant experience                                          Martin Kari                                    2008

Birthday letters                                                          Ted Hughes                                     1999

                                                                      UOWD Library                                                          1
Bloodlust & Initiation : 2 vampire beach novels                               Alex Duval                                          2008

Blue horse dreaming : a novel                                                 Melanie Wallace                                     2003

Breaking point                                                                John Macken                                         2009
                                                                              Cliff McNish ; Chapter head illustration by Geoff
Breathe : a ghost story                                                       Taylor

Bright shiny morning                                                          James Frey                                          2008

Building credible central banks : policy lessons for emerging economies       Noel K. Tshiani                                     2008

Building robots with LEGO mindstorms NXT                                      Mario Ferrari, Guilio Ferrari, David Astolfo        2007
                                                                              Souad, in collaboration with Marie-Therese
Burned alive                                                                  Cuny ; translated from the French by Judith S.      2005

Business agility : sustainable prosperity in a relentlessly competitive world Michael Hugos                                       2009
Business continuity management : building an effective incident management
plan                                                                          Michael Blyth                                       2009

Business ethics as practice : representation, reflexivity and performance     edited by Chris Carter ... [et al.]                 2007
Business process management : practical guidelines to successful
implementations                                                               John Jeston and Johan Nelis                         2008   2nd ed.

Business statistics for non-mathematicians                                    Sonia Taylor                                        2007   2nd ed.

Business-to-business marketing                                                Ross Brennan                                        2007

Butterfly                                                                     Sonya Hartnett                                      2009
Cambridge IELTS 7 : examination papers from University of Cambridge
ESOL examinations                                                                                                                 2009

Cambridge preparation for the TOEFL test                                      Jolene Gear and Robert Gear                         2002    3rd ed
                                                                              edited by Luigino Bruni, Flavio Comim, Maurizio
Capabilities and happiness                                                    Pugno                                               2008

                                                                            UOWD Library                                                           2
Check your English vocabulary for TOEFL : all you need to pass your exams :
vocabulary workbook                                                         Rawdon Wyatt                                        2007   3rd ed

City of the sun                                                               David Levien                                      2008

Competitive strategy for dummies                                              Richard Pettinger                                 2009

Computer-aided fraud prevention and detection : a step-by-step guide          David Coderre                                     2009
                                                                              Martin Evans, Ahmad Jamal, and Gordon
Consumer behaviour                                                            Foxall                                            2009   2nd ed.
                                                                              Helen Solórzano, Laurie Frazier ; Series editor
Contemporary topics 1 : academic listening and note taking skills             Michael Rost                                      2009   3rd ed.

Contemporary topics 2 : academic listening and note-taking skills             Ellen Kisslinger                                  2009   3rd ed.

Contemporary topics 3 : academic listening and note taking skills             David Beglar, Neil Murray ; Michael Rost          2009   3rd ed.

Contemporary topics intro : academic listening and note-taking skills         Jeanette Clement, Cindy Lennox ; Michael Rost     2009

Coping with the complexity of economics                                       edited by Marisa Faggini, Thomas Lux              2009

Creating cool mindstorms NXT robots                                           Daniele Benedettelli                              2008

Creating market insight : how firms create value from market understanding    Brian D Smith, Paul G. Raspin                     2008

Crossing the line                                                             Dianne Bates                                      2008
Data envelopment analysis : a comprehensive text with models, applications,   William W. Cooper, Lawrence M. Seiford,
references and DEA-solver software                                            Kaoru Tone                                        2007   2nd ed.
Data envelopment analysis and cofident-DEA : a taxonomy, a meta review
and an extension, with application to predicting cross (OECD) country         Said Gattoufi                                     2009

Digging to America                                                            Anne Tyler                                        2006

Diversity in coaching : working with gender, culture, race and age            edited by Jonathan Passmore                       2009

Dynamics of data envelopment analysis : theory of systems efficiency          Jati K. Sengupta                                  1995

                                                                         UOWD Library                                                            3
Economics                                                                     Paul Krugman, Robin Wells                      2009    2nd ed

Economics and happiness : framing the analysis                                Luigino Bruni and Pier Luigi Porta             2005
                                                                              edited by Zoltan J. Acs, David B. Audretsch,
Entrepreneurship, growth and public policy                                    Robert J. Strom                                2009
                                                                              Zoltan J. Acs, David B. Audretsch, Robert J.
Entrepreneurship, growth and public policy                                    Strom.--                                       2009

Essential strategies for financial services compliance                        Annie Mills                                    2008

Exploring social issues : using SPSS for Windows                              Joseph F. Healey                               2010    3rd ed
Facing human capital challenges of the 21st century : education and labor
market initiatives in Lebanon, Oman, Qatar, and the United Arab Emirates      Gabriella Gonzalez ... [et al.]                2008
                                                                              Raymond Chandler ; with an introduction by
Farewell, my lovely                                                           Colin Dexter                                   2005

Financial institutions and markets                                            Ben Hunt, Chris Terry                          2008    5th ed.

First steps in academic writing                                               Ann Hogue                                      2008   2nd ed.

First steps in academic writing : level 2                                     Ann Hogue                                      2008    2nd ed

Fixing global finance : how to curb financial crises in the 21st Century      Martin Wolf                                    2009
                                                                              Yukio Mishima-Translated from the Japanese
Forbidden colours                                                             by Alfred H. Marks                             2008

Fundamentals of academic writing                                              Linda Butler                                   2007

Fundamentals of financial management                                          James C. Van Horne                             2008   13th ed.

Funny boys : a novel                                                          Warren Adler                                   2008

Georgiana : woman of flowers                                                  Libby Hathorn                                  2008

Girl from Mars                                                                Julie Cohen                                    2009

                                                                            UOWD Library                                                       4
                                                                               John Mangan, Chandra Lalwani and Tim
Global logistics and supply chain management                                   Butcher                                    2008

Global marketing management : changes, new challenges, and strategies          Kiefer Lee, Steve Carter                   2009   2nd ed

Global supply chain management and international logistics                     Alan E. Branch                             2009
                                                                               edited by Karl Homann, Peter Koslowski,
Globalisation and business ethics                                              Christoph Luetge                           2007

Guide to financial management                                                  John Tennent                               2008

Halting the hacker : a practical guide to computer security                    Donald L. Pipkin                           2003   2nd ed.
                                                                               edited by William W. Cooper, Lawrence M.
Handbook on data envelopment analysis                                          Seiford, Joe Zhu                           2004

How I live now                                                                 Meg Rosoff                                 2005
Human factors in project management : concepts, tools, and techniques for
inspiring teamwork and motivation                                              Zachary Wong                               2007

Husbands and lies                                                              Susy McPhee                                2009

Indian summer                                                                  Pratima Mitchell                           2009

Information security : protecting the global enterprise                        Donald L. Pipkin                           2000
                                                                               Editors, Hartmut Hirsch-Kreinsen, David
Innovation in low-tech firms and industries                                    Jacobsen.                                  2008

Institutions and economic performance                                          edited by Elhanan Helpman                  2008

Intellectual capital in enterprise success : strategy revisited                Lindsay Moore and Lesley Craig             2008

International and US IPO planning : a business strategy guide                    Frederick D. Lipman                      2009
International business strategy : rethinking the foundations of global corporate
success                                                                          Alain Verbeke                            2009
International entrepreneurship : starting, developing, and managing a global
venture                                                                          Robert D. Hisrich                        2009

                                                                           UOWD Library                                                    5
International finance : theory into practice                                  Piet Sercu                                       2009

International financial management                                            Cheol S. Eun, Bruce G . Resnick                  2009   5th ed.

International marketing                                                       Pervez Ghauri, Philip R. Cateora                 2006   2nd ed.

International political economy and globalization                             S. Javed Maswood                                 2008   2nd ed.

Internationalising China’s financial markets                                  Svenja Schlichting.                              2008

Internet marketing : how to get a website that works for your business        Nigel T. Packer.                                 2008

Introduction to academic writing : answer key                                 Alice Oshima, Ann Hogue                          2007   3rd ed.

Introduction to international economics                                       Dominick Salvatore                               2010   2nd ed.

Introduction to structural equation modelling using SPSS and AMOS             Niels J. Blunch                                  2008
                                                                              retold by Ramsay Wood, illustrated by Margaret
Kalila and Dimna : fables of friendship and betrayal                          Kilrenny, introduction by Doris Lessing          2008

Karel++ : a gentle introduction to the art of object-oriented programming     Joseph Bergin ... [et al.]                       1997

Keeping better company : corporate governance ten years on                    Jonathan Charkham with Helene Ploix              2005   2nd ed.

Key concepts in public relations                                              Sandra Cain                                      2009

Leadership and business ethics                                                edited by Gabriel Flynn                          2008

LEGO mindstorms NXT : the Mayan adventure                                     James Floyd Kelly                                2006

LEGO mindstorms NXT-G programming guide                                   James Floyd Kelly                                    2007
Making sense of change management : a complete guide to the models, tools
& techniques of organizational change                                     Esther Cameron & Mike Green                          2009   2nd ed.

Man walks into a bar 2 : the ultimate collection of jokes and one-liners      Jonathan Swan                                    2007

                                                                            UOWD Library                                                        6
                                                                               Stephen Linstead, Liz Fulop, Simon Lilley ; with
Management and organization : a critical text                                  contributions from Bobby Banerjee ... [et al.]     2009   2nd ed.

Management gurus                                                               Andrzej Huczynski                                  2006    rev ed.

Management intelligence : sense and nonsense for the successful manager         Adrian Furnham.                                   2008

Managing and using information systems : a strategic approach                  Keri E. Pearlson, Carol S. Saunders                2010    4th ed.

Managing change, creativity and innovation                                     Constantine Andriopoulos and Patrick Dawson        2009

Managing creative people : lessons in leadership for the ideas economy         Gordon Torr                                        2008

Managing customers for profit : strategies to increase profits and build loyalty V. Kumar                                         2008

Managing difficult interactions : expert solutions to everyday challenges      Harvard Business School Press                      2008
Managing for the long run : lessons in competitive advantage from great
family businesses                                                              Danny Miller, Isabelle Le Breton-Miller            2005

Managing in a global economy : demystifying international macroeconomics       John E. Marthinsen                                 2008
Managing organizational change in public services : international issues,
challenges and cases                                                           edited by Rune Todnem and Calum Macleod            2009

Marketing metaphors and metamorphosis                                          edited by Philip J. Kitchen                        2008

Marketing mistakes and successes                                               Robert F. Hartley                                  2009   11th ed.

Marketing strategy and management                                              Michael J. Baker                                   2007    4th ed.

McGrath's financial institutions, instruments and markets                      Christopher Viney                                  2009    6th ed.
MCTS self-paced training kit (exam 70-432) : Microsoft SQL server 2008--
implementation and maintenance : training kit                                  Mike Hotek                                         2009

Michael Tolliver lives                                                         Armistead Maupin                                   2008

Microsoft SQL server 2008 : step by step                                       Mike Hotek                                         2009

                                                                            UOWD Library                                                            7
Microsoft SQL server 2005 administrator’s companion                            Edward Whalen...[et al.]                          2007

Mind maps at work : how to be the best at your job and still have time to play Tony Buzan                                        2004

Mind maps for kids : max your memory and concentration                         Tony Buzan with Susanna Abbott                    2005

Mind Maps for Kids : Study Skills                                              Tony Buzan with Jo Godfrey Wood.                  2004
                                                                               Tony Buzan with additional material by Zoe
Mind maps for kids : the shortcut to success at school                         Barry-Hughes                                      2003

Miss Julie                                                                     August Strindberg                                 1995

Mobilizing minds : creating wealth from talent in the 21st-century organization Lowell L. Bryan, Claudia I. Joyce                2007
Monetary union in the Gulf : prospects for a single currency in the Arabian
Peninsula                                                                       Emilie Rutledge                                  2008

Mostly harmless econometrics : an empiricist's companion                       Joshua D. Angrist and Jrn-Steffen Pischke         2009

My life as me : a memoir                                                       Barry Humphries                                   2004
                                                                               Tsitsi Dangarembga ; with a new introduction by
Nervous conditions : a novel                                                   Kwame Anthony Appiah                              1988

New frontiers in enterprise risk management                                    edited by David L. Olson, Desheng Wu              2008

NorthStar : reading and writing 4                                              Andrew K., Laura Monahon [contributors]           2009   3rd ed.

NorthStar 2 : listening and speaking                                           Laurie Frazier                                    2009   3rd ed.

NorthStar 2 [Audio CD] : listening and speaking                                Laurie Frazier, Robin Mills                       2009   3rd ed.

Northstar 2 [Audio CD] : reading and writing level 2                           Natasha Haugnes, Beth Maher                       2009   3rd ed.

NorthStar 3 : [Audio CD] : listening and speaking                              Helen S. Solorzani, Jennifer P.L. Schmidt         2008   3rd ed.

NorthStar 3 : listening and speaking                                           Helen S. Solorzano, Jennifer P.L. Schmidt         2009   3rd ed.

                                                                            UOWD Library                                                          8
NorthStar 3 : reading and writing                                             Laurie Barton, Carolyn DuPaquier Sardinas   2009   3rd ed.

NorthStar 4 : [Audio CD] : listening and speaking                             Tess Ferree, Kim Sanabria                   2009   3rd ed.

NorthStar 4 : listening and speaking                                          Tess Ferree, Kim Sanabria                   2009   3rd ed.

NorthStar 5 : listening and speaking                                          Sherry Preiss                               2009   3rd ed.

NorthStar 5 [ Audio CD] : listening and speaking                                                                          2008   3rd ed.

NorthStar 5 [Audio CD] : reading and writing                                  Judy L. Miller, Robert F. Cohen             2009   3rd ed.

Not without my daughter                                                       Betty Mahmoody with William Hoffer          1989

Operating system concepts                                                     Abraham Silberschatz                        2010   8th ed.

Organization change : theory and practice                                     W. Warner Burke                             2008   2nd ed.

Organization practice : a guide to understanding human services               Mary Katherine O’Connor, F. Ellen Netting   2009   2nd ed.

Organizational change theories : a synthesis                                  Christiane Demers                           2007

Passion                                                                       Louise Bagshawe                             2009

Payment systems : from the salt mines to the board room                       Dominique Rambure and Alec Nacamuli         2008
Perfect phrases for the TOEFL speaking and writing sections : hundreds of
ready-to-use phrases to improve your conversational ability, develop your     Roberta G. Steinberg                        2008

Peterson’s TOEFL reading flash : the quick way to build reading power         Milada Broukal.                             1997

Pretty dead things                                                            Barbara Nadel                               2007

Pricing with confidence : 10 ways to stop leaving money on the table          Reed K. Holden, Mark R. Burton.             2008

Principles of macroeconomics                                                  Robert H. Frank, Ben S. Bernanke            2009   4th ed.

                                                                            UOWD Library                                                   9
Principles of macroeconomics                                                   N. Gregory Mankiw                                 2009   5th ed.
                                                                               Joshua Gans, Stephen King, N. Gregory
Principles of microeconomics                                                   Mankiw                                            2009   4th ed.

Prisoner of Tehran : one woman's story of survival inside a torture jail       Marina Nemat                                      2007

Profit or growth? : why you don’t have to choose                               Bala Chakravarthy, Peter Lorange                  2007
                                                                               edited by Betteke van Ruler, Ana Tkalac Vercic,
Public relations metrics : research and evaluation                             and Dejan Vercic                                  2008

Qualitative research in the study of leadership                                Karin Klenke                                      2008
Quantitative models for performance evaluation and benchmarking : data
envelope analysis with spreadsheets                                            Joe Zhu                                           2003   2nd ed.

Rapid transformation : a 90-day plan for fast and effective change             Behnam N. Tabrizi.                                2007

Reframing organizations : artistry, choice, and leadership                     Lee G. Bolman, Terrence E. Deal                   2008   4th ed.

Research methods for business students                                         Mark Saunders, Philip Lewis, Adrian Thornhill     2009   5th ed.
Rethinking information systems in organizations : integrating organizational
problem solving                                                                John Paul Kawalek                                 2008

Revolutionary road [DVD]                                                                                                         2008

Romulus, my father                                                             Raimond Gaita                                     2007

Sabriel                                                                        Garth Nix                                         2006

Services marketing : text and cases                                            Steve Baron, Kim Harris, Toni Hilton              2009   3rd ed.

Silver wattle                                                                  Belinda Alexandra                                 2007
                                                                               Theodore Dreiser ; supplementary materials
Sister Carrie                                                                  written by Maureen Reed ; series edited by        2008

Solo faces                                                                     James Salter                                      2008

                                                                           UOWD Library                                                           10
Songs of the last Chinese poet                                                Ouyang Yu                                         1997

Soulmates                                                                     Miranda Glover                                    2008

SPSS : analysis without anguish : version 16.0 for Windows                    Sheridan J. Coakes, Lyndall Steed, Clara Ong.     2009

Staffing organizations                                                        Herbert G. Heneman III, Timothy A. Judge          2009   6th ed.

Strategic management : theory and application                                 Adrian Haberberg, Alison Rieple                   2008

Strategic management essentials                                               Gareth Jones and Charles W. L. Hills              2009   2nd ed

Strategic management of information systems                                   Keri E. Pearlson, Carol Silverman Saunders        2009   4th ed.

Strategic marketing : an introduction                                         Tony Proctor                                      2008
Strategic organizational change : a practitioner’s guide for managers and
consultants                                                                   Michael A. Beitler                                2006   2nd ed.

Strays                                                                        Ron Koertge                                       2007

Succeeding with your doctorate                                                Jerry Wellington ... [et al.]                     2005

Summit : English for today’s world 1                                          Joan Saslow, Allen Ascher                         2006

Summit : English for today's world : 1A                                       Joan M. Saslow , Allen Ascher.                    2006

Summit : English for today's world : 1B                                       Joan M. Saslow , Allen Ascher                     2006
                                                                              Joan M. Saslow , Allen Ascher with Silvia
Summit : English for today's world : 2A                                       Carolina Tiberio.                                 2008
                                                                              Joan M. Saslow, Allen Ascher with Silvia
Summit : English for today's world : 2B                                       Carolina Tiberio.                                 2006

Summit [Audio CD] : complete audio program : level 1                          Joan M. Saslow, Allen Ascher                      2006
                                                                              Joan Saslow, Allen Ascher, with Silvia Carolina
Summit 2 [Audio CD] : English for today's world : class audio program         Tiberio                                           2006

                                                                            UOWD Library                                                         11
Supply chain management : an introduction to logistics                        Donald Waters                                 2009   2nd ed.

Teaching and researching computer-assisted language learning                  Ken Beatty                                    2003

Teaching and researching listening                                            Michael Rost                                  2002

The absolutely true diary of a part-time Indian                               Sherman Alexie ; art by Ellen Forney          2008

The book thief                                                                Markus Zusak                                  2008

The dangerous days of Daniel X                                                James Patterson and Michael Ledwidge          2008

The daydreamer                                                                Ian McEwan                                    1994

The durable corporation : strategies for sustainable development              Gler Aras and David Crowther                  2009
The economic relations between Asia and Europe : organisations, trade and     edited by, Bernadette Andreosso-O’Callaghan
investment                                                                    ... [et al.]                                  2007

The economics of innovation : an introduction                                 G.M. Peter Swann                              2009
The Facebook era : tapping online social networks to build better products,
reach new audiences, and sell more stuff                                      Clara Shih                                    2009
The Financial Times guide to strategy : how to create and deliver a winning
strategy                                                                      Richard Koch                                  2006   3rd ed.
The global emerging market : strategic management and economics               Vladimir Kvint                                2009

The heroines : a novel                                                        Eileen Favorite                               2008

The ice people                                                                Maggie Gee                                    2008

The kingdom [DVD]                                                                                                           2007
The LEGO mindstorms NXT zoo! : an unofficial, kid-friendly guide to building
robotic animals with the LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT                                 Fay Rhodes                                     2008
The long and short of hedge funds : a complete guide to hedge fund
evaluation and investing                                                     Daniel A. Strachman                            2009

                                                                          UOWD Library                                                       12
The lost art of the great speech : how to write it, how to deliver it             Richard Dowis                           2000

The madness of a seduced woman                                                    Susan Fromberg Schaeffer                2007

The nearly happy family                                                           Catherine McKinnon                      2008

The new development management : critiquing the dual modernization                Sadhvi Dar, Bill Cooke                  2008

The power of creative intelligence : 10 ways to tap into your creative genius     Tony Buzan                              2001

The power of physical intelligence : 10 ways to tap into your physical genius     Tony Buzan                              2003

The power of social intelligence : 10 ways to tap into your social genius         Tony Buzan                              2002

The power of social intelligence : 10 ways to tap into your social genius         Tony Buzan                              2002

The power of spiritual Intelligence : 10 ways to tap into your spiritual genius   Tony Buzan                              2001

The power of verbal intelligence : 10 ways to tap into your verbal genius         Tony Buzan                              2002

The private lives of Pippa Lee                                                    Rebecca Miller                          2008

The riverside Chaucer                                                             Geoffrey Chaucer                        1987   3rd ed.

The SAGE handbook of new approaches in management and organization                edited by Daved Barry and Hans Hansen   2008

The sugar queen                                                                   Sarah Addison Allen                     2008

The tears of autumn                                                               Charles McCarry                         2008

The third angel                                                                   Alice Hoffman                           2008

The unofficial LEGO Mindstorms NXT inventor’s guide                               David J. Perdue                         2008

The vendor of sweets                                                              R.K. Narayan                            1983

                                                                              UOWD Library                                                 13
The Wong way to marry                                                            C. A. Poulter                                    2008

The worst thing I’ve done : a novel                                              Ursula Hegi                                      2007
Tips for teaching with CALL : practical approaches to computer-assisted
language learning                                                                Carol A. Chapelle and Joan Jamieson              2008

Tirra Lirra by the river                                                         Jessica Anderson                                 2006

Top notch : copy & go 3 : ready-made interactive activities for busy teacher     Joan Saslow, Allen Ascher                        2006

Top notch : English for toady's world 3                                          Joan M. Saslow, Allen Ascher                     2006

Top notch : English for today's world Fundamentals A : with workbook             Joan M. Saslow, Allen Ascher                     2006

Top notch : English for today's world Fundamentals B : with workbook             Joan M. Saslowm, Allen Ascher                    2006

Top notch : English for today's world 2                                          Joan M. Saslow, Allen Ascher                     2006

Top notch : English for today's world with workbook 2A                           Joan Saslow, Allen Ascher                        2006

Top notch : English for today's world with workbook 2B                           Joan Saslow, Allen Ascher                        2006

Top notch [Audio CD] : fundamentals                                              Joan M. Saslow, Allen Ascher                     2006
                                                                                 Joan Saslow, Allen Ascher ; with Top notch pop
Top notch 1 : English for today's world                                          songs and karaoke by Rob Morsberge               2006

Top notch 1 [Audio CD] : English for today's world                               Joan M. Saslow, Allen Ascher.                    2006
                                                                                 Joan M. Saslow, Allen Ascher ; with Top notch
Top notch 1B : English for today's world : with workbook                         pop songs and karaoke by Rob Morsberger          2006
Top notch fundamentals : copy and go : ready-made interactive activities for     Joan M. Saslow, Allen Ascher with Wendy Pratt
busy teachers                                                                    Long                                             2006   2nd rev ed.

Top notch tv : fundamentals : video course                                       Joan M. Saslow, Allen Ascher                     2008

Top notch tv : video course : level 1                                            Joan M. Saslow, Allen Ascher                     2008

                                                                               UOWD Library                                                            14
Tough management : the 7 ways to make tough decisions easier, deliver the
numbers, and grow business in good times and bad                          Chuck Martin                                2005

Travelling with the Duke                                                         Anne Harvey                          2009
Trust management in virtual work environments : a human factors
perspective                                                                      Wieslaw M. Grudzewski ... [et al.]   2008

Underground                                                                      Andrew McGahan                       2006

Understanding computers in a changing society                                    Deborah Morley                       2009   3rd ed

What were they thinking? : unconventional wisdom about management                Jeffrey Pfeffer                      2007

Women                                                                            Charles Bukowski                     2003

Writing academic english : answer key                                            Alice Oshima, Ann Hogue              2006   4th ed.
Writing your dissertation : the bestselling guide to planning, preparing and
presenting first-class work                                                      Derek Swetnam                        2004   3rd ed.

Writing your thesis                                                              Paul Oliver                          2008   2nd ed.

Your PhD thesis : how to plan, draft, revise and edit your thesis                Robert Brewer                        2007

                                                                               UOWD Library                                            15