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									 Southern Pacific Books in Print
Southern Pacific
Passenger Cars
Volume 3: Head End Equipment
H     eavily illustrated and complete, it covers the production, service history and modifi-
      cations to wood, heavyweight and lightweight head end equipment assigned to, or
owned by, Espee. Coverage includes Associated (Harriman) Lines (SP, UP, IC & CofG)
                                               Common Standard Wood & Steel Postal
                                               Cars • SP Common Standard 60' Steel Postal & Postal-Storage Cars • Common
                                               Standard (SP, UP, NWP & Louisiana Western) 60', 69' & 70' Steel Postal-Baggage Cars
                                               • SP Rebuilt or Reconfigured Steel Postal-Baggage Cars • Associated Lines Common
                                               Standard 60' Baggage Cars and Baggage-Dynamo • SP Common Standard 60' Baggage
                                               Cars • SP Common Standard Steel Baggage and Baggage-Automobile Cars and Steel
                                               Baggage-Horse Cars • SP 80' Baggage-Horse Cars Rebuilt for
                                               Other Service • SP Heavyweight Baggage and
                                               Baggage-Express Cars Converted
                                               and Renumbered from
Other Cars and Car Types • 40' Wood Tea & Silk Cars •El Paso &
Southwestern Cars • SSW Cars • Heavyweight Cars Owned by Rock
Island, Union Pacific & C&NW and used in Jointly-Operated Trains
• SP 40' Express Box Cars & PFE Express Refrigerators • SP Pre-
World War II and Post-World War II Lightweight Cars • Railway Post
Office Cars on the Shasta Route • Lightweight Cars Owned by UP, C&NW, Rock Island & Milwaukee Road and used in Jointly-
                                                         Operated Trains • Pre-Common Standard Wood Cars, All Classes • Highway
                                                         Post Office Trucks Owned by SP and T&NO • Foreign Road Gallery. Library
                                                         bound in an 8½ x 12 horizontal format, 564 pages, 182 color and 825 black &
                                                         white images, 97 plans, Rosters, Appendix, Glossary, Bibliography and Index.

          Publis h e d b y t h e S P H & TS - S u m m e r 2 009
                                              Southern                        Pacific                      Historical                         &            T

Southern Pacific Passenger               Southern Pacific Passenger           Southern Pacific Passenger
Cars Volume Three:                       Cars Volume Two: Sleepers            Cars Volume One: Coaches                The Sunset Limited: SP’s
Head End Equipment                       & Baggage-Dorms                      & Chair Cars                            Premier Train With a
Heavily illustrated and complete,        Heavily illustrated and com-         The first volume provides               Southern Accent
it covers the production, service        plete, it covers the production,     exhaustive and detailed cover-          By Michael Jarel, Dennis Ryan
history and modifications to wood,       service history and modifications    age of heavyweight and light-           & John R. Signor. Lavishly
heavyweight and lightweight head         to wood, heavyweight and light-      weight coaches and chair cars           illustrated with photographs,
end equipment assigned to, or            weight sleepers and baggage-         once owned, or assigned to SP           menus, advertising and other
owned by Espee. Library bound in         dorms assigned to, or owned by       in jointly-operated trains. Library     ephemera, this is the complete
an 8½ x 12 horizontal format, 564        Espee. Library bound in an 8½ x      bound, 8½ x 12 horizontal format,       story of the Sunset Limited, from
pages, 182 color and 825 black &         12 horizontal format, 582 pages,     464 Pages, over 117 color and           the gustatory excesses on board
white images, 97 plans, Rosters,         over 255 color and 850 black &       610 black & white images, 134           the train in the 19th century, to
Appendix, Glossary, Bibliography         white images, 109 plans, Rosters,    Plans, Rosters, Car Builders and        the smallest details in the galley
and Index.             $125.00           Appendix, Glossary, Bibliography     Definition of Terms, Car Exterior       of the Budd-built streamlined
                                         and Index.             $125.00       colors and Train Assignments,           Audubon Diners of 1950. Hard
                                                                              Glossary, Bibliography and              bound with dust jacket in an 8½
                                                                              Index.                   $100.00        x 12 horizontal format, 216 pages,
                                                                                                                      over 146 color and 234 black &
                                                                                                                      white images, Bibliography and
                                                                                                                      Index.                   $60.00

The Ghost Trains of SP’s
Overland Route - Nos. 21-22,
Mail, 1947-1967
By Randall E. Cape & Robert
                                         Southern Pacific Water
G. McKeen. A comprehensive               Lines Marine, Bay & River            Serving the Golden Empire
review of the history, operations        Operations of the Southern           - Branch Line Style
and makeup of these little-              Pacif ic System                      A Look at Southern Pacific’s
                                                                              Clovis (Friant) Branch                  Bob Knoll’s Southern
known trains. The book describes         By David F. Myrick. An overview                                              Pacific - The SP Railroad
activities in all of the working areas   of the history, operations, legend   A study of Southern Pacific’s
                                                                                                                      Photos of J.R. Knoll
of the train – from the engine cab       and lore of Southern Pacific’s       Friant Branch by Joe Dale Morris
to the rear rider car, and everything                                         covering the history and operation      A gallery of the photographic
                                         various steamship, ferry and river
in between, accompanied by                                                    of this Espee branch line which of      efforts of Bob Knoll spanning over
                                         operations including the Morgan
detailed descriptions of the                                                  this line, which left the main line     three decades of Southern Pacific
                                         Line to New York, Louisiana and
terminal, yard and station areas                                              at Fresno was as much a part            action in Arizona and California,
                                         California ferry and riverboat
                                                                                                                      from his early work in Arizona in
where the trains were handled,           operations and Southern Pacific’s    of the landscape of California’s
                                                                                                                      the 1950s, through the 1980s. 116
serviced and switched. Includes          various construction “navies.”       Central Valley as the clear blue
                                                                                                                      pages, soft cover 8½ x 11 horizon-
reports, documents, consists and         Library bound in an 8½ x 11          skies and the beautiful rolling hills   tal format, 31 color and 226 black
timetables. 144 pages, soft cover        vertical format, 132 pages, richly   covered with golden grass. 8½ x         & white photos.           $40.00
8½ x 11 horizontal format, 38            illustrated with photos, maps and    11 vertical format 56 pages, soft
color and 95 black & white photos.       period ephemera 40 in color and      cover, 89 Photos, 18 in color, 9
$43.00                                   150 in black & white, Appendix,      Maps, Bibliography. $24.00
                                         Bibliography and Index. $60.00

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                                        Southern Pacific Steam Pictorial Vol. II
                                        By Guy L. Dunscomb, Donald K. Dunscomb & Robert A. Pecotich.
                                        We have limited number of these impressive volumes available.
                                        Many of the photos are reproduced large, allowing for detailed study
                                        by modelers. Library bound in an 11¼ x 17 horizontal format, 170
                                        pages, over 136 black & white images, Appendix. $75.00

  Southern Pacific                       Reprints of Southern Pacific Company Documents
  Pacific Lines Stations
                                                                            Rail Passenger Service                Common Standard
  Vol. 1: Coast, Los Angeles
                                                                            History of Pacific Electric           Diagrams of Tenders as of
  & Portland Divisions
                                                                            Railway Company,                      June 1, 1950
  Vol. 2: Rio Grande, Sacramento,                                           November 1973                         Several hundred pages, including
  Salt Lake & San Joaquin
                                                                            A 30 page overview of the history     all the index pages, covering all
                                                                            of passenger service on the PE,       active classifications of tenders
  Vol. 3: Shasta, Tucson &                                                  prepared by Randolph Karr,            and showing tender numbers,
  Western Divisions and NWP &                                               former General Counsel of both        with a drawing of each. Based on
  SD&AE                                                                     the SP and the PE. This volume        company drawing sheets. Spiral
  Compiled by John Signor. Three        Common Standard T&NO                also includes one pull-out map        bound for easy opening. $25.00
  volume series showing photos of       Passenger Car Diagram               and appendix.            $7.50
  selected station buildings by divi-   Book-1948                                                                 Common Standard Rail
  sion annotated with information       Over 200 side and end elevations    Common Standard                       Motor Cars Diagram
  from SP Form 70, Officers, Agencies   and floor plans of wooden, steel    Passenger Car Diagram                 Book-1937
  & Stations. 8½ x 11, 84 pages, soft   and lightweight cars operated by    Book                                  One dozen drawings of various gas
  cover, 209 photos, three maps.        the T&NO. Business cars and                                               electric motor cars used by both the
                                                                            Revised March 1, 1933. Nearly 200
  Fully indexed. $22.00 each            motor cars are included. As with                                          Southern Pacific Pacific Lines and
                                                                            pages of floor plans and elevations
                                        the Pacific Lines plan book, it                                           the T&NO.                    $5.00
                                                                            of the Harriman Standard wood
                                        includes car numbers, names and
                                                                            and steel fleet. Also includes
                                        appointments.           $30.00      mechanical specifications and car     Historical Outline
                                                                            numbers. This invaluable reference    Southern Pacific Company
                                        Southern Pacific Car                is already in its fourth printing.    March 1933
                                        Roster, January 31,1956             Spiral bound.             $40.00      An historical overview of the
                                        More than 300 pages, this book                                            Southern Pacific system, prepared
                                        is organized in 11 sections, and    Common Standard                       by SP’s Bureau of News in 1933.
                                        includes a complete MofW            Passenger Train Cars,                 114 pages, Index.        $25.00
                                        car roster (including car type      Southern Pacific Electric
                                        and original number), Pacific       Lines, 1924                           SP Steam Locomotive
                                        lines freight equipment, and        Contains diagrams of both             Lettering Diagram
                                        passenger cars including all the    the Portland and the Bay Area         Large format, clean reprint covering
                                        lightweights.           $40.00      electric interurban cars. 22 pages.   steam locomotives and tenders, ca.
  Richard Steinheimer                                                       $7.50                                 1948.                        $7.50
  Color Poster
  Spectaculer night photo at the
  Roseville ice deck in 1956 of a set
  of black widow F7s ready to depart
  on an eastbound Perishable Block.
  The headlight is extinguished but
  the red Mars light is lit. Measures
  18 x 24 inches. Shipped rolled.

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________  Southern Pacific Passenger Cars Volume One: Coaches & Chair Cars                                 $100.00         _______
________  The Ghost Trains of SP’s Overland Route - Train No. 21-22, Mail                                   $43.00         _______
________  Bob Knoll’s Southern Pacific - The SP Railroad Photos of J.R. Knoll                               $40.00         _______
________  Serving the Golden Empire Branch Line Style                                                       $24.00         _______
________  Southern Pacific Steam Pictorial Vol. II                                                          $75.00         _______
________  SP Pacific Lines Stations Volume One:  Two:  Three:                                            $22.00         _______
________  Common Standard Diagrams Of Tenders as of 6-1-50                                                  $25.00         _______
________  Common Standard Passenger Car Diagram Book, Revised March 1, 1933                                 $40.00         _______
________  Southern Pacific Car Roster, January 31,1956                                                      $40.00         _______
________  Historical Outline Southern Pacific Company March 1933                                            $25.00         _______
________  Common Standard T&NO Passenger Car Diagram Book-1948                                              $30.00         _______
________  Common Standard Rail Motor Cars Diagram Book-1937                                                  $ 5.00        _______
________  Rail Passenger Service History of Pacific Electric Railway, November 1973                          $ 7.50        _______
________  Common Standard Passenger Cars, Southern Pacific Electric Lines, 1924                              $ 7.50        _______
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