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How to use Desktop On-Call DTOC Step 1 Set up your computer Step by ermalos


									                                                                 ARCS WS Feb. 23-25, 2008
                                 How to use Desktop On-Call
Remote operation of the system is achieved using Desktop On-Call (Sorry, this software is only
Japanese.) This software is running on web base. JavaScript is necessary to operate of DTOC.

Step 1: Set up your computer
 Open IE or FireFox, input IP address on it and to connecting the host computer at the Science
 museum, Tokyo.

Step 2: Login Desktop On-Call
 ID and Password are required (Ask to Kaoru)
 A new window appears when you are succeeded login

Step 3: Login Host PC
 ID and Password are required to login to the Host PC again (Ask to Kaoru)
 It is Science museum PC so that you can mostly see Japanese character on it
 All program icons go to programs on the remote computer - not yours!

Step 4: After login to the Host PC
 Each user can access when you reserved observation time. You can't operate a telescope
 except for your observing time from CATS-i.

Step 5: Operation KIT
 Double click the E_Cliant.exe of KIT
 See: KIT operation check list

Step 6: End of session
 Log off 『kit-user』
 Close DTOC session

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