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Service Provider Contract by trr10672


									                               Service Provider Contract
I, _______________________________________________________, (hereafter known as the service

provider) agree to provide______________________________________________________________services

for ________________________________________________, (hereafter known as the inventor) on this the

_____ day of ___________, ________ .

(1) The total price for the services to be performed as per this contract is $ ___________ , with it being
understood that the price does not include freight, shipping and delivery, or insurance costs, which are the sole
responsibility of the inventor.

(2) Payment shall be made as follows:
        Entire amount due no later than ______ days after receipt by buyer, or
        Entire amount due upon receipt of aforesaid service.

(3) Inventor shall examine __________________________________________ upon receipt and will advise the
service provider of acceptance or rejection within _______ days of receipt.

(4) The service provider agrees to redo or refund _____ % of agreed upon fee if services are rejected within the
agreed upon number of days.

(5) The service provider agrees that the buyer, upon payment, solely owns all rights to the aforementioned
drawings agreed upon amount herein.

(6) The service provider agrees to keep all information pertaining to this project confidential unless given
written permission by the inventor.


Service Provider name: ______________________________________________________________________

Service Provider signature: ___________________________________________________________________

Inventor name:

Inventor signature:

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