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Thai Pedicure
Exotic sensual rituals
Salon System’s new T Pedicure is a fusion of far Eastern techniques and philosophies
inspired by eastern traditions and rituals. It offers 100% experience – a traditional pedicure
combined with a restorative and relaxation treatment.

As weary feet find this heavenly rest, the exotic of Ginger, Lime and Sandalwood revives the
senses & awakens the soul. Step into this journey of divine bliss – exotic, sensuous, soothing
– indulge the senses and lift the spirit with the new THAI Pedicure experience.

                            Thai Pedicure Soul Soak                                                Thai Pedicure Serene Mask
                            • Revive and awaken the soul with the                                  • Let your senses drift in the tranquil
                              stimulating aroma of lime and ginger                                   aroma of this warming mask, LAVISH
                            • INFUSE a bowl of warm water with                                       generously over feet and legs
                              Soul soak. Step forth, BATHE weary                                   • Cover and RELAX as the warmth
                              feet in the INTOXICATING milk                                          envelops and SOOTHES
                            • Non-foaming                                                          • Rinse away after 5 – 10 minutes

                            Key ingredients:                                                       Key ingredients:
                            • Lime                                                                 • Lime
                            • Sandalwood                                                           • Sandalwood
                            • Ginger                                                               • Ginger

 1600 Soul Soak 250ml                                            £4.35    1601 Serene Mask 300ml                                     £4.95

                            Thai Pedicure                                                          Thai Pedicure
                            Divine Massage                                                         Heavenly Scrub
                            • Divine massage lotion with a soft                                    • Stimulate and soften with the unique
                              shimmer finish                                                         action of this warming scrub
                            • SMOOTH over the feet and legs. Let                                   • MASSAGE generously into cleansed damp
                              your senses find HEAVENLY rest                                         feet. SMOOTH away the rough edges
                              and your skin glow as you dream…                                     • Rinse clean away – HEAVEN

                            Key ingredients:                                                       Key ingredients:
                            • Lime                                                                 • Lime
                            • Sandalwood                                                           • Sandalwood
                            • Ginger                                                               • Ginger

 1602 Divine Massage 300ml                                       £4.95    1603 Heavenly Scrub 300ml                                  £4.95

                              Thai Pedicure
                              Professional Kit
                              • 1 x 250ml Soul Soak
                              • 1 x 300ml Heavenly Scrub
                              • 1 x 300ml Serene Mask
                              • 1 x 300ml Divine Massage
                              • 1 x 50ml Ritual Oils Tangerine
                              • 1 x Coconut Bowl
                              • 1 x Herbal Dumpling
                              • 1 x Nail Polish
                              • 1 x Cuticle Remover
                              • 1 x 10 Natural Emery Boards
1604 Professional Kit                                       £36.75

34                                   3% Discount Payment With Order                                               All Prices Exclude VAT

Pedicure Intro Kit                                                          Foot Soak Foaming Pedicure Bath
                                                                            • With wild peppermint
                                                                            • A foaming pedicure soak
                                                                              which cleanses, refreshes
                                                                              and revitalises the feet

• 1 x 250ml Foot Cleansing Spray
• 1 x 250ml Foot Soak Foaming Pedicure
• 1 x 250ml Foot Scrub Exfoliating Cream
• 1 x 250ml Foot Repair Massage Lotion
• 1 x 125ml Polish Remover                  • 1 x Cuticle Remover Plus
• 1 x 15ml Protect Nail Oil                 • 1 x 10 Natural Emery Boards
• 1 x 15ml Matte Base Coat                  • 1 x 10 Manicure Sticks
• 1 x 15ml Glossy Top Coat                  • 1 x Big Foot File
                                                                             3664 Foot Soak 250ml                  £3.45
 3663 Pedicure Kit                                            £27.55         3665 Foot Soak 500ml Refill           £5.50

Foot Revive Cooling Spray                                                   Foot Repair Massage Lotion
• With peppermint essential oil                                             • A luxurious treatment
• This cleansing and refreshing spray is                                      massage lotion with a
  enriched with the essential oil of pure                                     fruity fresh aroma to
  peppermint, to deodorise, cool and                                          revitalise legs and feet
  refresh tired, aching feet                                                • Immediately improves
                                                                              skin texture to leave
                                                                              soft silky skin

                                                                             3667 Foot Repair 250ml                £3.45
 3666 Revive 250ml                                              £3.40        3668 Foot Repair 500ml Refill         £5.50

Foot Scrub Exfoliating Cream                                                Foot Refresh Cooling Mask
• Fresh fruity fragrance                                                    • With lemon, lime, burdock
• An invigorating exfoliator to                                               and mint
  remove dry, lifeless skin cells                                           • An exhilarating mask that
• Helps to reduce build up of rough                                           helps to revive tired feet
  dry skin whilst improving the                                             • Leaves feet feeling
  skins appearance                                                            wonderfully smooth and
                                                                              deeply refreshed

 3669 Foot Scrub 250ml                                          £3.65
 3670 Foot Scrub 500ml Refill                                   £5.50        3671 Foot Refresh 150ml               £3.65
                                                                            020 7647 9820                             35
Gena Pedicure
Gena offers a complete step-by-step pedicure treatment programme which can be personalised to suit
each client's individual needs. These footcare treatments are all you need to give any client the perfect
pedicure experience - simply mix and match! Gena products are formulated with botanical extracts
and natural cleansers that ensure superior quality and luxury.

Pedi Soak Foot Bath                                                       Pedi Care Sloughing Lotion

                        • A refreshing & invigorating foaming
                          treatment enriched with Tea Tree Oil                                        • Gentle exfoliation for calluses, corns and
                        • The foot soak is designed to cleanse and                                      more delicate parts of the feet
                          soften tough dry skin and prepare the feet                                  • Gently smoothes away rough, dry surfaces
                          for further pedicure treatments                                               and will not irritate the skin
                                                                                                      • Enriched with refreshing peppermint oil
                         1634 Soak Foot Bath 946ml £12.75                                               which leaves skin soft to the touch
                         1635 Soak Foot Bath 3.785L
                              WAS £27.95        NOW £24.50                                             1641 Sloughing Lotion 250ml         £4.20

Pedi Scrub Gel                                                            Pedi Mask
                        • A deep cleansing gel specially formulated to
                          exfoliate and smooth rough callused feet
                          allowing greater absorption of moisture
                        • Gentle scrubbing granules loosen dry skin                               • A light and creamy hydrating treatment
                          and stimulate circulation                                                 infused with cooling Cucumber and Wild
                        • Contains nourishing Sea Kelp and Aloe Vera                                Pansy to thoroughly condition the skin
                          to leave skin soft and revitalised                                      • Completely relaxing, giving you cool
                                                                                                    revitalised skin in minutes
                         1636 Scrub 473ml                   £14.35                                • Easily removed with warm water
                         1637 Scrub 946ml
                              WAS £16.95              NOW £13.95                                      1642 Mask 170ml                     £7.45

Pedi Septic Spray                                                         Pedi Jet Foot Soak

                                                                                                  • Non-foaming, residue-free foot soak to
                                                                                                    sanitise, cleanse and soften the skin
                        • A cooling and refreshing antiseptic spray                                 allowing gentle exfoliation
                          containing Menthol, Tea Tree and                                        • Infused with a light aromatherapy blend of
                          Eucalyptus Oil which combats bacterial                                    Lavender, Patchouli and Ylang Ylang Oil
                          growth and prevents foot odour                                          • Ideal for use in a bubbling footbath, Pedi Jet
                                                                                                    soothes and relaxes tired, aching feet
                         1638 Septic Spray 236ml
                              WAS £9.55          NOW £7.50                                            1643 Jet Foot Soak 399ml          £13.75

Pedi Salts                                                                Pedi Soft Foot & Leg Lotion

                                                                                                  • A botanically enriched lotion that
                        • Containing natural foaming agents, this                                   moisturises rehydrates and softens feet and
                          unique blend of sea salts includes pure                                   legs leaving skin silky smooth
                          essential oils of Birch, Juniper and                                    • This luxurious lotion contains natural
                          Rosemary                                                                  botanicals and fruit acid complex which
                        • A perfect homecare product as well as in                                  hydrates and conditions, whilst soothing
                          the salon giving you a thoroughly relaxing                                and relaxing tired muscles and joints
                          soak for tired aching feet
                                                                                                      1644 Lotion 250ml                   £4.20
                         1639 Salts 495g                    £13.75                                    1645 Lotion 473ml Pump              £6.90

Pedi Warm Scrub                                                           Pedi Pack Intro Kit
                                                                                                  Everything you will ever
                                                                                                  need for the perfect pedicure
                                                                                                  with instruction manual
                                                                                                  1   x 250ml Pedi Soak       1   x Pro File
                        • Exfoliates rough, dry skin while it                                     1   x 250ml Pedi Septic     1   x 250ml Pedi Soft
                          moisturises with an invigorating warming                                1   x 250ml Pedi Care       1   x 250ml Pedi Ice
                          sensation                                                               1   x 250ml Pedi Scrub      1   x 250ml Pedi Cure

                         1640 Warm Scrub 250ml                £6.70                                   1646 Pack Intro Kit               £31.95

36                                   3% Discount With Order Over £250                                                   All Prices Exclude VAT
                                                   Pedicure treatments combine herb and flower essences with lavender, tea tree oil,
Pedi Sation Aromatherapy                                                                                               he
                                                   peppermint oil and arnica to give feet a scintillating experience. T 4 step
                                                   treatment process combines to cleanse, soothe, moisturise and heal. Deliver the
                                                   ultimate aromatherapy pedicure service with this complete system.

PediSation Retail Display Stand                                             Pedi Sation Kit
Contents:                                                                   Contents:
• 4 x 200ml Foot Scrub                                                      • 1 x 200ml Soak
• 4 x 200ml Foot Lotion                                                     • 1 x 200ml Scrub
• 4 x 200ml Foot Soak                                                       • 1 x 200ml Spearmint Cooling Gel
• 4 x 200ml Critical Repair Créme                                           • 1 x 200ml Masque
• 4 x 200ml Foot Masque                                                     • 1 x 200ml Lotion
• 4 x 200ml Cooling Gel                                                     • 1 x 200ml Repair Cream
                                                                            • 1 x Cuticle Nippers
• Supplied with a free display stand                                        • 1 x Block Files
  so you can retail to your clients                                         • 1 x 3 Way Buffer
                                                                            • 1 x Birch Wood Sticks
RRP £5.50 each                                                              • 1 x Pedi Slippers

 4041 Pedi Sation                                        £71.50              4042 Kit                                             £21.50

  Pedi Soak                                     Pedicure Scrub                                     Pedicure Masque

  • Sanitises and relaxes                       • Exfoliates and                                   • Soothes and cools with
    refreshes and invigorates                     smoothes, promotes                                 Lavender and Spearmint
    cells with a stimulating                      cell                                             • Deeply hydrates,
    sensation                                   • Regeneration and                                   conditions and restores
  Contents:                                       reveals healthy skin                               Contents:
  • Lavender, Tea Tree &                        Contents:                                          • Cucumber, Lavender,
    Peppermint Oil and Arnica                   • Natural Pumice,                                    Spearmint Oil and Shea
                                                  Lavender, Shea Butter                              Butter
                                                  and Tea Tree Oil

    4043 200ml                          £3.90    4045 200ml                           £3.90         4047 200ml                   £3.90
    4044 1000ml                        £11.45    4046 910g                           £11.45         4048 910g                   £12.95

  Pedicure Cooling Gel                          Pedicure Lotion                                    Pedicure Créme Critical Repair
  • An icy cool treatment to                    • Exfoliates and soothes                           • Soothes and
    relieve sore, tired and                     • promotes cell                                      moisturises, heals
    aching muscles                                regeneration and                                   and repairs dry,
  Contents:                                       reveals healthy skin                               cracked skin
  • Peppermint, Menthol                         Contents:                                          • Restores skin's
    and Eucalyptus                              • Lavender, Balsam Peru                              natural condition
                                                  Oil, Chamomile and                               Contents:
                                                  Peppermint Oil                                   • Arnica, Shea Butter
                                                                                                     and Aloe Vera

    4049 200ml                          £3.90    4051 200ml                           £3.90         4053 200ml                   £3.90
    4050 1000ml                        £11.45    4052 1000ml                         £11.45         4054 500ml                   £6.95

  Pedicure Scrub                                Pedicure Scrub                                     Pedicure Polish Sea Salt
  PomTea & Mint                                 Pear Nectar & Mint
  • Exfoliates and smoothes                     • Exfoliates and smoothes                          • Gentle salt scrub to
  • Promotes cell                               • Promotes cell                                      gently polish away dead
    regeneration and reveals                      regeneration and                                   skin cells, as it cools,
    healthy skin                                  reveals healthy skin                               hydrates and revives
  Contents:                                     Contents:                                          • This luxurious
  • Pomegranate, natural                        • Pear Nectar, Natural                               treatment restores
    pumice, Peppermint,                           Pumice, Peppermint,                                dullness and provides a
    Shea Butter and Tea Tree                      Shea Butter and Tea                                healthy shimmer
    Oil                                           Tree Oil                                         Contents:
                                                                                                   • Sea Salt, Eucalyptus,
                                                                                                     Peppermint Oil and

    4055 200ml                          £3.90    4057 200ml                           £3.90
    4056 910g                          £11.45    4058 910g                           £11.45         4059 910g                   £21.50
                                                                           020 7647 9820                                                 37

The Strictly Professional pedicure range contains extracts
of Peppermint, Tea Tree and essential oil of Lavender for
their refreshing and revitalising properties.

 Refreshing Pedicure Bath                         Pedicure Exfoliant                                  Skin Softening Pedicure Mask

 • A foaming revitalising foot bath ingredient    • This refreshing exfoliant, developed for the      • This superb pedicure treatment mask softens
 • Ideal for use during a pedicure routine          feet, has the added benefits of the anti-fungal     the skin and helps cool the feet
                                                    properties of Tea Tree Oil                        • Tea Tree Oil is renowned for its anti-fungal
     3672 Pedicure Bath 500ml             £5.35                                                         properties
     3673 Pedicure Bath 1 Litre           £8.45    3674 Pedicure Exfoliant 450ml           £9.90       3677 Pedicure Mask 100ml               £3.70

 Pedicure Care Kit                                Pedicure Lotion                                     Refreshing Pedicure Mist

 • 1 x 150ml Pedi Bath
 • 1 x 150ml Pedi Mist
 • 1 x 100ml Pedi Lotion
 • 1 x 100ml Pedi Exfoliant
 • 1 x 100ml Pedi Mask                            • A perfect massage treatment for                   • A delicate foot spray formulated to
 • 1 x Callous file                                 tired and aching feet                               invigorate tired aching feet
 • 1 x Pair of Toe Separators
                                                   3675 Pedicure Lotion 500ml              £5.65
     3769 Kit                            £15.05    3676 Pedicure Lotion 1 Litre            £8.95       3678 Pedicure Mist 150ml               £2.85

38                                      5% Discount With Order Over £750                                                     All Prices Exclude VAT
Blue Lagoon                                                                 Mountain Stream
Professional Foot Spa                                                       Deluxe LCD
                                                                            Professional Foot Spa

• The most advanced professional foot spa available, offers an exclusive
  variation of treatments from magnet therapy to an automatic callus
  remover, also includes an in-built water drainage system
• Features: On/Off Poer key, Magnetic Therapy, Vibration Massage, Water     • An advanced deluxe LCD professional foot spa
  Jet, Infrared Massage, Bubble Massage, Hot Water Massage, Roller          • Features: On/off Power key, Magnetic Therapy, Vibration Massage,
  Massage, 3 x Pedicure Accessories (Brush, Massage Wheel and Callus          Bubble Massage, Hot Water Massage, Roller Massage, 3 x Pedicure
  Remover), Memory Function, LCD & Backlight Display, In-built Drainage       Accessories (Brush, Massage Wheel & Callus Remover), LCD &
  System, Adjustable Temperature Control, Remote Control                      Backlight Display, Adjustable Temperature Control, Timer Control

 1739 Lagoon Hydrotherapy LCD                                     £99.50     1740 Stream Deluxe LCD                                         £69.95

Carlton Pedicure Footstool                                                  Deluxe Gas Lift Pedicure Seat
• Step, stand, sit or rest – you decide
  Carlton Professional Pedicure
  Footstool with detachable leg rest
• This very versatile piece of
  equipment comes with padded leg,
  footrest and seat
• The leg rest is both adjustable and
  detachable allowing the unit to be
  used as a couch step if required
• Soft padded footrest can double up
  as a footbath stand or therapist seat

• Dimensions: 31H x 30W x 41.5L cm
• Dimensions: 7.5H x 16W x 20L cm
• Adjustable height from floor to top                                       • This model features a wide diameter of 45cm, gas lift seat adjustment
  of rest 45 to 58cm                                                          giving instant height positioning for the therapist
• Leg rest can be adjusted up to 25cm                                       • The footrest is angle and height adjustable for client comfort
  from the stool                                                            • Dimensions: 49cm Diameter

 0799 Pedicure Footstool                                          £136.50    0872 Gas Lift Pedicure Seat                                    £79.95

Pedicure Station
• A padded client footrest which is adjustable in height, reach and angle
• The client chair is also height adjustable via hydraulic lift, which is
  luxuriously upholstered in white with contoured armrests
• Rotating swivel chair for ease of client access
• Complete with portable stool
• Dimensions: 55-67 H x 52W x 130L cm

 3415 Pedicure Station                                           £199.00
                                                                            020 7647 9820                                                         39
pedicure                                                                                                       Essentials
Pedi Slippers                                                    Mr Pumice Pumi Bars
12 Pairs, 6 Black, 6 White

• Great for pedicures                                            3679   Ultimate – Double Med/ Coarse        £1.95        RRP £3.90
• No more smudged polish                                         3680   Small                                £1.10        RRP £2.20
• Ready assembled, made from soft touch foam                     3681   Purple – Extra Coarse                £1.65        RRP £3.30
• Light and comfortable
                                                                 3682   Ultimate – Double Med/ Coarse
 2346 Pedi Slippers x 12                              £4.95             Assorted Colours x 24              £46.80

 Deluxe Wooden Foot File                       The Edge Ceramic Foot File             Mr Pumice Pumi Foot Files

 • Ergonomically designed Wooden Foot File
   with Natural Pumice
                                                                                      3686 Foot File Large x 1               £2.75
   3362 Foot File x 1                 £3.95     3683 Foot File            £1.95       3687 Foot File Large x 12             £33.00

Romeo Ceramic Foot File                                          Callus Peel
                                                                 Callus removal, just
                                                                 like orange peel
                                       Stand including                                                  Start to finish this
                                       15 Foot Files                                                    treatment only takes 30
                                       £10.00 each                                                      minutes, leaving the skin
                                       RRP £19.95                                                       soft and clean in four
                                                                                                        easy steps
                                                                                                        • Softens hard calluses quickly
                                                                                                        • Scrape & file them away
                                                                                                        • Leaves skin soft and clean
                                                                                                        • Recommended Treatment
                                                                                                          Price between £15 - £40
                                                                                                        • 10+ treatments
                                                                                                        • 1 x 10 Softener
                                                                                                        • 1 x Scraper
                                                                                                        • 1 x Foot File
                                                                                                        • 1 x 10 Foot Replacement
 1095 White, each                                      £10.00                                           • 1 x Moisture Cream 100ml
 1096 Pink, each                                       £10.00
 2311 Assorted Pink and White x 15                    £150.00    2282 Callus Kit                                             £35.00

40                                             WE BEAT ANY PRICE                                           All Prices Exclude VAT
Essentials                                                                                                    pedicure
 Angled Foot File                                White Plastic Pumice Foot                         Toe Separators

  1100 White                             £1.05
  1101 Pink                              £1.05    1102 Foot File                         £1.15      1744 Toe Separators                   £0.30
       Save More 12 + each               £0.80         Save More 12 + each               £0.85           Save More 12 + each              £0.25

 Pedicure Rasp                                   Credo Cutter Plastic Handle                       Credo Cutter With Safe Cover

  1103 Pedicure Rasp Large               £2.05    1098 Credo Cutter                      £2.25      1099 Credo Cutter                     £2.75
  1104 Pedicure Rasp Small               £1.25    1097 Blades x 10                       £1.15      1097 Blades x 10                      £1.15

  Callus Terminator                              Loofah Foot Scrubber                              Cuticle Eliminator

                                                 • The roll of pure Egyptian loofah for removing
                                                   rough skin on the feet and elbows

                                                  3770 Loofah each                       £1.65

                                                 Dry Heel Eliminator™

                                                 • Intensive daily therapy
                                                   crème for dry callus
 • Removes calluses quickly                        prone skin
 • Feet become soft and smooth                   • The perfect companion                           • Removes cuticles in second
 • Tingling fresh peppermint fragrance             to Callus Eliminator                              Cuticle Eliminator does the work for you
 • Salon professional formula                    • Penetrates deeply,                              • Quickly and affectively removes even the
                                                   lasting moisture                                  toughest cuticle growth
 RRP £14.95                                        retention
                                                                                                    0693 Cuticle Eliminator 2oz           £3.99
  3689 Callus Terminator 118ml           £7.50    0694 Dry Heel Eliminator 120ml £5.99              0692 Cuticle Eliminator 4oz           £6.99
                                                                             020 7647 9820                                                        41

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