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                      Hello Deidre,

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                      BBRC Coach Featured in Book                                                   FastTrac Website
                                               BBRC Business Coach Duanna Pang-Dokland is a
                                               featured author in 101 Great Ways to Improve
                                               Your Life: Volume 3 (, $14.95).
                                               Dokland’s section is entitled, The Secrets to
                                               Being Unstoppable. Coach Dokland is a Certified
                                               Life & Business Coach and owner of Igniting
                                               Possibility Coaching. Her practice designs and       Join our mailing
                                               delivers programs for business owners that lead            list!
                                               to significant and sustainable results such as                          Join
                                               increased profits and productivity.

                                                Pang-Dokland offers one-on-one coaching and
                      facilitate workshops such as the FastTrac® Program from the Kauffman
                      Foundation. She facilitates these programs through the Birmingham
                      Business Resource Center’s FastTrac® Listening To Your Business

                      Time: 12PM-4PM
                      Investment: $99
                      Register online at the BBRC website, , or call

                      BBRC Attends Sickle Cell Gala
                      The stars were shining at the
                      “Showtime at the Apollo-Birmingham
                      Style” Sickle Cell Gala! The event was
                      held Saturday, February 3, 2007 at the
                      Sheraton Hotel Grand Ballroom. Kiki
                      Sheppard of the original “Showtime at
                      the Apollo” and Jim Dunaway of NBC 13
                      emceed this year’s event.

                      The gala was a part of many efforts to
                      reach a $1 million goal to develop an
                      Adult Sickle Cell Clinic in Birmingham at the Kirklin Clinic at UAB. Robert
                      Dickerson, Director of The Birmingham Business Center served on the gala

                      IRS Tax Tips for Small Businesses

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BBRC Coach Featured in Book                                      

                      As tax season winds down, here are a few tax tips from the IRS for your
                      small business to gain the most out of filling, and to file correctly (from
                      IRS E-News for Small Businesses).

                                              Unpaid Trust Fund Taxes

                      One category of taxes the IRS considers a priority is unpaid employment
                      taxes. Unfortunately some businesses engage in "pyramiding" –
                      repeatedly withholding trust fund taxes from employees but intentionally
                      failing to send them to the IRS.

                      Regardless of the reason a business has for not paying, federal law
                      requires that employment taxes be paid to the government on time.
                      Failure to do so may subject you to penalties and interest, collection
                      actions, or seizure of assets.

                                  Correct Reporting of Misclassified Employees

                      One of the most important factors for meeting employment tax obligations
                      is to accurately classify workers as either employees or independent

                      Occasionally, employers incorrectly classify an employee as an
                      independent contractor. If you think you may have made this mistake, the
                      IRS can help.

                                          Blank Federal Deposit Coupons

                      We are frequently asked, "Why can't I get a blank Federal Tax Deposit
                      (FTD) Coupon, Form 8109-B?" The answer is, under certain
                      circumstances, blank coupons are available. However, blank coupons
                      should be used only when absolutely necessary.

                      To avoid the need for paper coupons, we encourage you to use the
                      Electronic Federal Tax Payment System (EFTPS).

                      For more IRS tax tips, visit

                      Business Spotlight: Niki’s West – A Taste of
                      Cosmopolitan USA

                      By: Ed Davis, Public Information Officer City of Birmingham-Mayor’s Office

                      In many respects, Niki’s West Steak & Seafood Restaurant has changed
                      considerably since the late Gus Hontzas opened the doors to the popular
                      Birmingham steak and seafood restaurant in 1957. But in the most
                      important aspects of the family-owned business, things have remained the
                      same. It is a restaurant that began and has withstood the test of time
                      with old-fashioned hard work, providing quality food and quality service.

                      On the eve of its 50th year in business, Niki’s West stands alone as
                      Birmingham’s most unique and culturally diverse restaurant, and from
                      among 962 restaurants in the City, has been selected to receive the
                      first-ever Mayor’s Five Business Star Award for business excellence.

                      Niki’s West has been at its 233 Finley Avenue West location since day one.
                      It started with and has maintained a “common touch” serving the locals
                      (manufacturers, service industry and construction trade workers who lived
                      and worked in the area) and is now a popular Birmingham attraction for
                      people from all walks of life and has been visited by state and national
                      dignitaries. Its long cafeteria line is a place where faces are friendly and
                      familiar, and it moves swiftly – not to serve just the dignitaries that
                      frequent the restaurant – but more so because many of the people may
                      only have 30 minutes for lunch. “If you can do it (move fast) for the big
                      man, you can do it for the small man,” says Pete Hontzas. Pete and his
                      brother Teddy are at the helm of operations.

                      A 24-hour operation when it began, Niki’s West opened its doors in an
                      ethnically diverse area with a small dining room and take out service, and
                      featured a juke box on premise. The restaurant now has a seating
                      capacity of 425. Though it’s no longer a 24-hour operation, it has

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BBRC Coach Featured in Book                                         

                      flourished with lunch being the main cog. Gus Hontzas was a
                      Greek-immigrant who learned and honed his culinary skills under a
                      German chef while working for his uncle in Jackson, Mississippi from 1951,
                      until he relocated to Birmingham to make a better life for the family in
                      1957. He welcomed all, and his only concern was that he was respected
                      and that patrons respected his place of business. As a result Niki’s West is
                      a melting pot, or as Pete Hontzas says, " New York City.”

                      Pete and Teddy started working at Niki’s West as youths. About 15 years
                      ago, Gus handed the reigns over to them. They continue the tradition of
                      buying quality foods and getting quality results, thanks in large part to
                      loyal employees. They employ 90 people, of which 95% are full-time.

                      The big challenge, says Pete Hontzas, is that it takes many years to build
                      something and only a day to tear it down, and for that reason, the
                      Hontzas brothers work hard to ensure there are no let downs in quality –
                      food and service. Reared under the influence of their father’s hard-work
                      ethic, Pete and Teddy say the basic keys to the success of Niki’s West are
                      “good food and good service. “Without that, you don’t have a business,”
                      they say.

                      The Five Star Business Awards are recommended to the Mayor by a panel
                      of representatives from business resource agencies. The Five Stars
                      Business Award Committee comprises: Ashley Grigg, Manager, Small
                      Business Programs, Birmingham Regional Chamber of Commerce; Brian
                      Murphy, Manager, Existing Business & Research, Birmingham Regional
                      Chamber of Commerce; Bob Dickerson, Executive Director, Birmingham
                      Business Resource Center; Dave Fleming, Executive Director, Mainstreet
                      Birmingham, Inc./BEACON Program; Judy Moriarity Lewis, Executive
                      Director, Central Alabama Women’s Business Center; and Carol Clarke,
                      Director, Division of Economic Development, Mayor’s Office.

                      Niki’s West Steak & Seafood Restaurant has been featured in such
                      publications as Southern Living, USA Today, the old Birmingham
                      Post-Herald, Birmingham News, Christian Family and the book Southern

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