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Words that can change your day


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									                             JUST SOME WORDS I LIKE

1. It's frustrating when you think you know what you want, but cannot figure out
   how to get it. You may rely on your friends to help you out today, but they have
   their own issues to handle, so you might be more successful setting out on your
   own. Don't wait; just do what you know is right.

2. Your attempts to find balance in relationships may be thwarted today, especially
   if you take the easy way out. Seriously consider what others say before rejecting a
   new perspective just because it's inconvenient. Accepting whatever situations
   arise, without resistance, can make your day a real pleasure.

3. Relationships intensify today, yet it's hard for you to get a handle on what's
   motivating others to act so strongly. It's as if you are missing part of the picture
   and nothing you can do reveals the key to the puzzle. Don't struggle; just pay
   attention to what's happening and rest assured you'll know more soon enough.

4. You are enthusiastic about taking on a leadership role today, but nothing is ever
   as simple as it seems. You may not be in over your head, but your work will
   likely demand more details than you prefer. Keep in mind that the more you
   concentrate on fulfilling your current obligations, the easier it will be for you to
   take on additional responsibilities.

5. You might not appreciate anyone trying to control you today and defending your
   territory could escalate argumentative words into something more. The problem is
   that a conflict may heat up beyond its initial scope and then take several days to
   settle back down. Remember, you can be honest and direct without being unkind.

6. You may not feel like taking the day off today, even if you have spare time on
   your hands. There are busy times ahead and anything you can do today to catch
   up will pay off later in the week. Don't be afraid to try something different. But if
   a shift of thinking opens a door, there's no hurry to rush through it. Taking your
   time now is more beneficial than forcing change

7. You are more than ready to get back to work today, for you know what you want
   and are willing to do what is necessary to acquire it. You may need to say "no" to
   a potentially enjoyable social event, for it will likely interfere with your
   responsibilities. Don't whine about what you cannot do. Just take care of business
   and move on.

8. Your intensity is on the rise, yet you could feel moody and withdrawn today,
   making this a day of contradiction. You may be bothered by things that wouldn't
   necessarily bug you on another day. Additionally, you may be annoyed at yourself
   because you don't want to confront the source of the current irritation.
   Nevertheless, consciously facing an uncomfortable issue today is smarter than
   unconsciously losing your temper later in the week

9. You may feel as if you are being pushed into a corner and could strike out
   defensively, only to regret it later. The Sun-Uranus conjunction in your hidden
   12th House can suddenly expose a deep secret, so you might as well disclose the
   truth sooner than later. Maintaining control is not as important as taking
   preemptive action. Strike while the iron is hot.

10. It's important to consider a variety of alternatives today rather than stubbornly
    fixing on any one idea. Concentrating on your future may not be a simple task.
    Even if you are able to explore new perspectives without automatically losing
    track of your destination, you can still get stuck. Keep your channels of
    communication open and you can reach your goals. Help is readily available if
    you ask for it.

11. While the rest of the world appears to be falling apart, you now have sufficient
    common sense to take practical action. You probably realize that today's decisions
    can have long-lasting ramifications, so make use of your key planet Mars as it is
    wisely restrained by austere Saturn. What you don't do may be more significant
    than what you do.

12. You are hot to trot and not much will slow you down today. In fact, you can be so
    confident that you can say something you later wish you could revise -- but you
    only get to make a first impression once. You can be effective now, but you need
    to be cautious. Assure yourself that you are taking the correct path before you
    start or you'll pay the price for your impatience later on.

13. Struggling with your own impatience isn't a new battle for you, yet it's still a
    challenge. You may think that your problems would be solved if you just bolted
    forward; after all, you've been considering the various options long enough. Hold
    on a little longer because the wait will prove to be worthwhile.

14. You may feel overly vulnerable as you struggle with deep psychological issues
    that negatively impact your ability to be happy in the present moment. Normally,
    you are able to be attentive to what's happening, but not now. It's not easy trying
    to reconcile your long-term goals with current circumstances, but your efforts in
    this direction today will surely pay off.

15. Don't withhold secrets today, unless you already promised confidentiality to
    someone else. If, however, you are hiding some aspect of yourself in a closet, this
    may be a great time to open the door to disclosure. It may not be smart to blurt out
    everything all at once, but at least start the process now while you can.
16. However excited you are about your current situation, your plans now face a
    roadblock and you must change your path. But before you get all worked up about
    what's not going right, look at the practical side. Everything will be all right, even
    if you are pessimistic. Don't settle for the easy way out. And, don't take your
    enthusiasm too far.

17. No matter how eager you are to kick up your heels and do something totally
    outrageous, you won't likely get your wild idea off the ground today. You are
    being restrained by unfinished business and you won't be able to escape your
    obligations. Try not to let your frustration get the best of you. Losing your temper
    won't make you or anyone else any happier.

18. Looking forward is your cup of tea and today you might just drink an extra
    serving or two. But as much as the pioneering Aries Moon encourages you to
    dream about what comes next in your life, you might also need to deal with the
    fallout of your impatience if you cannot wait. Luckily, your anticipation should
    settle down as the day progresses, so try to enjoy what's happening each and every

19. You may be mentally running into walls as your best ideas just don't seem quite
    good enough today. But it's not just in the real world where you feel blocked. You
    may be stuck -- even in your dreams. Instead of trying to force a breakthrough
    within your imagination, talk about your internal resistance with a co-worker.
    Change may not happen right away, but you should see positive results in a day or

20. An activity you normally think is fun might seem like a drag today. Paradoxically,
    you might even participate in recreational fun out of obligation, rather than a
    desire for pleasure. But it's not worth it if you are just going through the motions.
    Don't let your friends talk you into doing something now unless you truly want to
    do it. Everyone will understand if you need some time to yourself.

21. It can be annoying when others arrive at your door with opportunities that look
    too good to be true -- for often they are. One thing is for certain, though;
    nothing much will happen unless you make it so. But you may feel as if your
    efforts are thwarted now as your key planet Mercury is forced to do battle with
    authoritative Saturn. It's crucial to bring problems out into the open, so they can
    be handled once and for all.

22. Today you can put on a real show and others will be suitably impressed,
    especially if you take your time and do it right. But shortcuts won't be rewarded;
    it's essential now to start at the beginning and do each task in its proper order.
    Don't worry about how fast you want to be moving. Everything will take more
    time than you think anyway.
23. You may need a quick remedial course in how to maintain a healthy level of
    confidence today. Your self-esteem may suffer a setback, making it hard for
    you to talk with others about what you are doing. This is an excellent
    opportunity for you to fine-tune your self-awareness. Don't be afraid of
    putting in some long hours and hard work. Change doesn't come easily, but
    it's worth the effort if you really want to make a difference.

24. Relationships are complex enough, yet now an interaction with a friend or partner
    can become even more complicated. You may be fighting for control now that
    you are aware of a very real difference of opinion. Don't try to resolve the issue
    today, for that will only lead to disaster. Instead, simply be as clear as possible to
    delineate where your thinking diverges and then let it go

25. You excel at serious thinking when it's necessary, and may be the one who is
    eager to engage in a discussion about a complex emotional situation when others
    are not. But don't push too hard today or you can alienate the same person you are
    trying to approach. Instead of making a direct beeline for the most intense topic
    possible, allow the interaction to meander around without trying to control the

26. You don't like being told "no" and yet you might have to answer to an unforgiving
    authority now who wrests control from you. You may be tempted to take a stand
    by pretending to know more than you actually do. Unfortunately, this strategy will
    probably cause more trouble than it's worth. Save time by just being completely
    honest in the first place

27. You may be a bit panic-struck today, for you know that time is running out and
    you want to tie up loose ends as quickly as you can. But some things must be left
    undone. You may prefer to set your priorities early in the day and then stick to
    your plan. Changing your schedule isn't something you do lightly, yet adaptability
    can be your secret weapon now. Don't hold on to anything that isn't useful in the
    long run. Be willing to let go of an old pattern or a strategy that just doesn't work
    for you anymore.

28. Your conservative response to a financial struggle now may be the most sensible
    approach, but it might not be the best answer in the long run. For now, tightening
    your belt is necessary; you cannot spend what you do not have. But the problem
    could be more complicated and may require multiple courses of action. Fiscal
    responsibility may need to be followed by your own personal version of a
    stimulus package where investing some money is just as important as saving it.
29. Your recent big decision may have been enough to let others know that you mean
    business, but now you must solidify what you started. This could mean an
    unexpected change in your overall plan. Instead of saying what's on your mind
    today, it may be wiser to withhold your intentions. You don't have to share your
    thinking process with anyone else; trust in your own intuition to give you the
    clarity you need. Make the most of your power by conserving it until you are fully
    ready to take action.

30. The outgoing Sagittarius Moon provokes acts of spontaneous happiness and
    outbreaks of contagious laughter. We take this expansive energy as far as we can
    until the Moon enters calculating Capricorn at 5:18 pm EDT. No longer are we
    free and easy; now everything we say or do has consequences and we are more
    cautious about all kinds of impulsive behavior. Meanwhile, clever Mercury is
    impeded by an opposition to Capricorn's key planet, stern Saturn.

31. You may truly want to please everyone today, but you may end up alienating
    those you love if you don't also consider what you need. The gracious Libra Moon
    in your 7th House of Relationships encourages you to minimize your own desires
    in order to take care of someone else. But codependency won't lead you or your
    partner to satisfaction. Avoid frustration by being honest about what you want.
    True friendship and intimacy can only grow from a foundation of integrity.

32. You are not interested in hanging out in a shallow cove today just because it is
    more convenient. You want to dive into the deeper emotional waters, even if you
    must work harder to get there. Although colder temperatures and more complex
    currents may not feel as supportive and nurturing, a profound experience awaits
    you if you have the courage to step beyond the comforts of safety.

33. Your powers of discrimination may not be working very well today, so it's a smart
    idea to take it slowly if you are attracted to someone or something. You may be
    all fired up and raring to go for it, but you're probably not seeing things clearly at
    all. Your positive thinking can backfire on you if you are so overconfident that
    you miss crucial details. Take time to consider the information that doesn't
    necessarily support your intentions. Wait until the first wave of excitement settles
    down before you make your move.

34. Once you decide to initiate action today, you immediately become your own best
    spokesperson. Your words flow smoothly, especially if you are describing your
    plan or convincing others to join your cause. But you must be careful, for you can
    talk yourself into nearly anything now as logical Mercury harmonizes with your
    key planet Mars. Directing the action is fine as long as you aren't insensitive to
    the needs of everyone else.
35. "Comfort Me by letting Me know that you would see Me just to dwell in My
    Presence. Not for teaching, not for material gain, not even for a message —but for
    Me. The longing of the human heart to be loved for itself is something caught
    from the Great Divine Heart."

36. Taking a risk may seem like a good idea in the moment, but an unsuccessful
    shortcut could require you to go over the same territory again and again until you
    learn your lesson. Remembering past experiences can cast a shadow on the
    potential of current ones, especially if you believe that time is running out. Even if
    you feel the pressure building, don't trick yourself into thinking there is a quick
    fix. A long road can lead you to your destination, but it will take time and hard

37. Although you are well known for being able to be in the here-and-now, the
    present moment is always transforming into the next, which can make you very
    impatient. Today, however, you appear to have all the time in the world and are
    content with the status quo. But don't get too lazy because the work you do now
    can have enduring positive consequences.

38. There's a lot weighing on your mind now, yet lightning-like Uranus strikes
    impulsive Mars today, indicating that you may leap before you look. It's not that
    you don't know better; you've been here before. But you now have the chance to
    change an old pattern by doing the responsible thing instead of following the
    course of least resistance

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